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  1. 2 productive RBs, 2 WRs with 1000 yards, 1 of the RBs had 1000 yards receiving, a young TE with 650 yards who missed the first 4 games. Yeah that's considered weapons galore.
  2. Not many teams have more good talent at RB, WR and TE than the Chargers. They're fairly stacked. The Jets would kill for their group.
  3. Cooks had over 1000 yards 4 years in a row until injury issues this year. He'd be the best WR the Jets have had since 2015.
  4. They're kinda boring. I hate the white stripe that just stops for no reason.
  5. Jackson doesn't have a weak arm. Darnold may one day be the best QB in that class but he isn't now. He needs help, all QBs do. Jackson didn't exactly have a ton of help from his receivers today, tons of drops.
  6. The market will set his price, who knows whether it'll be the Jets that pay it.
  7. It's really not uncommon at all. Nothing to get upset about.
  8. You realize the NFL is a business, right? Everyone involved would make less. What business would do that to itself?
  9. I hate that I'm actually on the Jets side here. He had to take his wife out for Veteran's day lunch, why not take her to a nice dinner?
  10. One thing that has happened this year for me is that I realized on Sunday that I felt nothing during the game. Not happy that they won or annoyance when things were going bad, I just didn't care at all while the game was going on.
  11. The location doesn't matter. The product on the field does.
  12. How much effect do you really think that makes when there are 80,000 fans in the building? The players can't hear a coach yelling from the sideline.
  13. Tywin was a genius, a master planner. Woody is not that. Really in looking at your list I don't think you really watched or understood the show at all.
  14. It's not easy to change loyalties. That said this team is one of the worst run franchises in North American sports so it's tempting sometimes.
  15. The Jets are such a dysfunctional organization. The timing of this makes no sense.
  16. How many guys that tank the combine turn out to be good players? Couldn't bother to get in shape for his interview, that's not encouraging.
  17. Pete‏ @draftcheat FollowFollow @draftcheat More Quinnen Williams to the #Jets at Pick 3. FANTASTIC PICK. You still need to stop the run in this league and while he’ll be absolutely useless during the 60% of pass plays he’ll reduce opposition rushing yards by 0.1 yards per rush. You can’t measure how important that is.
  18. I'm with you. I feel like we've seen this story about a dozen times. Early pick on D - best player in the draft blah blah blah. Somehow they still don't have a good D.

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