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  1. I've very slowly gotten my wife into Supertramp. She had trouble with the sax play at first, but it's grown on her. I showed her examples of their songs in TV and movies - "Goodbye Stranger" in "The Office" (Goodbye Toby) and in "Magnolia" (Smiling Peanut bar scene) and she had no idea that it was ST. Then I showed her the "Give a Little Bit" GAP commercial and she was hooked. Such an underrated and underappreciated band. Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies are geniuses.
  2. Luxury. And unnecessary. Coleman, Johnson, Adams, and Perrine will be just fine in this offense.
  3. Make sure your emails are up to date.
  4. "Taxi Driver" is completely overrated. Yeah, I said it. Not Scorsese's best by a long shot. Watch the movie a few times and read "Easy Riders, Raging Bulls," by Peter Biskind and you'll come to the same conclusion.
  5. What's with you and sniffing jocks?
  6. Here's to all the gorgeous snatch in FLA. Love me some Mo. "You make me sick when you speak, Morris."
  7. These "jokes" never get old. Make us laugh some more.
  8. Yeah, I totally would. Six kids and crazy - this broad is probably a total pig in the bedroom.
  9. I don't even want to know how you had this gif ready.
  10. Zach "Hopefully Better Than Sam Darnold" Wilson
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