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  1. If the Jets WR's were entering a Double Dutch tournament I'd be very confident.
  2. Of all the GMs who've won 6 games over a 2 year stretch, JD is definitely top 10.
  3. Not sure if his chart is accurate but that is correct! There are innumerable shanty towns between larger cities that are filled with the walking dead. Hell where you went to college looks like the town in the Tom Cruise movie All the Right Moves.
  4. No idea on what any of this is about but just want to concur that Slats is indeed abnormally smug.
  5. Not implying no successful people.. hell of 6 friends I have in Tampa, Naples, and Orlando all but 2 make more money than I do.. 1 is a multi millionaire. I'm just saying for me I have less than zero interest in living in that state. I have however told the wifey that if I were to ever move south it would be in your state. Both of us will probably always stay in ny though. Not NYC, I have zero interest in living there either, in upstate ny.
  6. I thought they decided whether to front load or spread out.
  7. I often have this conversation with my buddies and family who have migrated to FL. You could give me a free decent house in FL and I would not move there. I could give you 50 reasons but that's another thread.
  8. My guess, and I'm 1 stiff 7&7 in, is his CPA opted for the front loaded SB to take advantage of the blood red stock market and get in on big positions on the cheap.
  9. This is correct. Not going to say how but I've seen check stubs and tax break downs for nfl players and each game is taxed based on where its played. While its true if you're in NY you'll pay more taxes than a player in FL the discrepancy isn't as great as most believe it is.
  10. If this is true then the 17.4 mil is the equivalent of 395k net annually for someone working from ages 21 thru 65. Count me in the dont feel bad at all camp. Unless he goes Vince Young hes already set for life.
  11. Lucky for us you're wrong 92.7% of the time.
  12. Just watched his whole press conference and it's gold.. love this guy already.
  13. "Michael how do you feel about being named Pepsi Defensive Rookie of the Week after your 4 sack performance"
  14. Didn't Cameron Wake tear his Achilles and come back just as strong? Everything I've read about Lawson makes me believe he's the kind of guy who is attacking rehab so with any luck he should be good.
  15. Id rather get the opinion of my pug on these matters. and my pug is an idiot.
  16. Let's see if JD slays the mini draft in a couple months but this was a good start!
  17. When does gay national football league draft start?
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