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    Wesley Walker has 4 TDs against Miami as the Jets win 51-45.
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    AFC championship game against the Broncos
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  1. 5 games 338 yards isn't terrible. That's on pace for more than 1000 yards.
  2. At least he didn't get hurt on his first snap.
  3. And just how does that help the Jets? Maccagnan is also playing hardball, it takes two. Maccagnan is also taking a chance with keeping his prized draft pick off the field for what sounds like a fairly insignificant issue.
  4. Agents help with more than just that first contract.
  5. If offsets are so minor, why do the teams fight so hard to have it in place?
  6. Maybe they shouldn't have taken the offset.
  7. It's also a way to help future players. NFL players almost always give in to management. There's a reason they comparatively get screwed when you look at other sports.
  8. Always amazes me how many people side with management in these types of disputes.
  9. Wouldn't 16th be the very definition of average?
  10. The biggest problem with their Team rankings is the Eagles 90, they shouldn't be 6 pts better overall than the next team.
  11. Dez hasn't had a good season in a long time.
  12. adb280z

    New TVs to watch the Jets!

    Samsung doesn't make an OLED. Their TV is a called QLED which is basically a nonsense term. It's an LED set. The OLED sets are the best you can get right now.
  13. The only explanation is the scale only went to D.

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