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  1. He has been absolutely awful in coverage. Our defensive issues havent included stuffing the run.
  2. Nope. Not only is he going to make a rash decision and come out too early, that Ohio State system doesn't translate well to the pro game. I'd rather roll with Sam if that's what we're left with.
  3. The line has been better. The scheme, skill position players, QB play and playcalling have not been better.
  4. I'll take a walk down the street thanks to a great tip from a friend 😉.
  5. I'm not at Buffalo Wild Wings because I'm a happy person friendo :(.... At least I managed to pre-order the new Xbox this week. That's the extent of my happiness when it comes to my side passions. Oh, and I had to wait outside in 40 degree weather from 4 AM - 11 AM to make that a reality. What is wrong with me?

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