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  1. Fascinating statement.

    The last person who said that was JVoR. Who happened to be scum

    People should be allowed a "last post" no matter what. It can save townies.

    Fascinating in what sense?

    I merely wanted to know why you keep intimating that you have pearls of wisdom to share but you'll only do it at the 11th hour.

  2. I'm going to request once again that if a train starts and I'm not on in time please allow me to have a say before the hammer is thrown down. thanks

    This is the 2nd time you've thrown this little statement out there... what can you say 1 vote short of death that you can't say right now? Something you want to share?

  3. By asking for your opinion on things I confirmed what you were thinking? Usually that requires you know...accusing someone of being scum.

    You're kinda reaching there. And just fyi--7 minutes is plenty of time to find quotes and make the post you did. You seem to be trying to preimpt me a bit, to be honest.

    I just found it rather convenient that my name be the one to "start your day". At this point I'd like to hear from everyone but you've certainly piqued my interest.

  4. Lucky catch with JvoR. To start the day my FOS is on Pac. I don't know him like I do most everyone else, so I'm naturally not going to follow as well, but I'd just like to see his thoughts right now, as I guess he's a vet over on the other site.

    lol. I was writing my post while you wrote this... interesting... very interesting.

  5. Ok. Referencing Dan's list:

    JVOR voted AVM (activity level change), then Sharrow (inactivity), then Jets Babe.

    JiF voted EY (for drummer), then Pac (for being JI), than slats (for inactivity)

    It's worth considering who JVOR voted for, as they may have taken him out as the serial killer.

    That was my initial thought but but why would a SK make it so obvious- especially considering JB was voted off?

    As far as why scum chose JIF I'm at a loss. I went back and found this post which was probably his most aggressive:

    Sorry fellas, long night. Just got a chance to catch up. Thanks for all the cheap shots, really appreciate them all. gfy. You know who you are.

    Vic and JB are playing typical Vic and JB games. Whether thats a good thing or not is to be determined. This is not a defense of them, its scummy play, but its typical from them even when they are innocent.

    AVM and slats are standing out to me as potential newbie mafia. Both of them are playing differently. Slats was all business last game and didnt get into the silliness that takes place. He was doing more figuring out than questioning and this game he seems to be doing the opposite. AVM's suspicious play has been beaten up and I liked his defense...for the most part.

    I'm not changing my vote on slats.

    JVOR initially voted AVM than quickly moved on to someone else... I recall in 2 prior games mafia came out voting each other than quickly moved on someone else in the same fashion... It's not much to go on but at this point AVM is the only player who had dealings with both dead players.. strong FOS on AVM.

  6. The good news is I fell asleep at 9 last night and am fully refreshed and ready to attack the work day.

    The bad news is there has been 0 progress in this game.

    I haven't seen anything to change my vote. Sorry Babe... Doggin's point kind of sealed it for me plus no one has been acting scummier (although Vic gets honorable mention).

  7. You're right about me not giving a crap about PC. :D

    JB didn't say she didn't like me. She said she doesn't like the way I play. Fair enough. I don't like the way certain people play, but don't feel the need to voice that. Also, I didn't vote for JB.

    Well I guess that kind of minimizes my argument. I could have sworn you did and didn't flip back a few pages to double check- my bad. I just remember you and her have a little spat and you let her kind of get the final word with the I dont like the way he plays stuff.. just didn't seem like something you'd let her slide on so easily.

  8. Just had a thought.. The Jets Things I know from JI (and earlier in this thread) is an equal opportunity offender. I've never seen him give a crap about political correctness... with that being the case, why didn't he respond to JB who basically told him "I don't like you". You'd think he'd at least give some kind of a smart ass answer but nothing... may mean nothing but it could be a calculated move... swoop in and vote only to disappear and let everyone else talk about it.

  9. Ahh.. The moron's manifesto has arrived... Been waiting for this one.....

    lol. you seem to be forgetting that you have been labled (rightly so) as the blind marksman by SMC. This is because despite your lengthy posts giving your player bios and thoughts you rarely wind up being correct.

    If anyone is completely baffled by the game I suggest going with the opposite of whatever CTM says... there's an 80% probability you'll wind up making the right moves when implementing this strategy. I already have it as a fallback option if things are confusing me as the game progresses.

  10. these are by no means set in stone but my early impressions with the limited game content we've seen are: (list is copied from roster on page one- no particular order)

    1. CTM - Shady... always shady. From what I remember he's always very vocal/ "helpful" for the town early on. Problem is he's done that as both scum and a townie. Too early to call but I always lean towards filthy.

    2. EY - Weird little switchero when he voted for me as a result of Vics rant and subsequent re-targeting of Vic but nothing to get too concerned about. I don't remember his style from last year either so I can't form an opinion based on activity or lack thereof.

    3. Doggin94it - nada

    4. slats - still working on an opinion. hasn't been very confrontational which can be construed as scummy but I don't know if that means anything, or that's just how he rolls.

    5. Jets Babe - As I mentioned in a prior post her rapid vote/unvote with no real reason is curious. Sure day 1 votes are crap shoots but I get the sense it's as if she wants to be able to say "well I voted for a few people so I can't be blamed for targeting anyone". Her exchange with Vic was odd as well.

    6. Dan X - Seems innocent to me... asking questions and follow up questions... trying to include everyone etc

    7. Jets Voice of Reason - another one that seems innocent for the same reasons as Dan... his minor flip flopping hasn't gone unnoticed though.

    8. WoodyPaige - Woodrow came out on fire earlier calling out that jackass CTM. Didn't care about maintaining a low profile which has me leaning towards innocent but it was a bit out of character for him.... almost as if he and someone decided he lash out like that?

    9. SMC - Another one who likes to overdissect. I always get the feeling he's trying to plant small seeds of doubt instead of coming right out with any kind of conviction. I don't trust this one.

    10. JiF - He went to see Wham in Orlando so no opinion yet.

    11. Vicious89x- As mentioned in earlier posts his diatribes have left me wondering if he really is innocent and pissed he's being cast in a negative light unfairly, or he's scum doing the scummy things scum do. The bizarro Sonny and Cher routine with JB is the thing that's stuck out for me the most thus far.

    12. Jets Things- Without re-reading every post I think he's really only been suspicious of vic and babe who happen to be high on everyones list... this leads me to believe he's town but again that's just an early feel.

    13. Norway'sWaddlingMarmaloof - This games Gagoots. Lot of gay jokes and general Tom Foolery (which I'm a fan of) but nothing in the way of strong game opinions. No idea yet.

    14. Sharrow - reminiscent of double down (I think that's what he changed his name to here). not a very active poster but strives to say something of substance when he posts. Might take awhile to figure out if what he's saying is really helpful or just misdirection.

    15. AVM- Strictly from all of your posts I do find it strange that he's started out in a style different from the past and is switching it up when called out on it. That does look like someone trying to please everyone.... kinda scummy.

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