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  1. Nice draft Put it in the mock draft thread in the other forum
  2. Or just sign FA Schultz with all the cap room. Then use a 2 or 3 on a TE.
  3. His family is from Miami, although his father lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area now, so the warm weather thing makes sense. Also, no state income tax is better than state income tax. No one can really argue that.
  4. chirorob

    Kiper Chat

    I know NOTHING about McBride. Absolutely 0. I do think Wydermyer can be a good, all around tight end at the next level. That does not mean he will be better or worse than McBride. That being said, A&M had awful problems at the QB position this year, and ran the ball a lot, so he has blocked.
  5. chirorob

    Kiper Chat

    May be the thing that pushed Becton to work harder as well.
  6. chirorob

    Kiper Chat

    For what it's worth, I've seen every A&M game since I married an Aggie 3 years ago. Wydermyer can block, he has a bigger thicker frame, good hands, not elite speed or agility. More of an old school tight end. More Jason Whitten than Tony Gonzalez. (No, I am not saying he will have the career of either of those 2 players).
  7. Moses is. Fant and McGovern are after this season.
  8. Rob's 4 step plan 1. Take a good player at #4 2. Take a good player at #10 3. Take a good player at the top of the 2nd round 4. Take another good player in the 2nd round
  9. Agree. One of those 2 picks should go to the best defensive player available, whether that be pass rusher at 4, or if o line at 4, then linebacker, safety or pass rusher at 10.
  10. Moses is gone I'd think. Fant and our center can be gone after next year. Our right guard is a FA who may have to move to Canada to pursue his medical career. So, by next year the Jets could need 3 new starters, providing Becton can stay healthy. Otherwise they'll need 4. Again, depends on FA, who you lock up for how long, but I'd be happy drafting another lineman in either the 1ST or 2nd round.
  11. To he fair it is. Most breakfast cereals are massive sugar dumps.
  12. Depends on FA. our right tackle is a FA, the center and left tackle (Fant) only have 1 more year I believe on their contracts
  13. I put that on Jimmy G. He screwed the pooch on that
  14. 3 second rounders to go from 6 to 3
  15. 4 to 15 gets way more than a second rounder. Again, for context, Philly went from 6 to 12 last year and got a future #1 in the deal.
  16. I think he goes 2nd. He's also really nice as he split carries this season, so he doesn't have a ton of wear on him.
  17. Maybe cause I'm old, but every time a defense gets a turnover they all have to run to the end zone? So stupid.
  18. I liked the first few seasons of Longmire, then it got much worse.
  19. Watched the new Matrix, because I just wanted to see for myself. What a titanic crap fest.
  20. Spiller out of Texas A&M would be an excellent pick and compliment to what we already have.
  21. Did it to the Rams twice, he stopped the Greatest Show on Turf to get his 1st ring. Those early Pats teams were more than just Brady. They played defense and ran the ball well.
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