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  1. Same here. I remember us playing against the Colts when he was a rookie thinking man this guy is gonna be good. Also he lost a lot of weight to play the 4 3 def and is still not all the early back yet. Great pick up by big mac
  2. Just heard about an hour ago on Sirius that the Seahawks offered a second for Jacoby Briskett and the Colts turned it down. Also did not realize that Bridgewater is only 1 month older than Carson Wentz. Not sure how much length of contract and all has to do with it, but we should be able to at least fetch the same for TB. As far as play goes TB at this point is far better than Briskett.
  3. Periscope link https://www.pscp.tv/w/bjY80TFKUkVtQUJHcE1FUHl8MW1ueGVvalJibG9HWOajDfr02uNJvj8Oit68_JXmci-YfajXeThR6eh-Fz6C?t=5m6s
  4. Definitely would have less penalties.
  5. The hurting badger can't stay on the field.
  6. The thing is if cousins doesn't at least win an nfc championship he is a bust because they were a game away from the Superbowl with CK. With the jets he would be hard pressed to not improve their record and be set for another big pay day. He doesn't have near the pressure with the jets.
  7. Carr just said Garoppolo extends plays like Aaron Rodgers. Give me a break. He does nothing like Rodgers.
  8. Traded to 9ers for second round pick. Which is good news for us.
  9. He was probably just spying for Belichimp. Get inside our building and find out how we rack up all these wins.
  10. Let's sit on a 3 point lead in the second quarter. Freaking geniuses. Unbelievable
  11. Rex probably fired Roman because he knew that if he were to be fired Roman would be the interim hc. Now they have no one other than Rob. Job security.
  12. Lol I remember those days as well. Looking at the squiggly lines wait I just saw a boob.
  13. I bought one of those kodi boxes off of eBay and you can pretty much watch everything on there. Funny thing is you can get all the games too. It's just never as clear and smooth, but pretty close sometimes.
  14. I had dtv since 99. I called in and canceled and within a week the emails starting coming saying we want you back. They offered 4 genies and then I just wished for free dtv forever. Seriously though I got the whole house dvr HBO, stars and free Sunday ticket for a year plus a 200.00 visa card. Basically what they offer new customers, but I get to keep my same account number which helps when they look to see how long you've been with them. I did have to start a new contract though.
  15. Seems like a lot of people are just Jets fans instead of football fans. I love the jets and I watch every game but I also love watching other teams play especially our afc east rivals. Reading through this most people only seem concerned with the Jet games. I watch football from morning until night when it's on. Lucky for me I have a wife that loves football as well. As far as dtv it's the same as always play the game and they lower it to 160.00 or so. They were bought out by att but dtv has been run just as it was before att has been hands off as of yet.
  16. Would we have been playing Houston or Cincinnati? I know obviously the steelers took our place but still not sure if we would have played the same team.
  17. Denver -3. The pats will destroy Denver. Unfortunately
  18. Agreed it's friggin ridiculous. Let alone the P I non calls and the late hit out of bounds on kerly
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