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  1. Again, I don't know what Darnold will become, but had one bad pass that was a miscommunication between him and the 4th string TE that has zero chemistry with him. One. With this sh*t roster/O-Line. Against the best team in the NFL. One. What did you people expect yesterday, for real?
  2. The 4th string TE ran a post instead of sticking the route. It was a miscommunication.
  3. Put Sam on the Ravens with that coaching staff and team? They wouldn't have gone 1 and done in the playoffs last year. Put Lamar on the Jets, in Sam's shoes, for 2 years, and he looks like a totally different QB and certainly not the NFL MVP.
  4. This is still the most ridiculous narrative that I'm sick of reading. Rodgers is from California too and he plays in f*cking Wisconsin.
  5. Neal Sterling couldn't even tell you his first name the last time that JAG was on the field.
  6. Jeff Smith and Sam aren't even remotely close to being on the same page.
  7. Lots of short passes? He is .2 behind Mayfield in YPA and .5 ahead of Allen. His YPA against the Raiders ALONE, was 10.9. He avg'd 7.5 today. Force the running game? Did you not see how many rushing vs passing attempts we had last week against the worst rushing defense in the league? Mayfield is outplaying him this year? Toppest of "keks". I've been up and down on Sam this year like a fat kid on a diet, but this post is all sorts of wrong. He missed a couple of throws and threw a greedy pick. Overall, given the state of the team, he played okay.
  8. Today. Last week. Against the Giants. Against the raiders (actually resulted in a 40 yard pass). Lol.

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