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  1. Urban Meyer being a philandering octogenarian does not excuse this young ladies gold digging ways. Lest you think this hot 24 year was caught up in that Urb sex appeal of her own volition.
  2. So did Joe Douglas. Then Jamal shot his way out of town. Then I said we'd get 2 firsts and id take it. Then we did. The end.
  3. Why do I care again? I said we'd get 2 firsts and he would become highest paid S ever. You and the goon squad kept reminding me how silly I was. I never made predictions on his statistical output in year 2 with Seattle. You lost... months and months ago you lost.
  4. If he went to a strip joint would it be national news? What goes on there is far more egregious than some gold digging hussie touching your inner knee with her thigh. This "news story" sucks.
  5. Bi-polar Mondays are back! Happy Zach has returned to being Voltron comprised of Manning, Rodgers, Brady, Marino, and Mahommes!
  6. Its now been 648 days since Klackhole has had a coherent post.
  7. Correct. But this was a nice game by Skip. Let him keep plugging away and he'll hopefully surpass him some day.
  8. When your best offense of the decade was engineered by Fitz fkin Magic you know you've entered the deep recesses of football hell.
  9. ? Pennington is best Jets QB since Namath but soon the best Jet QB since Namath could be playing in North Carolina.
  10. The problem is they look worse than last year despite a much better roster with the exception of the qb. Last week was as repulsive a performance I can recall seeing the last 35 years. The product is currently grotesque.
  11. Apparently Dan Hanzus is nothing but another ******* troll that doesn't understand ball.
  12. I dont think the team is as grotesque as it looks now and suspect they'll gradually look better as the year goes on. This FO and coaching staff is here through next season at a minimum and things would have to continue to look like the first 3 weeks for them to be on any real kind of hot seat. All I know is If Zach busts and Sam prospers that will be up there with the worst decisions a Jet GM has ever made. If not the worst. Still shocked that he didn't bring in a vet QB to start this year while Zippy sat and learned.
  13. He has the right A gap you ******* trolls. The fact that a c-hair to his left a 300lb monster is barreling in unblocked on his adolescent QB isn't his problem. Did or did not the right A gap stay clean?
  14. Right now its bad but its not a full blown meltdown till Zachs mom tweets disparaging remarks about JD.
  15. Your talking to a fan base that convinced themselves the current leading passer in the NFL was the worst QB in the NFL despite a much worse situation than the current QB has.
  16. JD has been a disaster but this FO and coaching staff are here until 2024 at a minimum.
  17. They had a good vet option on the roster last year. When it looked like they were going to draft this kid they should have immediately given Flacco a 1 year deal and the job this year. This seemed like a no brainer plan. Reid sat Mahomes a year but we can't sit Zippy Wilson?? Gtfoh.
  18. Yeah too soon to call him a bust but its infuriating that a lot of us saw this coming and JD was seemingly oblivious.
  19. Good news.. Saleh just said this was Zachs best week of practice so far.
  20. Moving on for the sake of moving on gets you what we're watching the last 3 weeks.
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