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  1. I can say with a ton of certainty that they have.
  2. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    I'm sorry, was there supposed to be something of substance in your stupid question other than your sad attempt to force feed your "LOLCRABLEGS" joke?
  3. Baker Mayfield

    The .00000001% chance of that happening disappeared with the firing of Mora today. They are officially preparing for life after him.
  4. All those draft pick Browns 0–10

    The Colts, for all their sucking, are still closer than us to a Super Bowl because they still have Luck and we have Josh McCown, Christian Hackenberg, and Bryce Petty. Luck could come back from his injury, be 75% of what he was pre-injury, and he would still be a better building block than any of our guys. Franchise QBs are that damn important to being a consistent championship contender.
  5. All those draft pick Browns 0–10

    Wait just a gosh dang second. I was told by our resident cheerleader that we're "irrelevant" and that is, actually, good. My whole life is a lie.
  6. Sunday Games Thread

    Wentz to me, is everything that Andrew Luck was supposed to be (and might still be, we'll see how he heals up). The kid is the entire package. I'd agree with you 110% on Brady if I hadn't seen guys like Cassel or Garoppolo come in and somehow keep the show going. Im not really trying to diminish Brady or his accomplishments/status as the G.O.A.T (it seriously pains me to write that) but the success of the Patriots, in my eyes, flows through BB just a tad more. I could actually see the Pats pulling out some ridiculous wins with Hoyer if Tom went down because of that hooded jerk-off. I don't think the Eagles would survive a Wentz injury if he went down in some freak accident tomorrow. Same situation with Brees, although looking at their numbers, I'd probably put Brady as the runner up, not Drew. It's so tough but, gun to my head, I give Wentz the MVP and have Brady as the runner up who, ultimately, wins the AFC Offensive Player Of The Year award.
  7. Gholston gets the edge for me because he was chosen back when Rookies made insane money and was a top ten pick. That one hurt us really bad. Hackenberg could throw a single touchdown pass and 10 picks in, idk, 5 starts, and he would have "contributed" more to the team than Gholston ever did. A top ten pick, making the money he was, who was selected to be our stud pass rusher, never registering a single sack in his career is bad. However, being as fair and objective as I can possibly be, Gholston belonged where he was selected if you go by prospect rankings from that class. Even though the value of a 2nd rounder isn't what it once was, Hackenberg was a big time reach. On top of all that, the '08 class was really friggin bad so it hurts a little less that we weren't the only ones who missed big time. This conversation is depressing.
  8. This was insanely hard, but I will never forgive, or defend, John Idzik for the 2014 NFL Draft. Never. Bombing on 12 of our 13 draft picks, the lone bright spot being a 6th round WR, is unfathomably bad.
  9. Sunday Games Thread

    IMO, the MVP race is down to him, Brees, and Brady, in that order. No one else comes close.
  10. Sunday Games Thread

    Also, Dak has hovered between low tier average to downright bad without Zeke and that superhuman O Line. The Cowboys play calling certainly hasn't helped and I'd still take him in a heartbeat, but he needs to step it up.
  11. Sunday Games Thread

    Manish Mehta is upset that the media isn't covering his favorite team in a fair manner (for those of you.that don't know, he's actually a huge Philadelphia sports fan). Oh the irony.
  12. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    Does McCown have random people calling him and telling him how great he is? Didn't think so.
  13. All those draft pick Browns 0–10

    Even on our bye week you make multiple threads on stupid topics, 45 minutes between their creation. Also:
  14. Sunday Games Thread

    Whoops, my b. Could have sworn it was quality of opponents beaten.