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  1. New Unis?

    Honestly, as fun as some of these concepts have been, this is where I'm at too. I think I'd much rather see those "80's" throwbacks once a year and then let them get thrown away in the closet. If we're really going to do anything, just make the green color actually look like what they portray it to be when they edit the photos on the official website and not the weird faded out green it actually is. Examples: Media day 2017: VS...... Jets-Dolphins '17: Media day pics are gorgeous. Live action??? Not so much.
  2. I clicked it. Every year I forget to be aware of the 1st of April. Every. Single. Year.
  3. New Unis?

    Adding on to this, I recreated the idea I wanted in Madden 18 and this is how it came out. I absolutely love it:
  4. New Unis?

    Thanks. Here's another picture I whipped up that shows it at a slightly different angle. I like this better too because of the green stocking socks. Pair that with white and green cleats (our greatest and most famous QB is literally nick-named "White Shoes") and it's perfect IMO:
  5. New Unis?

    I touched up another one of these types of "new uniform" edits based around the Color Rush uniforms and came out with this. If we ever switched our uniforms to a modernized "Kelly Green" concept, this is what I would prefer. It's not drastic, blends both of our franchises uniforms over the years, and looks great. Especially that chrome helmet.
  6. New Unis?

    Agreed on the Bills logo. I'm not the biggest fan of the logo I presented above, but as far as "modernized" logos go, I think it's the best one I've seen done for us. If this actually happens, I highly doubt that they just go straight back to the old logo. My guess is that Nike will tweak it just a bit like they did with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dolphins, and Jaguars. So with that being said, the one in the images I posted still incorporates an actual Jet plane and isn't just a copy/paste of the "old' logo. It's fresh but isn't overdone. The Fighter Jet with the Skyline is a cool concept, but way too "busy/tacky" to be anything worn week in and week out.
  7. New Unis?

    I wouldn't mind seeing this edit I found a while back as the new logo. It's a more modern take on the one that seems to be way more popular for us around here Take that logo/helmet and throw it on this "new design" and you have something brewing that is modern, yet remains a nice callback to the original uniform.
  8. New Unis?

    The pictures were a little washed out, so in order to get a "closer" representation of the older uniform that he based his design on, I "warmed up" the images and skin tone for accuracy. I think it makes them look a bit better. The guy who made the original edits (ChillyGraphix) actually liked my modified images when I sent them to him:
  9. Oh no no no lol, that wasn't meant as an "insider" thing. I was just answering Paradis' questions about Allen vs Mayfield, hype, etc., based off my opinion. If you re-read, you'll see that it was nothing more than a total hypothetical I came up with for arguments sake. I kinda got lost in thought so maybe it wasn't super apparent. My bad! I just edited it to make it more clear. We were strictly discussing Allen vs Mayfield so the hypothetical scenario was that "the other guys were all gone and you had to pick between the two guys who aren't as polished, so why do believe NFL guys would take Allen over Mayfield?"
  10. Yup. I mean, assuming it's an actual leak, the Browns would be one that actually seems the most likely but with so many things being intentionally being put out there it's literally impossible to know for sure.
  11. Something I've seen a lot of "Pro-Allen" guys (mostly draftnik guys like us who I talk to via Twitter, Reddit, certain media guys, etc.,) say about the kid is that, on the field, Allen is just like Mayfield as a leader. At first I didn't really know about that because Mayfield, to me, is so far ahead of everyone else in that regard, but when you look back at his film, you can see a lot of the same "boastful" attributes Mayfield possesses. Especially on his Junior Year tape, when he played in every single game and really blew up, putting his name out there. There are game clips of him talking with guys on the sideline, getting fired up with them after a big play, being a leader, etc. Teammates have reiterated the same thing when speaking about him. In this regard, I'd probably actually put him over Rosen and Darnold and right behind Mayfield. Not as a slight against them, more of a compliment to Allen's personality. I see the other guys as more "lead by example" type of players. Now obviously, you and I are not in the room with these kids when they're interviewing so this could be completely off base, but that's just how I feel. Im going to go full hyperbole here right now but...I think when teams look at these 4 kids, they try and see what their overall BEST CASE SCENARIO comparison is to try and gauge what the potential upside is. From there, you try and determine what it is you'd be passing on with each guy and try and figure out how much you actually believe they can reach that potential. Then you make a decision from there. If you asked me to do that myself it would look like this: • Sam Darnold - Andrew Luck/Big Ben • Josh Rosen - Matthew Stafford/Matt Ryan • Josh Allen - Some freak cross between Cam Newton, Big Ben, and Patrick Mahomes (without the Cam "attitude"). • Baker Mayfield - Russell Wilson/Rich Man's Case Keenum (with a weaker arm than Russ, stronger arm than Keenum) Now, these are only my takes on the aforementioned thought process, but for arguments sake, let's just operate on the belief that it's close to what teams actually have it as. Now...If "Andrew Luck/Big Ben" & "Matt Ryan/Matt Stafford" are off that board? Personally, I'm going Russell Wilson over Cam Newton. That's just me. If they're all there? Gimme Luck/Ben/Ryan/Stafford and call it a slam dunk. That being said, in this scenario that I've created, we're operating on the belief that the top 2 are gone and it's down to the remaining guys. Freaks like Cam don't come around often. Given that both of the remaining 2 guys are question marks, I can see why NFL teams would decide that the "Cam Newton" player is worth the big gamble that they are already taking. It's friggin' scary trying to imagine making that decision as a fan; I can't imagine what it's like for these guys who have to actually do it. You could easily make an argument for either "comparison" being the better choice and the league would, if polled, probably be split down the middle.
  12. This is actually the first team I thought of too.
  13. This. ^^ I've been simultaneously questioning and sh*tting my pants over what's been "leaked" to the media since the trade up.