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    Mud Bowl. It set me up for the rest of my life as a Jets fan.
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    The female ones
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  1. Oh, totally agree. The Elway story is interesting. The Colts were a dumpster fire, with a moronic owner. That year John was also a 1st round pick by the Yankees, he was a great athlete with a cannon for a throwing arm. That gave him unique leverage over the Colts. Bo, the Bucs flew him out to Tampa, which ruined his college eligibility for baseball his last year there. He was so mad, he told them "I will never play for you". They drafted him #1 overall, and he went to play for the Royals.
  2. Elway had some leverage, he could go play for the Yankees. Bo Jackson was the other one. He got pissed at the Bucs for messing up his college eligibility, and refused to play for them.
  3. Salary dump. I don't know where they were relative to the luxury tax.
  4. Draft with trade back, which would improve our O Line, WR, add a corner, and give us 3 firsts next year (total), 3 seconds, and 3 thirds.
  5. He's 25, not really a win now QB. I do agree on not trading the farm for him, the team still has so many gaping holes.
  6. So basically, we need an O Line, a QB, and a pass rush. Piece of cake.
  7. They are both good. Those early NE teams were very balanced. They ran the ball, they played good defense. They won a Sb by shutting down the Rams (probably did cheat to do it).
  8. Dee Ford doesn't line up offsides like a moron, KC is going for three in a row
  9. I know Rodgers will have good numbers for the game, but he left points out there. He did not play like some uber elite QB
  10. If you look at his stats for the game, they look better than how he has played.
  11. You mean a running back who is only 25, does not have a ton of mileage, and averages over 4 yards per carry? Crazy talk.
  12. You mean a tight end who shows up and makes more than 2 catches a year?

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