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  1. I definitely agree. Do the Packers call his bluff or suck it up to end any conflict is the question. I also question the Raiders ability and willingness to give up assets and pay Aaron.
  2. They’ve always been the biggest threat. At the end of the day, it’s probably going to come down to what the packages are from both teams. Bigger question is will Rodgers get involved and demand a specific place or threaten to retire. Up to this point, I don’t believe that he has been directly involved in any discussions.
  3. I just want to clarify that I said “could be” lol. The line of thinking that it ends up being a win for everyone if David is involved as well, it’s not guaranteed that this is the final package. A lot of moving parts, as you could imagine.
  4. I’m not saying you are right…but I’m not saying you are wrong, lol. Please please please let this post be a reminder that I’m not 100% on any of this, and I’m just passing along what I’ve heard. I want Rodgers as much as anyone, but even if the person sharing this has never steered me wrong, I have never had anything this impactful presented to me. I just don’t want to eat sh*t on the main board if something falls through.
  5. One thing I’ve been told that I am pretty ok with sharing: it may not just be Aaron, and it would not be cheap.
  6. I’ve been given a “hopeful” one that would be sooner rather than later, but this is, quite honestly, the biggest thing that I’ve been given as far as intel goes (obviously; it’s Aaron Rodgers we’re talking about) and I am not comfortable with getting into specifics. I have always mentioned “fluidity” of situations when divulging anything I hear, and this is such a large one, that I’m not even close to being able to get into specifics beyond “there are positive talks between the Jets and the Packers if you are pro-getting Rodgers.”
  7. I’m optimistic today after some conversations, but refusing to guarantee anything.
  8. I agree with all of this. I also would like to point out that Mike LaFleur was also a vital part in selecting that particular QB room, and he’s just as accountable as the rest of them.
  9. No but seriously, I’m a big John Harbaugh, Sean McDermott, and Bruce Arians (retired, I know) type of guy. Those 3 are the best “leader of men” types I have seen in the last few year, who communicate better than their peers.
  10. They’re both similar because they’re both sh*t coordinators who are completely incapable of being normal people on an emotional level.
  11. 1. I gave up on Zach after the first Patriots game. My “information stream” has nothing to do with my own opinions. 2. With all due respect to you, this sudden defense of LaFleur is just your Adam Gase defense painted in a new color. Turns out Gase just sucked. Maybe, just maybe, LaFleur just sucks too.
  12. Kyle had Lance, Jimmy G, and Purdy all playing better than Wilson, or any of our other QBs, did so, no, he’s not garbage. He’s a coach dealing with legitimate injury issues. Also, I’m gonna need a pretty strong works cited on that “LaFleur didn’t want to draft Wilson” because that could not be further from the truth. We have an entire 1JD episode going into detail why LaFleur loved Wilson, breaking down his BYU tape, and they had the second overall pick, which means they had their pick of the litter, not named Lawrence, but still chose Wilson. Believing that Mike’s opinion didn’t matter on that is pure silliness. If the QBs were dogsh*t, he had just as much of hand in picking up that dogsh*t as everyone else. I’m not justifying anything regarding Joe Douglas or his moves; I have absolutely no idea what you are going on about at this point. All I said from the jump is that Zach being a trash QB doesn’t make LaFleur a good coach, nor does it discredit the reports that half of the team didn’t like him, which is what really got him fired, as reported by multiple people at this point. You’ve called him “our best option, despite what the media has said about him”, have continued to defend the guy by saying it’s all Wilson’s fault, and have been, quite frankly, aggressively defensive of him and against any sort of notion that he earned his own firing. If you truly don’t think he’s “the bees knees”, you have an odd way of expressing it.
  13. I’m saying that LaFleur isn’t the second coming of Bill Walsh and that his firing was still justified. I never said it was a “gotcha”. The only person playing that game here is you.
  14. His problem isn’t just his acumen, it’s his personality. The dude needs to see how someone like McVay carries himself when coaching up the offense. Not really sure why you’re getting so defensive over Mike. Even if we took away his piss-poor personality out of the equation, the dude was one of the worst in-game play callers I have ever seen, and he couldn’t adjust his offense for sh*t. The Seahawks were literally laughing at how predictable we were, along with how easy it was to identify our plays.
  15. As long as McVay is calling the plays, that’s what LaFleur is. A water boy. I have said on multiple occasions that I think Hackett will be a disaster without Rodgers. Bringing him up is not the “gotcha” you think it is.
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