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  1. Smoking a brisket. Started at 3am. I'm still not high.
  2. RIP to one of the best to ever do it! Thanks for the amazing tunes.
  3. I think they should start Captain Morgan and see what we have with him rather than play Flacco. We will lose either way might as well see what he can do.
  4. I haven't seen anything on Leveon, Mims, Perriman, Bryce Hall, Cashman. I think they are eligible to return this week. Probably won't make a bit a difference. Also is Flacco going to start or do they see what they have in Moron?
  5. He got exactly what the tackle gave him. Doesn't even make contact with him for 3 yards
  6. Greg Williams saw so much from him that he pulled him after 7 snaps. Do u remember when Morinavich came in for the first time. Some people make the most out of their snaps and some not so much. Not saying he's a bust, but he certainly didn't do him self any favors when the starter goes down and your second string that's pulled in 7 snaps and replaced by the 3rd stringer.
  7. He came in when Jenkins got hurt and was back on the bench after 7 snaps because he was a liability against the run and got zero push. So I guess he made the most of his time when he got the chance
  8. Geez I give u props just for having the strength to re-watch that game. I'm trying to work up to it.
  9. He fully committed and got airborne in the hole where he thought he would be, but the runner rode the lineman's back in for the TD
  10. jayrad01


    Has anyone checked on him. No game break downs or anything. Maybe it was just to much this time.
  11. Honestly I think it all comes down to what JD does with the draft picks he got for Adams. Right now it doesn't seem to matter to either teams record. If the hawks had our entire defense right now they would probably still be 3 and 0 and if we had theirs we would still be 0 and 3
  12. Bryce Huff looked like crap out there. The media tried to hype him up and say how the Jets were worried he get plucked from the practice squad. Well they can safely put him on the practice squad now. Hopefully Zuninga will make an appearance sometime this year.
  13. I never said he sucked. This team has way to many holes and we need the 3 players we will get much more than we need him. Funny how no one says this sh*t about the dolphins trading Minka Fitzpatrick for less than the Jets got for Adams and look what he did for the Steelers defense compared to what Adams has done (which is nothing) for the Hawks. 500 hundred plus yards per game. Barry Sanders and Megatron where huge difference makers. Don't know how you put Adams in the same sentence.
  14. Cause we were sure winning a lot of games with Jamal here.
  15. The pig is ripe for the slaughter.
  16. Sunday Ticket is free this year for those with choice or higher programming. So many people are cutting the cord they are giving for free to keep customers.
  17. I thought some of you might like this. A lot of great topics and not all just fun and games some serious topics as well.
  18. You might be on to something. Get Mehki the ball!!!
  19. Damn I guess the pats messed up when they let him go!
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