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  1. As in Mike Shanahan? LOL. Noooooo thank you.
  2. I hate Todd Bowles, the football coach. Todd Bowles, the man? That's a guy I'd love to just sit and talk life and football with. I think firing him mid-season would be more of a mercy thing than anything else. Has he earned the criticism? Yeah. That being said, this interview was like throwing a wounded animal to a pride of lions.
  3. Sam has thrown 12TDs through 8 games this year. Geno threw 12 TDs throughout the course of his 16 game rookie season. The two could not be further apart in regards to how they've performed. Look, I just spent an entire week ripping Darnold in over the top fashion, but at the end of the day, he has shown more than any QB we've drafted since Chad. The immense talent, work ethic, and attitude are absolutely there, and he has flashed enough to give any reasonable person hope. I'm not happy with the turnovers, but I think we got a big glimpse yesterday as to how bad things really are, talent and coaching wise. He's a rookie. A rookie in, arguably, the worst situation out of everyone else in his class, going against harder competition than anyone else from said class. Does he need to play better? Hell yeah. Do I put all of the blame on him right now? Absolutely not. It's not making excuses; it's realizing that there isn't a QB alive who could be doing anything different under these circumstances, never mind one who is a rookie. Also, addressing Geno Smith specifically, if kept his head on straight, started putting in the effort needed to be great, and grew up a bit, he'd probably be a pretty decent QB. A serviceable journeyman starter, ala Fitzpatrick, at the very least. Hell, he's got age on his side if he can figure it out quick enough. He came in for one game last year, looked pretty good (better than Eli for sure), got screwed, and handled it in the least mature way possible, guaranteeing his release, thus, throwing away any potential opportunities on teams that were looking for low risk-high reward reclamation projects, out the window. His best chance of being "the guy" for us was 2015, where he was lighting it up in training camp, surround by top tier talent, a pretty good offensive coordinator, and he got his face punched in by a practice squad caliber teammate over $600, effectively ending his Jets career. The year before that, he was supposed to make a leap from his rookie year, and he ended up telling a fan "go f*ck yourself" at the end of a home game, and missing a Thursday "install" practice in SD to watch a movie at a movie theater, because he forgot about time-zones. You can't make those types of stories up. Geno's failures are all on him. If he actually put the work in and wasn't an absolutely insufferable and immature person, his career probably looks totally different. Hell, he might still be here.
  4. Matt Lafleur, yeah. I've made it very known 'round these parts that I am a huge fan of his, lol. If he was the guy that we chose, I'd be ecstatic.
  5. Guys. Coaches are all the same. They don't do anything.
  6. McVay got his head coaching job in 2017, the same year Jeremy Bates returned from the mountains to become our QB coach. We have never seen Bates and McVay in the same area at the same time. The logical answer is that, during his trip to the Mountains, Bates learned the Navajo ritual of "spirit splitting" and sent multiple versions of himself to the NFL in order to begin his take over of the league. Everyone in the league now runs the same plays. Everyone. There are no "individuals" anymore. Only one master. Master. Bates. WAKE UP SHEEPLE. IT'S RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.
  7. Same plays as the Rams. Same. Plays. As. The. Rams.
  8. I'm sorry, are you watching this game right now? Tennessee is currently destroying NE. Beatable? What?
  9. Just converted 3rd & 20 to get into the red zone. You can't make it up.
  10. My favorite was the "coaches don't actually matter when it comes to player development, therefore it's not on them. It's exclusively the players". I watched Sam throw 4 INTs, almost all into double coverage +, the day that was written, and that post was still the most ridiculous f*cking thing my eyes saw that day.
  11. Matt Lafleur finally has Marcus Mariota looking like the 2nd overall pick in the draft. Between DeFilippo, Lafleur, and possibly Harbaugh, we'll have plenty of options.

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