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  1. Watson won't get paid during his suspension, of course his salary is very low for this season by design.
  2. It's amazing that a guy can basically never actually work in his life and have enough money to buy a football team for $4.6 billion. His work history:
  3. I'm thinking of going to the Packer game. Haven't done a roadtrip in a long time.
  4. Dan Snyder James Dolan - Knicks version Peter Angelos
  5. So if he didn't have a job, he wouldn't have a job?
  6. A lot of kids don't care about driving now. As a bonus a player without a license probably won't get a DUI.
  7. If you can't be optimistic before a season starts why bother being a fan? There's reason for hope with this team. Obviously a bunch of things have to work out but that could be said about every team.
  8. Right, but he's there and since you seem to be of the belief that he's terrible. So should they have drafted one this year? I think this offense is good enough in today's NFL if the QB is good. They have the weapons and the line should be above average.
  9. He was a RB last year. Most carries on the team.
  10. So what do you want to about it? Should they have drafted another QB? Week 18 He was bad, had no help against one of the best teams in the league. I can't imagine being this pessimistic on a guy drafted 2 overall after just one season. And I'm not a natural optimist, just look at my avatar.
  11. Patterson is a running back. Ridley played 5 games. So, yes, they had no other receivers.
  12. Found this somewhere. If it goes to trial you could doing Jerry Jeudy jury duty.
  13. He might wind up being good but anyone else remember how bad Joe Montana was at commentating?
  14. 1000 yards for a rookie tight end is very good. I get that you're not happy about the TDs but he had the 3rd highest yardage total for TEs. The future is quite bright for Pitts.
  15. Pitts had a very good rookie year. Just needed a few TDs and it would have been elite. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he's the #1 TE in fantasy next year.
  16. The Jets had me running pass patterns week 18.
  17. If Zach does what Tua did last year that would be disappointing.
  18. I'd think you were with mock drafts and forcing trades.
  19. I never really worry too much about the location of events that I have no intention of attending. It doesn't matter to me where the Super Bowl is, as I will likely never go.
  20. Getting Hutch this year is like getting Darnold a few years ago. Never thought it was gonna happen, so I never read about him at all.
  21. Green was great but Harman, McKenzie and Conley are all not impressive at all.
  22. A 10 year contract given to Williams, Mays and Aaron would have paid off for their teams. Mantle was done by 36.
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