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    The female ones
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  1. Eh, me too. GM gets that 1 to 2 year grace period, where you think he's doing well. Then you realized the team is bottom 5 in talent, and has no cap space.
  2. Give Bobby credit, he realized he didn't need the cash right then. A LOT of players would have said no.
  3. I play that in my office once in a while. Nobody even knows who the frick Phil Rizzuto is. The horror!
  4. Ocean is another Great song. Totally agree.
  5. My favorite zeppelin song was When the Levee Breaks, which is on no one's top 10. I love that song. Also, what is and what is and what should never be.
  6. Sweet Emotion Golden Slumbers Medley Paint it Black
  7. That was pretty much what I was going to say as well. When the team has massive holes everywhere, you can't do it all in one off season. Address the O Line? Check, in FA and with their 1st draft pick. Draft a young WR? Check
  8. They are acting like over paid little bitches.
  9. Minkah was also a year less into his rookie contract, and wouldn't command the same type of immediate contract extension Jamal will.
  10. I was thinking the same thing, Mahomes gets on a real role, they may have the ball 4 or 5 straight possessions. Especially once the other team's defense tires out.
  11. Farmers can work. Garbage men can work. Doctors and nurses can work. 30 million people want to work. Baseball owners and players are acting horrible, they can all go F themselves.
  12. I went with Lam and Thomas over Gholston because of how strong those drafts were. They took those guys over HOF players taken right after them. Gholston is an epic bust, but the class wasn't that great.
  13. Worst HC Lou Holtz Worst GM Idzik Worst Draft Bust Lam Jones or Blair Thomas (look at the HOF players taken right after them) Worst FA Signing Neil O'Donnell Tough to argue a QB who is that bad.
  14. Let him play the year under the tag, and let him go. That is insane money. See what he gets as a FA.

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