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  1. One win is better than no wins. This thread sucks moose ballz.
  2. You picked the wrong player to take an attempted sh!t on. If you're looking to unload your guts, go with Corey "Stonehands" Davis or Greg "van Roten" van Roten.
  3. My 11 year old was flabbergasted. "The song is about how we kicked them out so why would they let us play it in their country?!?!" Bygones.
  4. I haven't reckoned anything in a long time.
  5. F#@k playing in London and f#@k the NFL. "We're trying to grow our audience in Europe." Kiss my recently shaved balls.
  6. But he's supposed to and he isn't. Tell me you wouldn't take two first round picks for that.
  7. It will probably be turf. The grass soccer field at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is retractable.
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