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    Mud Bowl. It set me up for the rest of my life as a Jets fan.
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    All of them
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    The female ones
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  1. If you have a few holes, you can trade up. If you need 12-16 new starters, you need pics.
  2. Football is a simple game. If you can rush 4 and get the other QB you can stop anyone. If you can protect your QB and open running lanes, you can score on anyone.
  3. I'm thinking that as well. That team will not be as good as they were this year, and if Wilson gets injured for any length of time...
  4. SO what. Jamal gave a nice social media post, and keeps ripping the Jets. Sam doesn't and fans should act butt hurt? An organization that got him punished, surrounded by a horrible head coach and no talent. A fan base that wanted him gone. He should say "Thanks!"
  5. I liked Rosen, I did not like Darnold all that much. I figured guys that turn it over in college will turn it over in the NFL. I also figured guys who aren't accurate in college aren't accurate in the NFL. Josh Allen has made me rethink that one.
  6. Agree, Gleyber is a good 2nd baseman, but not a real SS. Which is ironic because I think in the minors he was a SS prospect coming up. I keep forgetting about Andujar. He hit so well as a rookie, had the injury, then they got Gio. Do you move Andujar while he is still young and hopefully has some value?
  7. I hate the runner on 2md rule. Also, I love Judge, but that man is made of glass, and there is NO WAY I sign him to a multi year extension.
  8. So did I. I would have taken the 49ers option, or done something with Carolina. I really haven't had a problem with Cimini in a long time.
  9. Pitts fell, so I moved up and grabbed him. I realize, this can never happen.
  10. My wife. Her ex was a psycho. Like a for real nut job. We live in Texas, she has a gun. When she 1st got divorced she bought the rounds that would go through her front door, so if he showed up she didn't even have to open up. That's the thing, if a nut job ex boyfriend/husband shows up, the woman needs to be able to stop him while waiting for the cops to show up. That means "pew pew pew".
  11. 12 to 3 cost 3 first rounders. 23 to 4? Who knows.
  12. How is this guy employed and making real money? He is not knowledgeable. He is not funny. He is not intelligent. His whole shtick is being a whiny bitch.
  13. Qb has to be good. At least 1 starting O lineman. At least 1 contributing player on D. It would also really help if Mims and Davis show improvement.
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