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  1. Favre To Retire: MERGED 11X

    Why don't you explain why it was such a bad decision to bring him to the Jets. The previous season he threw over 4,000 yards, about 30 TD's, MVP Runner Up for sure and had 10 games with over 100.0 passer rating. You say very few things that actually make sense. It was a smart move to bring him over but it turned out bad. You're one of the least intelligent speakers on this forum and seem to be proud of that. Yay!
  2. I Want Brett Favre Back

    I wouldn't mind seeing Favre back either. Three things need to happen though: 1) Keep Favre healthy 2) COACH him and keep on the guy like he's any other player. 3) Make David Clowney a f#&^'in STARTER!!!! In his early career Favre did what ever he wanted and usually led the league in INTs then Mike Holmgren stepped in and turn him in to the elite Brett Favre with way fewer INTs and 30-40 TD's a season. Then MH goes away and Favre starts to struggle again and does what he wants. Mike McCarthy steps in after Favre having an awful 05 season throwing tons of INTs and each year less INTs and more TDs and last year was an elite offense and statistically #2 in the NFL and a very well deserved runner up spot for MVP last season. Clowney also needs to be a starter. No one else on the friggin team can get open. This guy is almost ALWAYS open. That's what Favre needs. If guys are never open it's only a matter of time before Favre will try to force something. You can't expect the guy to throw it away every other play because guys can't get open. JMO. Peace
  3. Was Mangini fired too hastily?

    I say Mangini had to go. Some players didn't believe in how he ran things and I'm sure there are many players that just didn't say anything. Now that we've seen how things can spiral out of control it would have surely made sense for Mangini to pull Favre & Jenkins out of a few games. Being so close in the division at the time must of made that hard but a plan for success shouldn't involve a hurt 39 year old Quarterback to keep playing and getting hit and continue to get worse as weeks go on and be ineffective at the time anyway along with Jenkins who was hurt and pretty much ineffective in several late season games too but they were both out there gettin beat up. Had these two had better time to rest .. we'd would've seen a playoff spot. I don't think we could've gotten very far but 1 playoff game I think we could've gotten to. Mangini isn't the proper coach to coach a guy like Favre.. especially when Favre is in a lets-get-50-yards-every-play mode. It would have really helped for Mangini to have some balls and step up to Favre instead of letting him do what ever he wants and keep the guy in there to continue down a train-wreck-waiting-to-happen situation. Late in the season when Favre stepped on the field, it literally looked like he never left the field from the last game. He looked wiped out and surely not capable of carrying the team for 4 quarters. This is where a head coach has to step in and take control. I'm a Favre fan and everything but it really would've helped the team for him to be benched for awhile. In preseason & early season he had plenty of arm strength(50 yarder to Cotchery in preseason AND miami game) but in late season it just wasn't there and Mangini failed to fix any of it for the rest of the season. He just couldn't fix problems. Every time there was an issue with the team or a player, it never got resolved. The "statistics" say we should P-R-E-V-E-N-T Mangini from coaching for the Jets again.
  4. Should the Cowboys cut T.O.?

    Yeah, TO has his problems but let's be honest, he is better than all the current Jets receivers put together. Actually, if he is cut before Favre makes his retirement decision, then there will REALLY be a Favre watch out. What if the Jets had a chance to get TO? That'd make Favre happy for sure. He always wanted Randy Moss and back in Favres prime that would have been something to see for sure...but TO is probably the closest thing to RM he realistically would have a chance at playing with. I wouldn't mind seeing him on the team. Let's be real though, I'm sure there are tons of players that are absolute POS's off camera we don't know about that we root for all the time. We don't have to personally like TO, but he's a damn good receiver and can always get open downfield even when people KNOW the ball is going his way.
  5. Long paid the dues...that's funny!! The rest of the phrase is .. while bashing & ripping players, coaches & managers every sunday while proclaiming ones self as a fan that deserves their team to win a championship I think of the Jets player listened to half the stuff on this forum, they'd specifically ask you not to be fans anymore.
  6. I am so glad these guys are gone!! Only Mangini can have half ways talented team at 8-3 beating the best team in the league and turn it in to a total flop. The only thing working for the Jets was their short passing game. But after beating so many teams with it they will know to cover the box better...and along with our receivers not able to get open we couldn't even get the short game working in the last half of the season. But what did we really expect guys? Did we really think Brett Favre was gonna throw 8 yard slants all the way to the Superbowl? Be honest. Mangini - the "percentages" say you're an idiot. hahaha!
  7. I want everyone on this website

    Really, and what receivers were good this year? What oline was that good this year? How good was our defense this year? With the worst teams in the NFL running all over our defense constantly and Favre getting hit and sacked a lot and receivers that dont get open and drop balls...so no I don't see your point at all.
  8. I want everyone on this website

    Here's a hint of reality dude: Last season Favre = elite offense, 30 tds over 4000yds passing, MVP candidate Last season Penny = 4 wins and sucks big time as usual Favre on Jets = didn't do very good just like Chad didn't. Hmmmmm lets see, both players on different teams equals amazingly good seasons. See my point? You know who sucks? YOU!!!!
  9. Brett Favre: MERGED

    Hahahahaha Irish Jet...you should be living in a loony bin. Be a fan, not a fanatic!
  10. Pennington is better than Favre

    Finally someone with some brains!!
  11. I want everyone on this website

    JCB92387 you're stupid as hell. Seriously.
  12. Pennington is better than Favre

    Well now let's see if we can prove your point. Last season = Favre serious MVP candidate, elite offense, over 4000 passing yards Last season = Pennington sucks ass, 4 wins for the Jets This year. Favre to Jets = mediocre Favre with serious problems with getting the offense going. Pennington to Miami = Great use of Pennington and he has a very good season. That doesn't sound like a Favre problem. That sounds like poor coaching and decision making and not taking advantage of player skills. Completely obvious.
  13. It was a perfect pass. The failed attempt of a catch was the problem. Coles cries all the time about not getting touches on the ball but yet he likes to drop a lot of them and this time it costed us big.
  14. Holmgren's last home game

    I thought the division round playoff game was Mike's last game. Favre & the pack slaughtered them last January...hopefully he does it again. That'll show Holmgren for leaving Green Bay after back-to-back Superbowls.
  15. I have a feeling they'll get the spark going again before the post season. Hopefully they run all over Seattle and build some confidence