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    Mud Bowl. It set me up for the rest of my life as a Jets fan.
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  1. He will never win. I live out here, he can get a team to the playoffs, but not going anywhere
  2. KC is playing sloppy, trying to let baltimore back in. Missed FG, fumble, stuffed on 3rd and 1, 4th and 1.
  3. If you want a quality HC, you have to let him pick his staff.
  4. And give a new coach 3 days to get ready for a game? Yeah, that's a great way to start.
  5. If you don't massively upgrade the offense, you cam draft who ever you want next year, they are gonna bust too.
  6. honestly, imagine if darnold was on that team.
  7. Brandon shell giving up 3 sacks to Aldon Smith.
  8. well, the 2nd rounder popped a hammy, so you really don't know what you have there. The later round picks you really should give more than 2 games on a Gase led team to see what they are.
  9. You have to build something of a team first. Any young QB on a team with no talent will bust. I am not saying he doesn't look like one. But if you draft another qb, and throw him in there with no online, no running attack, no wr, the next one will bust too. The lack of talent is amazing.
  10. No, but he is super quick, and very intelligent. That's why BB drafted him originally, and he a decent slot option.
  11. Who takes over. Assuming Greg Williams, who takes over the offense?
  12. Bah. They are also only dressing 4 corners, which means if the Colts go 4 WR, the Jets will not be able to match up.
  13. It was out there, he offered Robby a 4 year deal, about the same money, Robby turned it down. I do not have a link, but was out there. 4-40, Robby wanted to play for Rhule.

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