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  1. My 11 year old daughter uses less emojis than you. My 7 year old daughter might be on par.
  2. At least no one was hurt when we buried the football.
  3. You're thinking of Kirk Gibson. Easy mistake.
  4. She has a bit of an Alice Eve look to her face, though the rest...isn't.
  5. What IOL was better than AVT? I'll wait.
  6. Just don't get a Lorenzo Mauldin III shirt (not a jersey) like I did. Don't get taken in with the feel good stories.
  7. Brian Costello sits when he pees.
  8. We won't know anything until they step out onto the field. That goes for all of them. College is over. Relax.
  9. I'm a tad of a metal head too. But...Ive also been to 121 Phish shows, so I have that going for me. Which is nice.
  10. Visuals never turn bad at a Phish show. Just sayin'.
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