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    Chiropractor, hence the Chiro Rob

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    Mud Bowl. It set me up for the rest of my life as a Jets fan.
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    All of them
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    The female ones
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  1. chirorob

    Our OLINE; officially DEFCON-2

    Finding tackles who can actually block is becoming impossible. At the same time, their hitting in practice is so limited they really can't be developed.
  2. chirorob

    Our OLINE; officially DEFCON-2

    For sure, I would start him on the bench. Everyone says he has to get out there to learn, but if the line is a disaster, and they can't run the ball, how much is he going to learn? I think he is more likely to learn bad habits by taking a beating.
  3. chirorob

    Our OLINE; officially DEFCON-2

    I"m in the minority. I am 100% in favor of sitting him for most of his rookie year. If the team is 4-10, let him play the last 2 games, something like that. People say Bowles doesn't know what he's doing with bringing up young QBs, maybe. But no one could have "coached up" Hackenburg. How many teams has Geno been on? Where is Petty? You have a legit talent. Let him learn, let the game slow down for him a bit. Let him not get his butt kicked for 16 games. I said it in another thread, we don't have 1 pro bowl caliber player on the offense. Not one. All the young QBs who did well as rookie starters had talent around them. There will be no great running game to lean on, no Top 5 defense to bail him out. No Pro Bowl tight end for easy completions, nothing like that.
  4. chirorob

    Our OLINE; officially DEFCON-2

    Not if you sit him for half a season.
  5. chirorob

    Bridgewater trade-market; DEN

    Why, it's not like Denver will stop us from going to the SB this year.
  6. chirorob

    And the 1st QB goes down

    They had a 17 year old walk into a bathroom and he didn't follow.
  7. I remember that as well. For a lot of us, that was like, a defining moment. Put your head down and score.
  8. Schaub wasn't a rookie either.
  9. Joe Namath's knees ruined Joe. His drinking probably didn't help.
  10. David Carr. Pummeled into submission.
  11. That so depends on what is around the player. Peyton Manning had a HOF running back in Marshal Faulk, and a HOF WR already. Wentz had a Super Bowl talented team around him. Big Ben had a great D and a HOF running back. Matt Ryan had a HOF TE, a pro bowl WR, and a pro bowl running back around him. Wilson had a great defense and a pro bowl running back to hand off to. Almost all of your other current top QBs sat for a while. Brady, Eli, Brees, Rivers, Rogers, all sat. The Jets do not have a pro bowl caliber player at any offensive position. Not one significantly above average player at his position. For that reason, I sit him for most of his rookie season.
  12. chirorob

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    You can't worry about Boston at this point. Get everyone back in a few weeks, and go from there. They are going to win close to 100 games, which is a great season. CC taking a start or 2 off is fine, long term it's probably for the best. They need Severino to get right, and with that bullpen they can play with anyone in a short series.
  13. Ratings. You can't be on TV and just be rational. You have to be kind of out there or no one will listen. I also think Bayless and Cowherd know less than the average fan, so take what either says with a grain of salt. Hey, coming out I like Baker #1, and Rosen #2. Shows what I know, I didn't like all the turnovers Darnold had. I also saw him play maybe 1 game of actual football, so I know about as much as Cowherd.
  14. chirorob

    Breer On Darnold's Debut

    Well, if you cant trade him he may sign for enough to get a 3rd round pick back depending on who we sign