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  1. It means tom forgot to pick up his prescription at CVS.
  2. I won't pretend I know college players but my understanding is there are 2 edges that will likely be gone in top 3 who are head and shoulders above the rest.
  3. Its important Zach plays well and he is fine today.. most of the other guys playing will be backups or not even on the team next year. All they're doing is playing themselves out of an EDGE which is a position they've been looking for since Abraham got traded.
  4. It really is uncanny how the Jets do this time and time again. What a terrible win this would be.
  5. Biggest misconception out there. I'm double vaxxed and got the booster.. I also go to the gym 4 days a week and no one wears a mask.. I also go wherever I want whenever I want including both the parents and in laws tomorrow. Being pro vaccine doesn't mean being afraid.. just like being anti vaccine doesn't automatically make you a meathead.
  6. Should have known better. Good luck.. some of you have figured it all out.
  7. Newsflash.. your hero said this yesterday. Is infowars telling you guys the govt is forcing you to get vaxed lol?
  8. Fact of the matter is at this point there's only 1 guy saying no chance of death if you're vaxxed.
  9. Yikes.. this crap is your smoking gun??? "gotcha" snippets from conversations from who knows when or what else was said. and not for nothing but not sure why some believe that masses are looking to Bill Gates to provide answers. To take a quote from your favorite station that sizzle reel was a big fat nothing burger.
  10. Jesus what station keeps telling these people that we were promised complete immunity and zero chance of transmitting once vaccinated? Are those the "lies" they keep carrying on about?
  11. Happy to report that other than a sudden affinity for Microsoft products I have not seemed to develop any side effects from the booster I had on Monday.
  12. So many asinine takes crammed into 3 pages.
  13. Idzik was the catalyst for this era of suck with the lone bright spot being Maccs first year. Anyone actually defending Idzik should throw themselves down a flight of stairs.
  14. If the team was healthy I'd want a win.. since half the starters are on IR or otherwise injured I'll take the L. I want the best EDGE to pair with a returning Lawson who by all accounts plans on being back stronger than ever next year. Beating the Jags and winding up with another oft injured CB would be Jetsy to the 10th power.
  15. Bevell sucks and he's going to look like Bill Walsh against this D. I normally prefer to see wins but half the guys playing right now won't even be on the team next year. The guys coming back from injury, the 6 or so draft picks that stick, and the guys picked up in FA will drastically alter the roster. With that being the case I don't think any wins in the remaining games are nearly as beneficial to the team as grabbing one of the top EDGE guys would be. Gotta try to get in that top 2 again.. sadly.
  16. I guess this means its virtually impossible the Jets win this sunday.
  17. A handful of us were destroyed for wanting no part of Zippy and here we are. At this point you still can't give up on him until end of next year at the earliest but he certainly does suck right now. Worse than I could have imagined and I thought he'd be terrible.
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