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  1. No putting the ball at receivers feet from 5 yards away means he currently sucks. I'm not ready to say he definitively sucks yet.
  2. You guys are hysterical.. Darnold is fine. I've seen like 4 drops in last 5 passes. Meanwhile we currently have the worst qb in the league.
  3. This is the point. I dont necessarily agree that 10 year old emails you thought were private and likely said in jest should used against you but when you're in his position it simply won't work. He, his team, and Mark Davis would be asked questions about it daily and the only thing anyone talked about regarding the Raiders would be the "scandal". If he were a player he might be able to apologize and everyone would forget in a few months. As the face and voice of the team it won't work.
  4. Your failed attempts at trolling would be more effective if the Jets record since JD took over the draft and free agency wasn't 3-18. Thus far he makes Macc look like Bill Polian.
  5. Would have kept Sam and traded down but its still way too early to draw any definitive conclusions about Skippy. Right now he sucks but I'm still optimistic. The biggest mistake was anointing him the starter and refusing to sign a qb capable of playing. Such gross mismanagement.
  6. People here legit think Zach having a better season than Darnold. Look, I kid the little guy but I dont want him to suck. Hopefully this is early growing pains but right now he's a disaster.
  7. The lady friend giggled at this pass but laughed out loud for 20 seconds at the one he threw off the back of Moses' head. I sat there quietly letting the anger flow though me and ultimately subside as she cackled away.
  8. Darnold finally has a sub par game with an offensive line resembling our from week 1 and haters are thumping their chests. Pathetic. He's clearly better than Zach Bass at this point so the insults look silly. This offense sucks and to say we wouldn't be better with Darnold and the picks from a trade down is not dealing with reality. Now of course this can all change but we've had a decent sample size of Wilson and so far there's been a handful of awesome plays in a sea of awfulness.
  9. Wonder what happened to this guy. Maybe the status and money changed him. He went from looking like a future star to looking like he might be out of the league next year.
  10. Didn't watch.. was playing last of us 2 on playstation. Expect him to be decent tho. He's been in the NFL for a decade and with the hawks for years. This is obviously his last chance to prove he can be a bridge starter somewhere.
  11. Geno will be fine. Definitely going to geta better pick tho so that's great.
  12. I've been ignoring the @s. No reason to continue this bizarre waltz with you. Literally everything i said would happen did and everything you predicted was woefully inaccurate. I dont care what Adams looks like this season. Hes a perennial all pro safety for the Seahawks. I stopped paying attention after his history making year last year. If you get your rocks off bashing him go for it but don't expect me to care.
  13. "Yeboah, what it do? Not sure if you know Dante Fowler but he's my family yo. If you get a chance to see him this weekend tell him you hip to Philly Stackz and he'll dap you up for realz. Just to repeat Fowler is family to me yo. Oh BTW I hope you play this weekend.. #fowlerfam"
  14. They'll never be able to take this from him. What a day to be a Jet fan! JET UP BITCHES!
  15. Pretty sure if I stretched for 2 minutes I can throw a ball 60 yards. Anyway didn't Fields have like 5 passes over 25 yards from the pocket last week? @JiFapono
  16. If I knew what you were talking about rest assured I'd have a witty reply.
  17. The rotund one is correct. Zach needs to make those routine throws and make better decisions to get whatever ribbon they give you for RoOKie oF teH WeAk. What he did Sunday was the equivalent of a long drive champion in golf. You'll hit some awesome looking hero shots and get some props but you can't actually win in the PGA. Not saying he'll never get there but lets slow down.. he was the worst QB in football hands down through 3 weeks that finally had a good game. Lets see if we can get 2 in a row.
  18. Bridgewater was throwing bombs in the 4th quarter last week when they were up 26-0 on us. Wtf is he whining about?
  19. For the record I didn't watch the vid carefully first go around and missed the part where he was signing the alphabet near her anus. Makes him look worse for sure I thought she was just giving him a g- rated lap dance. Oh well... they both suck.
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