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    Chiropractor, hence the Chiro Rob

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    Mud Bowl. It set me up for the rest of my life as a Jets fan.
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    All of them
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    The female ones
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  1. I was about to write the same thing. Mehta literally makes crap up out of thin air. I don't know anything about this kid, which makes me as qualified to write this article as Mehta.
  2. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    I'm stoked, my son is crazy excited. I think this one looks like it could be really good. My theory, Rey is Han and Leia's other kid. No spoiler, it's just what I think, but I just can't think of who else it could be.
  3. He's my #1 player. But Kotite was the worst. Just a horrific coach who did more to harm a franchise than anyone I have ever heard of.
  4. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Really, 145 for 12 innings isn't even that bad. What's funny is after a CG No hitter and an 11 inning shutout his ERA was still over 5.
  5. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Hall and the immortal Alvaro Espinoza!! Yes, I've heard that as well, they were both just terrible people.
  6. Movies We've Seen Thread

    I do so love a giant swirling vortex.
  7. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    I saw Andy Hawkins pitch a 10 inning shutout only to lose in the 11th!. (Game after he lost a no hitter). Best part, it was double header, and next game they score a couple in the 1st. Edit, I looked it up. He went 11 and 2/3 and lost to the Twins https://www.baseball-reference.com/boxes/NYA/NYA199007061.shtml
  8. Movies We've Seen Thread

    There's a lot of politically correctness now in rating movies. I thought Wonder Woman was good, but it gets a lot of extra love because it was the first female super hero movie directed by a woman. At this point, I don't care if its a guy or woman who directs a film. Hell, I loved The Matrix (and Speed Racer) and I don't know if they Wachowskis are men or women anymore. I'm not sure how Snyder was entrusted with the DC Movie Universe, I don't think he was a good choice. Also, Marvel took their time, used solo movies to get you to know their characters, then did the Avengers. DC is trying to cram all the action of the Justice League in while introducing 3 main heroes and a villian. That's a LOT to shoe horn into 2 and a half hours.
  9. Movies We've Seen Thread

    I used to like RT, but not any more. Now, you get a piling on effect, so movies either rank at super high or super low. I have 2 boys, I'm going to go see it. I just don't have my hopes up too high. You also have this hybrid of Dark movie with funny Wheedon movie. We'll see how well it works.
  10. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Early reviews, Justice League sucks.
  11. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Why, when I watch this, do I immediately think of Mac scouting Hackenburg? "He's rough, but we can coach him up!!"
  12. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    agree and agree
  13. Any time you want to complain, watch that. Then realize whatever you are complaining about is nothing, and shut up.
  14. You don't fix that line, it doesn't matter who you draft, they are going to get shell shocked.