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  1. MLB 2K9 - 360

    I've gotten used to this game... IT's OK Steve Phillips is a dumbass.. My GT is Netsfan126 HIT ME UP
  2. Yankees vs. Rays @ Tropicana Field

    It's a good feeling taking 2/3 from the Rays in the TRAP
  3. Tropicana "Field".... what a **** hole!

    The ground rules there are so ****ing gay
  4. Ward has 216 yards lmao And game over Jacobs TD!
  5. Trading Santana Moss, for Laverneus Coles. The front office must really regret doing that.
  6. Will MIA game be flexed to 8pm?

    Then I won't be worried about NYJ MIA hehe
  7. Pitt-Baltimore

    Why would you guys be bitching? Ravens loss helps the Jets.
  8. YANKS to go after MANNY, TEIXEIRA

    CF, Austin Jackson. Kid's a stud.
  9. I was just saying, 1 week they look like the best team in the NFL. Next week they look like pure crap. They killed the Jets, but just inched a victory against KC last week.
  10. A.J. Burnett offered 5 yr deal from Yankees

    Ben Sheets is Carl Pavano Deja Vu...
  11. They're an inconsistent team...
  12. Herm and Kiffen seemed to do well against them.