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  1. I actually thought about that when I posed the question. I wouldnt call it being a copy cat, just allowing us draft geeks a forum specific...Call it the "College Forum" or "The event that takes place in late April to improve our team forum" LOL
  2. I'll hold you to that !! Thanks for the welcome!
  3. Max, Thanks alot big guy...I will bring enthusiasm, class and expertise (when I can, lol) to your site... Much appreciated! Any reason you dont have a forum dedicated for the draft ?
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone!! Rest assured I was never a problem over there and certainly wont be a problem here..Glad to see there is no political forum here!!!
  5. Hello everyone in J-Nation Land I have been a member of JI for about 2 years. Mostly I lurked, reading various posts and on occasion I would post. I was found mostly in the Draft sections but would add my $.02 when I felt compelled to do so. I guess I am the lastest to "cross over" but not out of hate, but mostly from "keeping up with the Jones' " Remarkable what has transpired the last couple of days. I guess another reason I decided to come here was to follow some of the best posters from the other site, just to keep up with the latest Jet info (and whatever else interestin
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