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  1. Jets said the same thing about Adams, right up until the day he was traded. Then we find out they were working on for weeks. Has to be something going on, or not.
  2. Damn I'm glad I asked I almost bought the stock link, but it didn't look so great so I asked. I bought 100 shares of chain link at 2.32 just wish I bought a whole lot more. I also followed your advice on bit coin. I bought a half a coin at 5800.00 I was thinking it may go down a little more and I would buy the other half but it just went straight up from there. That's definitely a good thing because I doubled my money, but I'm still hoping for a drop to buy the other half coin. I want atleast 1coin. If it gets down to the 8s I'll get another half. Anyways keep the tips coming. I'm new to all this stuff and had been wanting to dabble and you motivated me to do it.
  3. This man gets it!!! I don't see the negatives. There is no reason not to sign Clowney to a 1 year deal. He is a disrupter and must be doubled teamed. If he isn't getting sacks someone else will. He killed us the last time we played the Texans. He lived in the backfield. Plus it show's the team and the fans that we aren't punting the season.
  4. Wrong. He's turned down offers from other teams and the browns offered him a lot of money. He said no thanks.
  5. He turned down a huge offer from the Browns
  6. @Prez: Word for word Adam! https://twitter.com/adamlefkoe/status/1277693034751287297 Good riddance
  7. If there only 8 inches high I don't see that helping much.
  8. Companies do do this by giving a salary.
  9. Have to thank Douglas too for not bringing in anyone for competition.
  10. That would be better than it is now. At least he won't be the coach and CJ won't be the owner.
  11. We need lineman more than we need Adams and he can get us 2 of them plus.
  12. Actually 6 in a row! Totally freaking ridiculous
  13. She would be like you have a 3.8% chance of getting in my pants tonight.
  14. By that logic I guess the Bills are so not worried about the Pats that they traded them the center Russell Bodine.
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