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  1. Ironically, Freemans biggest issue was injuries. So, the question would be if Freeman was healthy enough.
  2. That's my thing. He played for a long time, he was very durable. He was never even in the conversation for best QB in the league. It's not really an insult to the guy. He played in the NFL for a long time. At the time of his retirement he had more career earnings (dollars) than any other player in the history in the NFL. I'll give him credit, he played big in some big games, and got 2 Super Bowl Rings. The guy was worth every bit what the Giants paid to trade up and draft him, but I don't put him in the HOF. Ironically, I wonder what Phillip Rivers would have done in the same place, same team. Real elements, not playing in San Diego. Would have have any rings? Would he have won more?
  3. Eli stats. # of times he led the league in interceptions, 3. # of times he completed 63% of his passes. 3 (66, 63.1 and 63) # of times he led the league in any positive passing category. 0 Career TD to INT 366:244, which is a 1.5 to 1 ratio. None of that screams HOF. He played a long time, he was durable, he had some big moments in the Super Bowl. How often would you have put him as one of the top 5-6 QBs in the league?
  4. The biggest thing with the trade backs, is he didn't get much. He went from #1 overall to #8, and picked up a 3rd, a 4th, and something else. That's it. Combine that with the fact the guys picked at #1 was Orlando Pace (HOF left tackle) and Walter Jones (HOF left tackle), and we got James Farrior, who didn't really hit his stride until his final season with the Jets, and then became a player with the Steelers.
  5. I prefer a center as well. But there are no centers worth taking top 15 this year.
  6. Maybe he doesn't last that long. If the jets signed a 1st round qb, and said "Hes only going to last 5-6 years. But he will be an mvp, and we will be in the playoffs multiple times" I would sign up for that. You know who that sounds like? Namath. When he came out with his knees.
  7. My only argument against a non premium position top 5 is the slotted salary they get come year 4 and 5 of their deal. They will be getting premium money for their position by then, part of need to hit on draft picks is to try to get good value for the money. That being said, guards are getting 14+ a year, so if your dream guard is there at 11, take him
  8. To be fair, what position do the Jets show success in drafting over the past 10 years? Running back? Tight End? O Line? I think we finally got a QB now, but the 8 picks before that one, not so much. Pass rusher? Corner?
  9. They had spent a lot of money on O Line, for Beast Mode to run behind, as well as their D Line. When they had to start re signing their D, they lost a lot of O Lineman, and Wilson started having to run for his life.
  10. A huge part in deciding who to pay, is you (the front office) has to really know that player. Some players get paid, and immediately mail it in. Some get paid, and continue to play hard, and create a winning culture. With 15 million dollar salaries, you can't really afford to miss on those, because it costs you a player at some other position. If The front office truly thinks Adams will continue to play hard, and be a club house leader as well as on the field production, you pay him. If you think he may turn into more of a Mo, Revis, or Tru, and just stop trying as hard after he gets paid, you let him go.
  11. He has nothing like that around him. He has always been hugely mistrustful of other people, and now is a full on narcissist. Anyone who disagrees with him, he puts down or gets rid of. From what I've read, I think he has always had issues, and multiple trauma + surrounded by "Yes Mes" + a lot of cash have not helped him.
  12. That's the thing. He is coming out early, but unlike a lot of young QBs he will have a ton of actual game experience.
  13. Al Davis was amazing for decades. He got really old and never accepted help, but amazing for 30 years. Dont discount his role in forcing the AFL NFL merger. Also, decades ahead about diversity. Hispanic head coach, black head coach. Didn't care about players racial make up, could you play, and would you play for him, that's all he cared about.
  14. Andy Reid has always liked fast players. His eagles teams were the same way. This isnt new, jimmy Johnson loved faster player on the cowboys (especially on defense) 25 years ago.
  15. Just depends on your offense. Mawae also wasn't huge. Do you want to line up and try to power people, or pull, run and use angles? Both work, just different body types may work better for different systems.
  16. No, in his 3 year prime he would not have. Revis, for a few years was amazing. Then he got hurt, wasn't the same, got paid, stopped trying. Sherman still makes plays, and is a key component on a super bowl defense years after Revis stopped trying. Revis last contract is one of the worst the Jets ever signed. I get the 49ers are thrilled with what they are paying Sherman.
  17. That's my thought as well, but the 49ers defense is lights out again. And their o line is pushing people around. 6-8. That's all the QB had to do.
  18. Revis in his prime was better than Sherman. Revis's prime was way shorter than Sherman's, and he proved his character and integrity after he got paid, got really fat, and didn't even try. Meanwhile, sherman gives the 49ers what they paid for, years after Revis Island closed up shop, and is going for another ring.
  19. The fact Sherman signed a contract, dodnt get fat, and showed up still playing after he got paid.

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