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  1. Mogglez

    Why no OC announcement yet?

    Sounds like he's a John DeFilippo type. Very good assistant who is good at drawing up plays and schemes but, for some reason, struggled with calling plays when given full reign. Since Gase will be the play caller, he would probably just be more of an "Offensive Assistant" here (pretty much how Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy operate).
  2. Mogglez

    OT: the blood moon thing is living up to the hype.

    Here's one of the transition back!
  3. Mogglez

    OT: the blood moon thing is living up to the hype.

    Got this one myself using my brother's girlfriend's camera.
  4. Mogglez

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    This game started boring and has become one fun spectacle.
  5. Mogglez

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    Not really because they play the same role as 3-4 ILBs. In 2015, when Demario struggled, he was playing a totally different role in the Defense. In 2017, when he thrived, he was playing the David Harris role. Unfortunately, both guys just wouldn't match well.
  6. Mogglez

    AFC/NFC Championship Games Thread

    We replaced Demario with a player that is just as good and is younger in Williamson. Also, he struggled in 2015. His time on the Browns made him a better player. When Macc traded Calvin Pryor for him, he was blasted for it, and now it's probably one of the best moves on his resume. IMO, this was was definitely not a "perfect example" of our GM issues. Quite the opposite actually.
  7. Update: This is likely fake. This image is an edited image from the Lions "uniform reveal". The player featured in here is Ziggy Ansah:
  8. I hate that I kinda think this looks cool.
  9. I highly highly highly highly doubt that this is real, but someone on Reddit posted this asking if it was a legitimate leak, and I wanted to see the reaction here 😂😂😂😂.
  10. Yes. I didn't want McCarthy if it meant Joe Philbin and Ben McAdoo came along too. Apparently the Browns or Jets didn't want that either because that is, reportedly, why Cleveland cancelled his interview and why we didn't select him. It reeks of "I'm not the one who is out of touch, everyone else is out of touch". My sole hope when he came out as a candidate was that McCarthy had learned from his mistakes in GB and the system he was running, just as Andy Reid did when he was fired from Philly. Reid didn't bring his entire failed Eagles staff with him to KC. He reflected, adapted, and changed. It's clear from this, that McCarthy hasn't done the same. Rhule wanted to bring an entire college staff with him. I'm not risking Sam's entire development on that working out. I wanted Rhule because I thought he was a good "CEO" HC who could be paired with NFL coordinators and change our fortune. Apparently Rhule wanted to make us the East Coast Baylor.
  11. In this scenario, honestly, yeah. With Gase, OC is just a yes-man position.
  12. Yes, and I don't think anyone is denying that entirely. However, it's also possible that the team had legitimate issues with both candidates staffing choices. McCarthy wanted his same exact staff from Green Bay, and that staff was a big issue and a big reason as to why he was fired (he was considered "loyal" to a fault). Rhule wanted to bring on an entire staff of college guys to develop a young team and a potential franchise QB. Quite frankly, as someone who wanted Rhule, I was hoping he would be open to the team helping him find assistants. It's one of the hardest things for college coaches to do when they transition to the NFL. The risk associated with just bringing Baylor's coaching staff on over to the NFL is wayyyyyyyyy too high. I get wanting your guy to get the job, but both McCarthy and Rhule had pretty big flaws in their own rights. In fact, this looks bad on McCarthy because it screams of "GB was wrong the whole time, I was right" and this wasn't going to end in an Andy Reid 2.0 situation. We would have gotten a guy who has stubbornly clung to his own ways and has no plans of "self reflecting" and changing.
  13. All I care about right here. Good.

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