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  1. This place is unreadable. See y’all after the bye-week. Maybe.
  2. I know you’re not a fan of the Zone blocking scheme, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up in regards to us moving on from it.
  3. This edition of OU/Texas is a college football classic.
  4. Caleb Williams and Marvin Mims just had the hookup of the year.
  5. If we’re just going based on his play and not CAP implications? Yeah; he’s been that bad for Dallas. An honest shame. Dude was electric, but he can’t move laterally.
  6. I loved him when he was at Notre Dame, but: a.) Injuries have derailed him. b.) Most Cowboys fans have said that he has played poorly in the same scheme he’d be in here.
  7. Genuinely happy for this kid. He was of my favorite players from college, and I was over the moon when we drafted him. To see him come back from his injury the way that he has is nothing short of inspiring.
  8. Genuinely the best time I have had at any football event since the Jets-Pats ‘09 home opener. Thank you Phil for doing this. You and the crew are wonderful people. @Jet Nut and I finally got to attend our first game together since 2012, and it could not have possibly been a better experience. This one was meant a lot.
  9. Won’t take much from Cole to make this prediction of yours wrong, that’s for sure.
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