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  1. jayrad01

    Merge please

    Lol sounds like some personal knowledge.
  2. jayrad01

    Merge please

    Now that's a sh*tty situation. Really stinks.
  3. jayrad01

    Merge please

    Well I am an Aries lol
  4. jayrad01

    Merge please

    Lol probably wouldn't hurt.
  5. jayrad01

    Merge please

    More please
  6. jayrad01

    Merge please

    Maybe there should be an epic Gail's thread this could have been merged to.
  7. jayrad01

    Merge please

    I meant to merge before I epic failed at the delete and let my Jet brothers down. I should be punished.
  8. jayrad01

    Merge please

    How's that a fail? People pay good money for those real dolls. Mine will be here in 4 to 8 weeks.
  9. jayrad01

    Merge please

    No but I'm gonna pick it up on Amazon today. Hopefully it's mostly pictures. Can't wait!
  10. jayrad01

    Merge please

    Yeah I butt fumbled the hell out of this one. I should be down voted to Oblivion as well. Epic failure. Sorry guys.
  11. I'm sure there will be link to buy them on every social media outlet that they are streaming the reveal on as soon as it starts.
  12. jayrad01

    Hold On Jets God has Ordained Victory

    Must be where Sar1 got his helmet info from.

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