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  1. That’s why I’m not jumping down Saleh’s throat after this year. Zac Taylor was the odds favorite to be the first coach fired entering the season.
  2. Rebuild Year 1: 2-14 Rebuild Year 2: 4-12 Rebuild Year 3: 10-7 and a trip to the AFCCG What a turnaround for the Cincinnati Bengals.
  3. Harbaugh’s bold moves eliminated the Ravens from the playoffs this year. Might wanna be careful there John.
  4. I agree with the overarching point, but the bolded is absolutely untrue.
  5. It’s January; you have no idea what will happen in January. Go WR. Getting Zach another weapon is infinitely more important than drafting a Safety.
  6. Absolutely lmao, and I learned the hard way. Fool me once, yada, yada, yada hahaha
  7. You don’t take an unimportant position in the top 5 because he’s the best talent. That’s how you end up with Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, Saquon Barkley, Quinnen Williams, etc. Trade down, take a gamble on a premium position, literally anything other than taking a friggin’ Safety at 4th overall.
  8. 1. It’s beyond hysterical that you think Mahomes would be Mahomes here. 2. My past misses have absolutely nothing to do with the present, but by all means, be pissy that most people think taking another Safety in the top of the draft is a stupid move after the last time we did it, it turned out to be a stupid move. I’m sure you have some gems in your post history Mr. Draft guru.
  9. If need be, yeah. I’d much rather take a chance on an EDGE rusher than draft the world greatest Safety.
  10. EDGE, OL, WR, in that order. Trade down from one of the picks, if possible. If not? Use the other pick so that you address 2/3 from the aforementioned positions.
  11. Nothing says high end talent like a player that literally has almost zero impact on wins and losses.
  12. Joe Douglas will have earned his firing in 2023 if he so much as thinks about taking a Safety in the the top 10.
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