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  1. Mogglez

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    Major credible sports site. Bleacher Report. Pick one. If Gase came out tomorrow and said that he actually wanted to trade Bell, I'd want him gone. That's not what happened though. What happened is that John Clayton was asked a stupid question and gave a really stupid answer that wasn't sourced or anything. It was his opinion. Then Bleacher Report wrote an article based off of this opinion, and you came running here yelling about "what has Gase done to earn this power, he's done NOTHING", "THIS ORGANIZATION IS CURSED", and other nonsense because you didn't actually read the damn thing and overreacted to a clickbait headline. That's a tantrum.
  2. Mogglez

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    You know I saw this on Twitter and guess which poster I thought was gonna throw the biggest tantrum over AN OPINION PIECE.
  3. 3rd time I'm gonna say this in the last few days. Was it organizational incompetence when KC fired Dorsey in June? How about when Carolina fired Gettleman in July? What about when Whaley was ousted from Buffalo on May 1st, right after the draft? They all made the right decision, even KC. F*ck timing. If it lands us a better GM than Maccagnan, than it was a brilliant move.
  4. Mogglez

    Manish Speaks

    Manish writes the cutest fan-fics. "HoW iT nEaRlY hApPeNeD fOuR mOnThS aGo".
  5. We have no idea about that because Gase himself said, going back to last year, that Miami was so sure that Darnold was going #1 that they barely did any, if at all, scouting on him. Doesn't change the overall point which is this: even if this stupid report is true (with sourcing like that, I know where I'm leaning), it's perfectly believable that he changed his mind after watching tape on Sam in the pros considering that he came here in large part to coach Sam.
  6. He said the same stupid sh*t about Manziel being a bonafide, can't miss, superstar, with the same faux confidence back on JI, so I wouldn't lose your mind over it. This past year he also said that McCown would come in and show us that it wasn't Bates who sucked, it was Darnold. He's such a Mike Francesa-level mush that it's almost reassuring when he says sh*t like this.
  7. Everytime I think the dumbest fans reside on Facebook fan groups, someone finds an article like this, with this level of sourcing, posts it, resulting in outrage from posters here who can barely read the authors name, and I remember "NOPE". Gase wanted the job because of Sam. Even if we give this micro-dicked author any semblance of legitimacy, I doubt that Gase feels the same way about Sam now that he's played as a pro compared to when he was a college prospect. The other day I thought he was ready to go balls deep after the praise he dropped on Darnold. It's kinda like how I hated Mahomes as a prospect, but now I love watching him play ball.
  8. Where was this level of outrage when it was thought that Maccagnan would get at least this year? I didn't see anything resembling this level of b*tching back a week ago. The prevailing thought was that he was probably going to be fired at the end of this year anyway, so what's the f*cking difference? Upgrade at the end of the season or upgrade now. Nothing he did this off-season really f*cked us in the long-term.
  9. Watching every beat reporter that clearly had a well placed source through either Macc or Heimerdinger lose their sh*t over the firings is the greatest f*cking part about all of this. You can, literally, feel them getting big mad with each scathing whiney article and tweet. This whole day is just fantastic.
  10. Mogglez

    Mac fired!

    Joe Douglas and Jeremiah has me doing big cums.
  11. Mogglez

    Mac fired!

    Id be so f*cking happy.
  12. Mogglez

    Mac fired!

    Please get Joe Douglas.
  13. Mogglez

    Mac fired!

    This got by me. My friend is absolutely stunned. Holy sh*t.

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