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  1. Mahomes is better on his knees than Allen. Got it.
  2. When these guys are the contingency plan, you can kinda understand why people would actually be perfectly fine with fully guaranteeing a 6 year, 180 million dollar contract for Kirk Cousins.
  3. Yeah it was inevitable though. CAP is going up, players will be bargaining for more in the next CBA, etc. If you think Kirk's deal is gonna be big, wait for Ryan, Rodgers, Wentz, Goff, etc. in the next few years. I'm thinking anything from 32- 35 million per year with 90-100 million guaranteed becomes the norm for the top 10-top 5 guys. It's supply and demand. The pessimist in me says he still goes to Denver because I don't want to get excited and have my heart busted up, but if the offers are as massive as the rumors suggest...man it'd be stupid for Kirk to pass it up.
  4. I don't believe it will be fully guaranteed, but I don't believe @Mecca was too far off a couple of weeks ago based off of certain things I've heard. Nothing is concrete, but it's very clear that we want him. The Garoppolo deal changed everything.
  5. Vick's play-style always got him hurt and his reliance on it held him back in developing into a true NFL pocket passer. Lamar isn't remotely close to the talent that Vick was. That's not even taking into account that the "fit" here is not a good one. Lamar intrigues me, but I wouldn't go for him any earlier than late 1st-early 2nd round. The hill he has to climb is larger than Vick's.
  6. Honestly? There would be none. If that's how the cards fall, Macc should be, and likely will be, as good as fired after the season because he utterly failed to properly address the position. At that point, we as fans should just hope he passes on a 1st round QB so we're not stuck developing some bum who was totally undeserving of his draft slot for the next 5 years. I'm already borderline manic over the idea of drafting Allen at 6. Lamar Jackson or Mason Rudolph? I don't even want to consider those guys as possibilities.
  7. Alex Smith 'jacked' at opportunity to join Redskins Alex Smith is the Washington Redskins newest starting quarterback, and he's already looking forward to the experience. The 33-year-old was back home in San Francisco on Thursday, and made an appearance on KNBR 680 to talk all things offseason, including the trade that saw him swap the AFC West for the NFC East. After the Chiefs made it clear that they viewed Patrick Mahomes III as the future of the franchise, it's needless to say that Smith was ready to jump at the opportunity of becoming the Redskins' starting quarterback. "I'm jacked. I'm really excited," Smith said. "Once I found out that things in Kansas City were going in a different direction, I was pumped at the opportunity and when Washington came calling I was hopeful that was a possible destination and I'm just jacked that it worked out and that they wanted me because the feelings were mutual and I'm looking forward to it." Smith will enjoy a reunion with former teammate Vernon Davis when he suits up in D.C. next season, as the duo played together with the 49ers for six season after being draft one year apart in 2005 and 2006 respectively. In fact, the 34-year-old tight end was one of the first to reach out when news of the trade first leaked. "[Davis] was one of the first guys when [the news] broke that hit me up on the phone," Smith said. "I'm excited." Some have scoffed at the idea of the Redskins signing Smith to a lengthy contract extension. At nearly 34 years old, Smith's four-year, $94 million deal represents a huge commitment to an aging quarterback, but the former no. 1 overall pick believes he still has plenty in the tank. So much so that he's not yet able to see the sunset he'll eventually walk into. "I feel amazing, I feel great," Smith ensured. "I feel like the last five or six years have flown by. I've had more fun than I've ever had playing the game. The challenge of it, my body feels great, so yeah, I do feel like I can't see the horizon at this point. People keep asking me that and I don't see it in the near future. Obviously things change, but I'm just loving what I'm doing too much and the challenge of it. I still haven't gotten [to the Super Bowl] obviously and you're after that big one, right? You're trying to do whatever you can and figure it out and find the answer. Totally sounds like a guy ready to bail on a trade. This is why people make fun of Mike Florio.
  8. Realized as soon as I reread and edited lol, my bad.
  9. I don't think he cares about anything regarding the ownership as long as he's getting a paycheck. Chris? Woody? Just show him the green.
  10. I'm not saying that the O-Line wasn't a huge reason for their success, but they weren't #1 in the NFL. They were 12th in pass protection & 22nd in run blocking.