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    Wesley Walker has 4 TDs against Miami as the Jets win 51-45.
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    AFC championship game against the Broncos
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  1. You've never seen a guy cry after a probable season ending injury?
  2. Did he have a single game last year where he played every snap?
  3. He still has to earn his snaps. If he's not putting up effort or running the wrong routes in practice should he still get prime playing time just because he's a 2nd rounder? I hope he turns his career around but he's having a truly dreadful 2nd season after a decent rookie year. That's a guy who'd be on the bubble for next season at this rate.
  4. In a lost season he is the kind of guy that they should be trying to feature. That he isn't might not be an indictment of the coaching staff, it could be an indictment on Mims. We don't know what's going on behind the scenes.
  5. Why are people still mentioning Mims? He'll be lucky to make the roster next year at the rate he's going.
  6. I'm a Jets fan because my dad grew up a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, so he couldn't root for the football Giants. Green isn't a color that works great for me, I have issues seeing certain shades of green (looks grey or sometimes unidentifiable) so I'd love to see them ditch the green.
  7. It would help to just get some good players. They're terrible on offense and defense. Probably closer to being decent one day on offense but they need help at almost every position.
  8. I don't think I've ever seen anyone that likes him. Are you guys related?
  9. Yes, he's a bust. Destined to be a backup QB in the NFL for years.
  10. I root for my fantasy team and whoever I take in my survival pool each week. The Jets bring nothing but disappointment.
  11. You're going to be waiting til the end of your life. They're never moving back to Long Island.
  12. Boxing has made art out of bad officiating and decisions. Boxing is not really making a comeback.
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