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  1. Literally my first time doing this.
  2. If, say, Patrick Surtain is somehow there at 23, you sprint to the podium. This is a very deep OL draft. There is a good chance that a great player slips to 34. I have no problem going CB at 23. I’d understand it. CC: @Jetsfan80 because I meant to quote you as well.
  3. He has 3 primary defenses and each one has a massive flaw/flaws: 1. “Out of 40 women, 18 said I didn’t do anything.” - We now know at least one of those women stopped working with him because she knew of his reputation and said “I hope no one comes to ask me any questions.” in a text conversation with another massage therapist, who was ALSO aware of Deshaun’s growing reputation. 2. “COVID is why I was looking for massage therapists on Instagram.” - We now know that at least one incident occurred in 2019, well before COVID. We also know that not everyone he contacted was a licensed
  4. The whole COVID-19 excuse fell apart after the SI story broke. There are messages and proof that he requested that woman through Instagram...in 2019. Rusty’s presser was an absolute nightmare for Deshaun and I now have zero doubt that he actually did the awful things he’s being accused of.
  5. I’m pretty convinced the pick is going to be Wilson, but if at any point Douglas decides that he is going to go Fields instead, it would be a mistake of ridiculous proportions to not call SF and trade down the one spot.
  6. Eh. Not the best, but not the worst choice. He knows the Shanny system very well.
  7. Pretty much. He had a pretty darn good freshman year, teams got tape, he improved in some areas, regressed in others (injury or other circumstances attributed to this), and then he responded/improved his game accordingly, took the massive leap, and the rest is history. It’s what usually happens for prospects. When you study the film, there is a ton of things to like.
  8. Agreed. I’d prefer there to be a block function, but it is what it is. I’m moving on. This thread has been derailed enough already and I apologize to anyone else annoyed by that. I let the situation get under my skin and should have just tried to do an even better job of ignoring it.
  9. Yeah, that’s really all I was trying to say. Just wanted to make sure I came across clearly lol.
  10. Absolutely! You seem to have knack for it, so as long as you keep it going, I’ll keep reading. The USC tape is really great. That particular throw where he pump fakes the defender and rifles in a pass is the stuff I like to see. Plus, it’s, arguably, the best all around team he’s faced to date and despite the talent disparity, Wilson willed them to a win. You can’t help but love to see that.
  11. Oh I agree. I wasn’t scoffing at the idea of Gainwell being a dark horse. In fact, if you hadn’t already posted him he’d be my number 1 choice. I’m just trying to make the argument that if that’s the criteria for “dark horse” (3rd round and below) than Carter is a fair person to include.
  12. Should it really? No. That’s why when I was asked by a moderator to cut it out I listened, no further questions asked. Then I came back, thinking that was the end of it, to 25 notifications, most of which were from him and it became difficult to sift through every other notification/quote I had in my inbox. So I asked a moderator to take care of it, and was ignored. Cool. Whatever. I’ll just go on my way and hope it stops. I come back a SECOND time to ANOTHER 25 notifications and, once again, ask the moderator to please take care of it, and am basically told “Nah. I don’t feel like do
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