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    graphic designer

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    Monday Night Miracle
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    I wish...I think.
  • What Jets memory broke your heart?
    The Brien playoff game in Pit.
    The 1998 AFC Championship second half.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?

    Thank God is right. I'm an Arsenal fan.
  2. Why you should hate Jetnation.com

    Well said. Playoffs mean nothing if you're almost assured of going nowhere. After these last two weeks, we're looking very much "one and done" if they can even get there.
  3. Matt Cassel's father passes away

    How incredibly sad. I hate his football team, but I very much wish him well. He's in my prayers.
  4. Your biggest rival?

    Bingo. That's just what concerns me.
  5. Official Abram Elam thread

    Did you ask him why he can't cover slants effectively?
  6. Your biggest rival?

    When the Jets are concerned, I'm not so sure of that at all.
  7. Your biggest rival?

    Great question. I've been trying to find the answer for that one all season long. I will say that after seeing Favre try to go deep lately, I'm not sure it's a good idea anymore. Either he can't go deep anymore without it either being overthrown or picked --OR-- our wideouts can't get enough separation from DBs.
  8. Your biggest rival?

    The Pats with or without Brady as long as Belli is there. No doubt.
  9. Yeah...this sounds like The Onion for sure. Those former Pat coordinators do kinda suck as head coaches, however.
  10. Let's be honest:

    Of course I would've have taken this position at the beginning of the season, BUT it's looking like disaster is on the horizon/already here. What should we draw upon to instill confidence after the last 2 weeks? This Bills game is the turning point. A strong showing I feel were back in it. A tepid performance, win or not, and were going nowhere fast.
  11. I figured as much--but how would Penny have helped. He's not the DC!
  12. ...so that we could have a couple additional losses this year? Please explain....
  13. Lets go Baby.. WE READYYYYYY

    I hope for your sake you weren't at the Broncos game/disaster. Now the Jets fans at that game that stayed into the fourth quarter deserve a special round of applause.
  14. Did I really see these things I

    Don't worry. Whatever team you'd move onto will turn into the Jets. The fan base itself is cursed, at least I feel that way.