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  1. That secondary is downright disgustingly nasty. Nice job.
  2. Oh God, that's disgusting. I'm so offended. Where? Where would you cum?
  3. I wonder how Bobby Hatfield would think of this.
  4. Maybe this is just about Fant's desire to move to safety.
  5. As much as this sucks to say, if you're correct and it was self-inflicted, I hope he pulled a Junior Seau so his brain can be studied.
  6. At my older daughters lax game tonight and another dad, who is a Rangers fan and knows I am said "If you had told me at the start of the season they'd make the playoffs, I'd say awesome. If you told me they'd be in the final four, GTFOOH!" Igor playing great and kid line showing experience doesn't necessarily matter if you have heart.
  7. Same here. I can't do sweet at breakfast. A deli near me has a breakfast sandwich called the Triple Mess - three eggs, bacon, sausage, ham and cheese on a hero. I don't eat them often, but I'm good for the day when I do.
  8. I don't think the real Hulk wears a plastic smock with a picture of himself on it.
  9. Popping mine out would be difficult because the salivary ducts are tiny, so the stones need to be broken up before they can get out. My mother (I'm 43) once asked if I was putting on weight. I said, No, why do you ask and she said it's because my face "looked fatter." I was like, "B**ch, I have salivary stones!!"
  10. I do have my tonsils, but they aren't the issue. The salivary glands inside my inner cheeks (mouth cheeks, perverts) get clogged up with salivary stones. There are things my ENT taught me to do to break them up, but it's always painful and then I feel like I have a mouth full of sand.
  11. I'm prone to salivary stones and they're frickin gross, smelly, and painful. Can't imagine a kidney stone, though.
  12. Eh. I think reviving a necro thread is OK as long as it brings something to light, like a horrible, incurable (but treatable) disease. That said, I have no idea what this about.
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