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    Chiropractor, hence the Chiro Rob

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    Mud Bowl. It set me up for the rest of my life as a Jets fan.
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    All of them
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    The female ones
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  1. I liked most of it. The girl and the mother were annoying as hell, I really wanted them to die. Some little things, like Godzilla stands up and looks at a submarine, and my 1st thought "What is he standing on?"
  2. So glad you put this up, I thought something was wrong with my screen!
  3. chirorob

    2019 Yankees

    Paxton is so fabulous. 1 start so far this season where he even touched the 7th inning. I know he was hurt, but blah.
  4. He's stable, but he is hurt. Lost his gall bladder, part of his small intestine, part of his colon, some liver damage as well. Hate the guy as a player (Yankee fan), but it still sucks.
  5. They took McMahon in 82, he was talented but very often injured, and really crazy.
  6. I agree on both of those. Aside from Elway, name one other serious player on those teams. As for athleticism, people sometimes forget how athletic and mobile Elway was earlier in his career, and he had a cannon for an arm. It's impossible to say who had a stronger, but there wasn't a throw Elway could not make. Likewise, people forget how mobile a younger, pre back injury, Joe Montana was.
  7. During the draft, the Bears could have taken Marino, but they took his left tackle. Granted, it would have hurt the O Line, but imagine the 85 Bears with that D, in his prime Walter P., and Marino? No way Marino throws for 5000 yards on the Bears, he never would have needed to, but he gets a few rings for sure.
  8. Peyton Manning is the Greatest QB in the history of the NFL. From September to December. I hate Brady, but anyone who take Peyton over Brady in the playoffs is just blinded by hate. Understandable, deserved hate.
  9. No need to apologize, it's a chat forum for football. It's all fun.
  10. No, I mentioned the 85 Bears as an example of the quality of teams he lost to in the playoffs. It was in reference to the argument that Brady doesn't have elite talent on his teams. It is true that QB's did not duck from hits the way they do now. It is also true it makes more sense for them to duck hits. The fact that they do, and that they are protected is why QB's can be elite into their upper 30's and now into their 40s. Yous last paragraph is what I said about comparing different player from different eras. It is a totally different game, it just is. Don't forget the changes in medical procedures, the way they can get people back, relatively healthy. The best you can do is compare players who played in roughly the same era. To me, Brady is the best of this ERA, but you can't compare him to players in the 60s, 70s, or 80s
  11. Exactly. All you can do is look at how they dominated every other player in their time. Side note, young Babe Ruth wasn't fat, and he stole over 110 bases in his career.
  12. You should watch a documentary on the Raiders.
  13. Look at the teams Montana lost to, his competition was better. He lost to the 85 Bears, not much to do there. He lost to the 86 Giants, another all time defensive team. Brady has not had the same talent, but (especially in the AFC) he has not had the same level of competition. Of course he has been better longer, look at the shots that Montana took that are illegal now. This is why you can't really compare different times, it was a different game. If Brady played in 85, and ducked just before Richard Dent was about to take his head off, he would be laughed out of the league. Jim Everett did it, once, and people called him Chris Everett ever after.
  14. This my problem with any list like this, the game in not remotely the same. Lineman allowed to hold on every play, defensive backs not allowed to touch WR, QB's not getting 3 concussions a year. My other big issue, how do you compare players that you never actually saw play? I watched a fair amount of Montana, I remember "The Catch", but I was a kid. My memory of how good players were when I was 10 is kind of hazy. All you can realistically do is look at how dominant they were in their period of play. When Johnny U retired, he owned every record, won multiple titles, and was spoken of in awe by his peers.
  15. chirorob

    2019 Yankees

    I meant the day before. I agree, German was getting hit. Took 2 of 3 from them, good weekend.
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