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  1. The majority of the forum liked Baker Mayfield. The fabricated "hate" OP got was not over Baker. It was over Mike Glennon and, to a much lesser degree, Mike Bercovici being pimped out to the point that every thread discussing the draft and young potential QBs was full of self righteous fluff pieces by him about they were going to be the "next big thing", even well after they showed that they weren't. Oh these arguments also usually included him calling out everyone who disagreed with him in a passive aggressive "you can come to me and apologize in 5 years" type of way. Starting a thread like this to troll "fellow" (and I'm using the word "fellow" lightly) Jets fans who, literally don't give a sh*t about your need to stroke yourself over the one guy that you MAY have been right about, after a night like tonight, should be bannable.
  2. Then go be a f*cking Browns fan.
  3. It used to be an escape for me. When I was playing, all the bullsh*t at home went away. When I got older and the game was "behind me", I discovered this place and posting about football and dissecting it with other posters replaced that. Now nothing works. I'm an emotional yo yo and a football team has become a major source of stress. Mental health over everything has been my motto since 2014. That means it's time to take a step back.
  4. I'm going to, likely, do the same. This is the lowest I have felt about anything in a long time and, if I'm being totally honest, it probably has more to do with other stuff going on in my life. I've been dealing with constant battles and stress for the last ~6 months and I can't, for my own sake, let sports affect me this much. I have so many more important things to worry about. It's not worth it at this point in time. It hurts. I love Football. I've been playing it my entire life. 4 years ago a switch went off in my head, I had the worst year of my life, and anxiety, OCD, and depression took over to a point where I can't enjoy something I have loved since I was 5 years old because I get too emotional during the good and the bad to keep a level head. I may check in to read every now and then, but I can't see myself posting for quite a while. Max and co., don't take this as a hit towards your forum. Nothing here has driven me away. I've been apart of it for years. Well before JI's closing. It's the best Jets site on the planet. I just need to vent and this is the only medium I've got right now.
  5. Keep playing soft zone to bait a guy who isn't going to be baited, Kacy and Todd. You'll both be fired by mid-season.
  6. Had one sack and, like Leo, was robbed of one by holding/illegal contact on a DB (this time it was Skrine). I don't think he's the answer to our edge rusher woes, but he's more than serviceable for a rotational guy.
  7. Williams looked great. He also had a sack robbed from him by Morris Claiborne.
  8. Mogglez

    Other NFL games today...

    Sooooo apparently Vontae Davis retired in the middle of the Bills game?
  9. Had a sack earlier that Mo Claiborne wiped out with a hold.
  10. He's pressing for sure. He's a rookie. It sucks, but his progress is what this year is all about.
  11. O line should be forced to skip their off day, get locked in a film room, and watch this game on repeat.

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