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    Chiropractor, hence the Chiro Rob

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    Mud Bowl. It set me up for the rest of my life as a Jets fan.
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    All of them
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    The female ones
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  1. Watch this - QB Josh Allen

    I so agree. Little bit excited. Little bit vomit.
  2. F*ck the NFL!

    I go a central market for mine. It's good. 2 U shaped Kielbasa for 1 pound of bacon. Cut it in half, so it looks more like a J than a U (easier to wrap) It really is so easy. Just don't let the grill get too hot. I have a Primo (like a big green egg), I put the indirect plates in and a little extra smoke. The indirect was just to keep from getting little grease fires from the bacon grease dripping onto the fire. But I also did just in the oven, almost as good, just didn't have quite the smokey flavor.
  3. F*ck the NFL!

    Bacon wrapped smoked Kielbasa. cook at 275, smoker or oven until bacon is crisp, about 90 minutes. bring up heat a little, light coating of BBQ sauce, cook another 5 minutes each side. Cut into big slices, serve with spicy peppar jack as a meat and cheese tray.
  4. Goal: 200,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    who is that?
  5. F*ck the NFL!

    First time ever I willingly did not watch the AFC or NFC championship game. First time ever I will not watch the SB.
  6. Mangold was a late 1, and Brick wasn't really a reach. Actually, look at that draft, he was a great pick. The draft was supposed to be super deep at the top, and wound up very meh. Mario Williams #1, good, but not that good Reggie Bush, good, but not what you want for #2 Vince Young, bust Brick AJ Hawk, ok, but nothing special Vernon Davis, nice career but nothing amazing (did go to a pro bowl) Michael Huff Donte Whitner Ernie Simms Matt Leinart. That's the thing with the draft, you just don't know for a couple years. Mangold and Brick were probably the 2 best linemen taken, Haloti Ngata is the only guy from the draft worth considering for the HOF. The best pass rusher was probably Elvis Dumervill, and he was a 4th rounder.
  7. Thing is, for all of that, our D isn't very good, and the Jets still don't have any type of pass rush.
  8. He's the best I have seen. I can't comment on guys from the 60's or 70s.
  9. Movies We've Seen Thread

    I totally agree, it is insane how perfectly it is done. True film making, not just a ton of CGI.
  10. Movies We've Seen Thread

    One of my favorite scenes in any movie. Especially the last minute. The timing of the shots and the music...
  11. No one was taking Smith #2, I don't blame them for that. But look at the talent in that draft. 2 HOF taken right after him, multiple Pro Bowlers after that. Blech...
  12. I just looked up the Lam Jones pick. Next selection, Anthony Munoz. 6 of the top 10 players went to the Pro Bowl. It's every bit as bad as the Blair Thomas pick.
  13. Fair enough. It's sad we have so many busted picks to argue over
  14. OK. There is a good pick. There is a mediocre pick There is a bad pick There is a massive bust. Giving up 2 first rounders to get D Rob who did nothing is a massive bust. Using the #2 draft pick in the draft to take a WR who does nothing is a massive bust. Drafting a running back #2 in a loaded draft so that you pass on multiple Hall of Fame players is a massive bust. Drafting a pass rushing OLB who never gets even one sack is a massive bust. Drafting a QB top 5, while giving up a second rounder and 2 JAG players and that QB gets you to some playoff wins before falling apart as the team disintegrates around him so that he's done before 26 is a bad pick, but it is not the level of crap the others are.
  15. Did the team go 2-14 after we drafted him? Did we keep missing the playoffs because of him the next few years? He wasn't good. But the team had limited success with him as the QB. The others were worse.