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  1. happy birthday jets babe!

    Happy birthday Patty Lopez!!!
  2. Word Association

  3. Stud or Dud Week 8 Selection thread

    I am new Here so if is not too late i would like to dive into this just to see how i do. Week 8 : Clinton Portis

    HUH? did I miss something?
  5. The Sad Folks at the Chiefs Forum

    The kicks clearly weren't makeable since he didn't make them . Once he missed the 47 yarder he sould have realized that anyithing longer than 40 was a pipe dream. This is another case of it wasn't his fault. It never was his fault it was always the Dc or the OC or the K. Never did the HC take any of the responsibility.

    We are in the same spot we are right now with Penny. He may have lost to Ariz. but he would have beat the Raiders.
  7. The Sad Folks at the Chiefs Forum

    The decision to take a knee was silly? Silly? Are you kidding me?
  8. In hindsight Matt Ryan with a year or maybe two to sit behind Favre would have been the best outcome. What the hell are they going to do at QB when the Favre adventure is over?
  9. The Sad Folks at the Chiefs Forum

    I for one was gald to see him go and I think people are beginning to realize how incompetent he really is. In his defense, when he was here we normally beat the teams we were supposed to beat but never beat any of the better teams. He would have beat the raiders last week. Although that could be because the talent here was good enough to overcome him against weaker teams but not good enough to do so against the more talented teams. The playoff loss in Pittsburgh was all him
  10. Great stuff as always fishooked!
  11. List of everyone who is now here from JI

    Thanks ... old pic cant seem to get a decent one of the two of them together.
  12. List of everyone who is now here from JI

    Switched over from JI today. I was quite active over there till about mid summer. Live in VA and have 2 year old twins and like the rest of us a long time suffering jet fan