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  1. Did you ever find ticket's? If not pm me.
  2. https://smartasset.com/taxes/nfl-jock-taxes Here is a good article on NFL players tax rates. It's not near as big of a difference as most people may think.
  3. http://@danorlovsky7: If Joe Douglass ( @nyjets GM) is as good as I think he is— @ZachWilson is set up to take a big big jump in year 2 #nfllive https://twitter.com/danorlovsky7/status/1516199878937952256/video/1 Shared via TweetCaster https://twitter.com/danorlovsky7/status/1516199878937952256/video/1 https://twitter.com/danorlovsky7/status/1516199878937952256?s=20&t=cWZciUjBpufjNvuc3FyYTQ
  4. It's crazy he had 0 stars coming out of high school. He wasn't even considered elite than. I wonder what he could do with the ball in his hands now.
  5. I would offer number 10, a 2nd Rd pick and a pastrami sandwich from Katz's
  6. Deebo probably wants more because he plays 2 positions and he's younger.
  7. More than likely, but as the title says there's a chance.
  8. I would think they would prefer to send him out of the division if he's moved. KC would have just kept Hill. Plus the 49ers have a connection to the Jets.
  9. Check out Waynesville and Brevard both are close by to Asheville. We have been going there for years from FL and have been eyeing a move there for a while now. Brevard is my favorite up that way. Good Luck.
  10. https://www.panthers.com/news/panthers-part-ways-with-joe-brady
  11. He probably released the pics himself so he can resign now.
  12. Golladay is always hurt and has a lot of drops though. I think once they are able to get on the field together more and get the timing down he will be their top wide out.
  13. I got 60.00 loyalty discount for 12 months and 13.00 off Sunday ticket for 6 months. So basically they are paying me 500.00 to have Sunday ticket. No new contract commitment.
  14. Password for confirmation please.
  15. My name is Jared and growing up a lot of people would miss pronounce my name and one kid always used to pronounce it jayrad. That was back in the BMX days, and it stuck. Lol even my teachers would call me jayrad. There weren't a lot of Jared's 40 years ago. The 01 is because some sonovabitch is 1.
  16. Thoughts and prayers for you and your wife Max. Stay strong and keep the faith!
  17. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/ranking-the-five-rookie-running-backs-who-will-be-most-productive-in-2021-jets-michael-carter-tops-list/
  18. It's out of the smoker. Now it gets wrapped up and put in the cooler for an hour to rest before slicing. Should be right on time for the game.
  19. Glad I could help . I'll post a pic when it's done.
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