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  1. Saleh just talked about today being a large install day for the offense, while the defense remained the same. Couple that with the fact that Zach hasn’t done this since OTAs and it explains a ton.
  2. Expected this. Like I said the other day, it may have been two practices, but missing any time puts Zach behind everyone else. Technically he was allowed to report on the 27th too. That’s quite a bit of meetings missed. Might take him a day or two to shake the rust and get on the same page as his teammates.
  3. I wish he’d put me in my place by “pointing” in “my place”
  4. The black single arm sleeve AND the visor? The drip is off the charts rn.
  5. I would genuinely stop rooting for the Jets.
  6. Because I could watch butterfly could die and I’d worry that it’s the end of times approaching lol . Of course bud. Anytime!
  7. Threw a pass deep into my heart with that millionaire smile .
  8. Waking up from my nap to the news like: Lmao, nah no actual victory laps. Just happy he signed. I was told last night that they expected it to be done today, no later than Friday.
  9. I’ll be honest, I don’t know yet. I don’t usually get those types of details until after the dotted line has been signed; so before the public, but not far enough in advance to where I can say that here right now.
  10. Like I said last night, after getting burned on the fluidity of negotiations with the Saleh situation, I’m hesitant to put any sort of concrete date out there, despite being told by 2 people when they think it will be. It caused chaos and, quite frankly, stress for me. I think the best thing I can say is that I made it pretty clear that I was pessimistic and pissed yesterday, and that, as of right now, I’m no longer feeling that way.
  11. Best (or worst depending on your viewpoint) update I can give is that I don’t think he’ll be at practice today, but, again, I’m still hopeful that this doesn’t linger much longer (based on what I consider “longer” lol)
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