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    Wesley Walker has 4 TDs against Miami as the Jets win 51-45.
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  1. The Seahawks would love that deal!
  2. I have a very low opinion of Greg Williams. I can't give it to him.
  3. I voted the same way. I think Bill O'Brien the coach is much better than Bill O'Brien the GM Judge hasn't been around long enough to evaluate.
  4. I'm not defending Gase, he's awful. I'm just not in favor of trading out garbage for more garbage.
  5. Those guys were barely there. Holmes and Keller played together in 1 game & I think Keller was hurt during the game. Edward showed up in late December after being cut, he was done at that point. The 2012 Jets had no weapons, just like today.
  6. Sanchez was bad, but he was better than Geno Smith.
  7. Rex didn't learn from any of his mistakes. Still doing the same dumb things in his last year as he was in his 1st and that's why his 2nd time around only lasted 2 years.
  8. Who was his replacement again? It's always a bad thing when your coach does something as neglectful as getting the starting QB hurt late in a preseason game.
  9. What reason is there to think that Greg Williams would actually be much of an upgrade?
  10. Holmes played 4 games Keller missed half the year Edwards was waived by Seattle late in the year and played 3 games with the Jets. Sanchez had very little to work with.
  11. You reacted with confusion to my post. I'll try to clear it up. Rex never figured out that he was the head coach and not the d coordinator. Playing Sanchez with the 4th string in the 4th qtr of a preseason game is a fireable offense. There are good reasons he's not a head coach in the NFL.
  12. Better to wait til the offseason and get the right guy than it is to replace the wrong guy with another wrong guy.
  13. Sanchez year 4 had weapons as limited as Darnold has now.
  14. He didn't learn from mistakes. Completely ignored offense and got his starting QB injured in the 4th qtr of the Snoopy Bowl because he often acted like a child.

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