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  1. Adding on to this, I want to say one more thing: Watson or no Watson, based on some other things I’ve heard, I have the utmost confidence that Joe Douglas will get this franchise on the right track, one way or another. In my last large post on Christmas Eve I mentioned how both of my sources stressed that to me. Things I’ve heard since, particularly during and after the Head Coaching hiring process, have me actually believing it. I was “optimistic” before. I’m all in now. I truly believe that our franchise is finally in the right hands.
  2. Sorry for responding so late. I had a busy day. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty right now is that we are interested and heavily monitoring. Obviously this isn’t anything that someone else couldn’t tell you but, based on what I was told today (I’m checking all my inboxes right now actually), I can tell you that Watson, himself, has zero issues coming here so I don’t think the NTC will be an issue. The issue is the cost to get him. That being said, 2 days ago, I thought this was impossible. Today...my heart flutters a little bit more. Personally, and this is just a gut feeling, I think they hire Bieniemy and attempt to smooth this over. That being said, I have no connections to Houston and have zero idea how bad this situation really is other than what gets reported to the media so my pessimistic gut is useless. Buckle up. If this gets to the point where Watson formally requests a trade, the next few weeks are going to be a roller coaster.
  3. I wouldn’t say that just yet...I do, however, believe that Watson has preferences on where he would like to go should he, ultimately, choose to leave (it’s trending that way) and all indications are that we would be up there on his list. It’s gonna be a lonnnnnnng couple of weeks lol.
  4. Video ended up being from 1/19/21. I refuse to believe that there is even a sliver of opportunity here lmao.
  5. I see so much of the same thing on Jets Facebook groups that it’s genuinely believable.
  6. There are some great friggin’ names in there.
  7. I could be totally wrong on this, but O’Connell doesn’t actually call the plays so he could take a job willing to give him those duties without the Rams blocking the move.
  8. Looks like he already has a few names in mind. Saleh is very close to the LaFleur family. That would be a McDaniels/Colts like move from a professional standpoint and a Scar/Mufasa type of backstab to Saleh.
  9. The coaching carousel was too much. I can’t deal with this.

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