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  1. Cocoa is where I live. It's about 25 miles north of Melbourne
  2. I moved up to the Melbourne area from Ft Lauderdale in 1995. I hate even going back down there to visit. I like this area a lot. Palm Bay is next to Melbourne and it was the fourth most moved to city in America in 2022. It's way more laid back and you still have pretty much everything you have down south with less traffic a slower pace and more family oriented. Good luck to you.
  3. I think that's a little harsh. A public flogging should do.
  4. So put him on ignore or don't read his posts.
  5. Shouldn't you be comparing Salehs stats from last year to Deboll's stats this year. How can you compare Deboll's rookie year to Saleh's second year?
  6. Blah blah blah I was saying if Mahomes played for us we would have won not if Mahomes played for Buffalo. Also if the season ended today you could say the pats games caused us to miss the playoffs, but you are assuming 2 things. 1 that MW would have won those game's and 2 that MW goes on to win 3 of the next 4 games. MW might not have scored any more points than ZW. We will never know. If we keep losing the 2 patriots games will be moot.
  7. We lost another game. Keep making excuses. I guess you should start now and you will be all practiced up and ready to go for missing the playoffs. It will be a great video of how we missed the playoffs because our team can't overcome a penalty and a turnover. I'm sure Patrick Mahomes loses this game also.
  8. Ok now Mike White is as good as Josh Allen. Got you.
  9. What about the fact he couldn't do sh*t in the first half?
  10. What do you mean Saleh has zero tolerance for this type of play? He does nothing when these guys commit penalties or turnovers. Carter played yesterday after the fumble. These guys would be benched if belichimp was their coach. Corey Davis, starts out with penalties in almost every game and there is zero accountability. Carter was laughing after his fumble. He should have never left the bench after that.
  11. He plays to win the game! Hello!
  12. Guaranteed or not the payroll is probably 100x what grass would cost. Not even taking account what losing a star player does to a team. It would cost a hell of a lot more in revenue all the way around for a hurt player than putting in grass. It's because they want to be able to use the stadium for other venues that they use turf.
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