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    Chiropractor, hence the Chiro Rob

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    Mud Bowl. It set me up for the rest of my life as a Jets fan.
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    All of them
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    The female ones
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  1. Plus extra cap space as the contracts for #15 and a second << #3 pick. They may not get what the chart says, but it's based on year to year. If Macc could get a next year #1, plus some extra pics this year, I'm all for it
  2. chirorob

    Why do you hate Leonard Williams?

    Me too. But given how the draft played out i was very happy at the time. I thought he would be richard Seymour, and that guy was a monster even without huge sack numbers
  3. chirorob

    Why do you hate Leonard Williams?

    Thats me. He's good. Seems like a good guy, no off the field stuff. But not an 18 million dollar player. Not the dominator i thought when the jets drafted him. I dont blame the GM, that's who i would have taken.
  4. chirorob

    Draft Verbage

    As did Jeff George
  5. chirorob

    Bucky Brooks on WFAN

    I really like Riddick. He's one of the few I can listen to all day.
  6. Namath would not survive in today's NFL. With all the social media, and his drinking, he'd wash out. He had every physical tool you could want, and he won our only SB. Namath and Mickey Mantle, neither would last with those drinking habits and today's media.
  7. chirorob

    Cowherd Mock

    He is the stupidest person in sports. Didn't he go on and on about how the Jets would go 0-16?
  8. chirorob

    2019 Yankees

    Frazier, mildly sprained ankle. Yanks win again. German looking really good so far.
  9. chirorob

    2019 Yankees

    They won again last night against the Angels. I was not happy with Boone earlier, but to have the team focused despite the fact it is almost their AAA team taking the field is impressive.
  10. chirorob


    Totally. In the last 11 years, he has come out with one book in the series, that had hundred of pages devoted to the Iron Born, and another character who isn't even in the show. I think George got himself in a corner, and can't get himself out, and now is too old to want to.
  11. Connor is a super trained bad A$$. I can't imagine trying to do anything with the Mountain. I'm 5'10", 190. I'd be giving up a foot, and 220 pounds of muscle. Me fighting him is the equivalent of an untrained 9 year old starting crap with me.
  12. chirorob


    Cersei killed by Jamie. Sansa is warden on the north. Dany dies.
  13. chirorob


    The writing is worse because they have passed George RR. He helped a lot early on, and it showed. They only have a vague outline to go by, I don't think he is very invovled, and the show is not as good because of it.
  14. Loras on a horse beat the mountain on a horse. On the ground, it's a no contest.

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