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  1. Love Jason's contributions to the sport with his website, NFL, etc. Pretty sure he's a really nice guy. Pretty sure his opinion on Maccagnan, as a whole, is right. However, he graded the Mosley acquisition and contract as an F- the other day, so excuse me for pausing at what he chooses to criticize. Back on topic: Mauldin, like Devin Smith, was a fine selection who went right where he should have in the draft. The injuries derailed the both of those guys and, for all of Maccagnan's faults, that's not one I'm going to kill him for.
  2. LT or Jerry Rice. Both guys were amazing and transcendant players.
  3. The lighter green really does make this concept look a LOT better.
  4. I'd do dirty dirty things to get a JuJu-Sam reunion here in NY.
  5. Mogglez

    Andre Roberts lolz

    He didn't miss it, the material for the schtick is just scarce with actual good moves being made. I am no Macc pom-pom waver, but he deserves credit for the off-season we've had so far.
  6. Mogglez

    Andre Roberts lolz

    I'm okay with guys like Andre Roberts not wanting to come here.
  7. Sam's first comeback win in a hostile environment was more important than anything else.
  8. I love the idea of drafting Josh Allen, but the people justifying passing on Clowney in a trade because we can draft him are batsh*t insane. They are in different stratospheres. If the Texans will actually pick up the phone and trade him for 3, and I don't think they will, you do it.
  9. Did you actually just call Clowney old?
  10. Justin Houston. Bryce Callahan. Darby. Wisniewski.
  11. Mogglez

    The Le'Veon Bell Thread

    He's a Jet holy sh*t
  12. An overpaid stud at a position that we really didn't need to upgrade that highly. He's a luxury on a bad team. KO, when healthy, has been alright at best the last two year. LOL @ Bellamy. Crowder can't stay healthy. Henry Anderson is Henry Anderson. We're going to be spurned by Bell 6-10 woooooo!

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