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  1. Mahomes did not turn the Chiefs around, they were a good team with Alex Smith. They went to the playoffs his 3 years there.
  2. Elway dragged three mediocre teams to the playoffs and finally won 2 when he had some real offensive weapons along with him. It wasn't just Davis, he also had Shannon Sharpe, Rod Smith and Ed McCaffrey. I'd be thrilled to have a Jets QB have a career like his.
  3. Who is this CJ Mosley you're talking about? I don't remember him.
  4. So many choices that would be the worst move for any GM. I think Hack is the worst as it directly led to other poor decisions.
  5. They'll never force the Johnsons out.
  6. Gase doesn't get credit for the development of a 1st rounder who played 2 games. Even if you go back to Miami, who performed better under Gase than they have elsewhere? Kenyan Drake, Damien Williams, Devante Parker, Mike Geisecki, Ryan Tannehill are all guys who did better without him. Where's his success story?
  7. The 1st 3 games this year Darnold was not hurt. None were competitive. Adam Gase is supposed to be a genius on the offensive side of the game, where is that genius? What players has he developed?
  8. This is like a progress report in school. It's not a final grade but right now it's an F. His draft picks are all injured or not playing. He made a mistake with WR and the Anderson/Perriman choice. His team is on it's way to an all-time bad season with very little on the roster worth being excited about.
  9. They also started 1-7, that's on him too. They beat 1 team with a winning record and that was in week 17 when Buffalo sat everyone and the Jets barely won the game. They also managed to lose to 2 win Cincinnati.
  10. The Giants are good enough to win a few games. Another against Dallas, 2 vs Football Team and the Eagles. They'll win at least three.
  11. adb280z

    2020 NY Yankees

    The Rays are using analytics when they play 4 OF. There's nothing wrong with analytics, it's just that some teams aren't adjusting to strategies used against them. To counter their analytics bunt down the 3rd base line when they go 4 OF, when they don't swing away.
  12. Gase is a liability.
  13. Mims is nothing right now. Let's see if and when he gets on the field.
  14. Absolutely, they have to start again. Just saying if they surround Lawrence or Field with a comparable amount of talent that they gave to Darnold we will be going through this again in 3 years. No one could be successful in this environment.
  15. His numbers suck. I don't know if he's any good. The Jets haven't helped him at all. No NFL QB would be successful on this Jets team. Weapons matter. Protection matters. Scheme matters. The Jets have none of the things that help a QB. That's not a defense of Darnold, it's just stating the obvious.
  16. What young QB has ever looked good without help? Ever?
  17. You can't find out if your QB is any good without giving him help. Good offenses have a good QB, weapons and protection. There are few exceptions.
  18. Not really true. If that were the case NFL teams would not pay WRs, TEs and RBs.
  19. Thomas is not playing Sunday. According to your logic it's because he just doesn't want to.
  20. What do you love about him? He's a mediocre DC
  21. Christian McCaffrey and Michael Thomas are out because of a sprained ankles. They must be mailing it in, too.
  22. Doesn't Gase led teams tend to always be injured? Maybe that has something to do with him.

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