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  1. By that logic I guess the Bills are so not worried about the Pats that they traded them the center Russell Bodine.
  2. Maybe the #31 ranking pff gave us wasn't so far off (if any) at all.
  3. Hope this isn't Woodhead part 2.
  4. Two interceptions is a career year for him? Sign the beast.
  5. Deal was done before the Texan's firing.
  6. I think Jason McIntyre is pretty legit and right both times. Douglas walked away and CJ tossed him his checkbook along with a longer contract than Gase.
  7. https://www.jetnation.com/2019/06/07/jason-mcintyre-jets-agree-to-terms-with-douglas/
  8. Lol sounds like some personal knowledge.
  9. Now that's a sh*tty situation. Really stinks.
  10. Well I am an Aries lol
  11. Lol probably wouldn't hurt.
  12. Maybe there should be an epic Gail's thread this could have been merged to.
  13. I meant to merge before I epic failed at the delete and let my Jet brothers down. I should be punished.
  14. How's that a fail? People pay good money for those real dolls. Mine will be here in 4 to 8 weeks.
  15. No but I'm gonna pick it up on Amazon today. Hopefully it's mostly pictures. Can't wait!
  16. Yeah I butt fumbled the hell out of this one. I should be down voted to Oblivion as well. Epic failure. Sorry guys.
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