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  1. Now he can finally marry Gronk.
  2. They have an awesome practice facility in NJ and more than 75% of the team and staff live in NJ. Doesn't make sense from a business/convenience perspective.
  3. Bring back Linda. She knew how to flight crew, or something.
  4. Probably because you think everyone is talking about all the crap you get. Who are you again?
  5. Bunch of maroons in this thread 1) Vernon Gholston 2) Kyle Wilson 3) Dee Milliner 4) Joe Namath
  6. You're not supposed to hit Mac Jones as hard as JFM did, but it's OK for Milano to crush MfW's ribs. Get with the program. /s
  7. Psst. Only two guys get voted first team All-Pro IDL. QW is the other one. QW IS a 1 man wrecking crew.
  8. Empire State Building's tweet was worse.
  9. Empire State Building spreading it's cheeks for Independence Hall.
  10. I got snipped five months after our 4th was born because we had a scare for a 5th. Best decision ever.
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