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  1. I'm not gonna argue with you on Rodgers, that's your thing. Saying Breece was an ACL waiting to happen because he had 700 carries in college is just silly. He had 80 carries left in him after that, the ACL was just ready to go. Is that what you're saying? He had a fluke, bad luck injury. A guy with no tread on the tires doesn't move and cut like Hall did, a guy with no tread on the tires looks like Zeke Elliot.
  2. I take it you are assuming Corey Davis is part of the Rodgers trade.
  3. It's honestly more change of direction and acceleration than straight line speed, 3 cone type stuff. And, you know, running routes, having good hands, being able to time a jump to correctly high point a catch, knowing the offense. Crap like that.
  4. I think the 1st one to run the entire 40 wins that race.
  5. 2 guys I had grown up with, wrstilm chat weekly. When i was 26 i moved away for good to get married. An all time mistake.
  6. That's why you don't sign benitendi for 5.
  7. Zeke runs a 5.2 40 nowadays. You will be astounded by his lack of burst when running.
  8. Imagine if the Martian is ready to come up next year. Put him in left, Bader in center, Judge in right, Stanton as DH, occasional corner OF.
  9. What's sad is, I loved him in college. My wife is an Aggie, I watched him every Saturday. I don't understand how someone gets worse at punting when they go from college to the NFL. You're getting older and stronger, you should get better.
  10. Pros: "Plays with attitude, doesn't stop till the whistle blows. Low center of gravity, Great Hand Placement. Relentless Competitor" Con: "Short arms. Conditioning may be an issue. More a straight line mauler than a run and pull type. Possible off the field issues."
  11. Add to that how many QBs come out early in the draft. 20 years ago, it was not uncommon to draft a 22, 23 year old QB. Now, guys are coming out barely 21. There is a physical and mental maturity that goes on in that extra 1-2 years. Further, by staying in college, they had more field reps. Peyton Manning had 40+ starts in college, Zach had half that. It was one of the reasons Lawrence was so exceptional, even though he came out early, he had 40 games played with over 1100 pass attempts. Justin Fields had 618 pass attempts in college, Zach had 800.
  12. I hope they let him play. I can't take another season of IKFmerunning I could see Peraza being the opening day SS, and Volpe becoming the every day 2B. Only because Peraza has the better arm (from what I've read, I really haven't seen them throw side by side).
  13. Torres should be traded for a pitching prospect. He has value, his salary is still lower, he is a 2nd baseman who hits 260 with 20+ home runs. The Yanks have a GLUT of middle infielders, DJ can play 2nd, and hopefully soon Volpe will be playing 2nd in NY. Donaldson is unmovable, he is there for 1 more year, he still has a glove, and hopefully can rebound and hit 240ish.
  14. If you're not motivated before you yet paid, you sire as hell won't be motivated after you get paid.
  15. No Utterly done. I live in DFW, I watch him every week. Done.
  16. Berrios whole family is from there.
  17. He's from there. His Dad is a lifelong Dolphins fan, I bet his family is ecstatic.
  18. Yeah, but that's kind of BS. He has NEVER taken less than a premium contract to play for them. He's not Brady who played for below market so they could get more players around him.
  19. It's great for him. Nice place to live, life changing money, and he will play in the next 2 years, with some elite weapons to throw to.
  20. I dont know. I'm just counting on all those future 6th rounders to turn the team unto a dynasty.
  21. Assuming the Jets don't have a second rounder in the draft, who plays o line if they go D tackle.
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