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  1. What a treat for the tens of fans in the stadium.
  2. Scared to pass and scared to kick FGs. Ladies and gentlemen your Joe Douglas NY Jets.
  3. He clearly sucks but he's going to have until end of 22' to figure it out. As he should.
  4. This is a disaster. I had a feeling Zippy would suck but I didn't see this coming. If this continues hes getting everyone fired at the end of 22'.
  5. Great thread you got going here.. let me know how it turns out.
  6. I'll refrain from saying what I really want to but conspiracy theory bullsht is ruining this country.
  7. I'm not sure what to make of this game.. in some respects its the worst game I've ever had the misfortune of participating in while in others it's a beautiful train wreck. All I know is I own @Jetscode1.
  8. JD has in many respects been a disaster. I'm just pointing out there are a lot of injured guys and los yets have a plethora of picks and $ for FA next year. I expect next year to be much different and if not its definitely time to put Heavy D on the hotseat.
  9. Normally I'd agree but there is going to be a massive amount of roster turnover next year. You have a slew of returning injured players, 5 more picks in the top 70, and a healthy amount of money to spend in FA. I'm fine with Zach continuing to learn how to play while losing close games. If Lawson returns close to form and they can get this kid from Oregon, it would go a long way in fixing the D. I think momentum going into the following season is overrated unless you plan on bringing back the same team.
  10. Id be happy with Zach not skipping rocks to receivers 10 yards downfield but the Jets lose to keep that generational rusher from Oregon in play.
  11. My mafia dominance is once again on full display.
  12. Now do one for the teams record the first 2 years under each GM.
  13. Lest there be any confusion i once again made JC my bitch... Pac, out.
  14. My son is 17 and id be surprised if he's seen anything other than an anime vagina at this stage of his life.
  15. Who's left? How many to lynch.. how many to test.. what a disaster.
  16. I don't say this lightly but this is reaching Crapture teh Flag levels of ineptitude. Are we voting to lynch or to paternity test or both? This ill conceived mess is testing my patience as my time is short and precious.
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