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  1. As brutal a KO as you will ever see

    Young Tyson was my favorite to watch, ever. He really was like Punch Out. If you blinked, and he hit you, it was an instant knock down. He was so fast, but actually knew how to box and move. Klitschko would give him fits because of the height difference, but young Tyson kills Holyfield.
  2. Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming

    Early reviews are very good. I'm going Friday with the kids. Literally, pick them up, straight to the movies.
  3. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    I heard they are about 25 million under the soft cap now. Who is going to play 3rd?
  4. As brutal a KO as you will ever see

    Did you ever see the old sports science show with Kris Jenkins? Where he actually lines up against a normal sized guy? Dude goes a legit 8 feet in the air.
  5. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    Stanton killed any leverage the Marlins had. Cashman even said he didn't think they would get involved, but at that price they couldn't not get him.
  6. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    85 and 380
  7. Next Jersey I get is a Klecko. I have my Pennington and Sanchez jerseys in the closet, no more current players. And my back is beautiful and smooth. I finished out the heart...
  8. Which part of BETTER THAN IDZIK are you having trouble with? He is better at drafting than Idzik. That was the statement you disagreed with. Not, "OMG best GM EVER!!" Nope, just better than Idzik at drafting. Exp. I had massive diarhea (Idzik). I took something, and now it's just kinda mushy and stinks (mac). My new stink and soft crap is better than my disgusting marsh like crap.
  9. Yup. Or by flushes needed. This way it's less subjective and more objective. Or wipes needed to clean. Either way.
  10. Maye and McGuire look like good picks. Maybe Adams. Look, say you hate Mac, but he has drafted better than Idzik.
  11. 1 for 7 is better than 0-12
  12. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    I think they want to rotate DH, which will give Stanton some time off. Gardner needs some time off, and you want Sanchez to DH a lot as well, as you miss his bat, but he can't catch 150 games a year.
  13. Call me an idiot, but I disagree with your Highness. Idzik was worse. Bowles is bad, but Kotite was worse.
  14. Mac has been better than Idzik, but no crap, I would have been. For real Mac's big FA signings were all busts. After cuts, we have had 30 million in dead cap space between this year and next year. That's all on Mac. His 3 biggest signings were Revis (bust), Mo (bust), and Skrine (bust)
  15. Broken hand for McCown

    Everyone hates on McCown. He did his job. He played as well as he could with a team that is does not have decent talent really anywhere on offense. He played hard for the team, and gave everything he had. It's not his fault that they never played the younger QBs. It's not his fault they haven't drafted an offensive weapon in 10+ years. It's not his fault the O Line is crap. People are glad he is hurt. WTF? Do I wish they had gone with a younger QB to see if they had anything? Yeah, but I separate that from McCown, who played his heart out. You've had so many people on this team not play hard after getting big contracts, it was nice to see someone actually trying.
  16. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Is Gardy a 10 and 5 player? i don't know if his 1st year qualifies him. If so, he has no trade.
  17. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Hicks is their best defensive CF, and is one of the few guys on the team who doesn't strike out a ton. Plus he's not that expensive, signed for 2 years, and is a switch hitter. Conversely, he can't really stay healthy for a full season, but I also don't want Gardner at his age playing CF 150 times a year. I like Frazier a lot as a prospect, but with Judge and Stanton you just don't have room for another corner OF. The only way he plays a lot is if Bird goes down (which is NOT impossible) and then Stanton plays first base.
  18. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    Torres will play second, they have another prospect coming up to play 3rd.
  19. Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    I think Frazier is going to be traded for pitching. They just don't need another corner OF for several years now.
  20. It's stupid by Bowles, and honestly, it's not fair to McCown. He is hurt, get him out.
  21. Lupz27 yearly please please Jets draft this QB....

    The idea of him throwing deep to RObby Anderson makes me all tingly...
  22. Word Association

  23. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    I do not understand how the Marlins can have any fans left. All they do is dismantle teams. Sometimes they win first, and then tear it apart.
  24. Heyman- Giancarlo Stanton a Yankee

    Sanchez, Stanton and Judge could very realistically combine for 120 HR. If Bird stays healthy, being a left in the middle of that lineup...