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  1. Steven Jackson DeAngelo Williams No question.
  2. Love Jehuu Caulcrick. I hope he makes the 53. He is a beast.
  3. I would feel much better about our season if we had a true vet QB on our roster. It's worked out quite well in Zona and Tenn. just to name the most recent, but over the years there have been many times when a vet was brought in to be the BU to a rookie only to turn out to be the starter.
  4. Well if you can come up with just 50 more u will get all the games in HD plus Super Fan
  5. Like every other year if you call DTV they will discount the price of the ticket . This year the deal everyone has been getting is 149.95 plus free super fan and free HD package as well as Show Time.They give you 6 payments of 24.95 a month which is 20 off a month and free Super fan. It's well worth the 10 min phone call. Just tell them a couple of your buddies got this deal and you would like it as well. Or you can go the whole I want to cancel route. Either way you will save about 300 bucks.
  6. Hopefully Lightning Leon gets more carries!
  7. What happened that you left JIFish?

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