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  1. Then point out where I'm wrong, because there are tangible stats to back up my points.
  2. Wasn't sure if you wanted me to keep it private or not lol, that's why I haven't said anything. Thank you everyone for wishing dad well!
  3. That can't be, I was told by a prominent poster here that Manish has legitimate sources and that anything suggesting otherwise is just #haterz. Can't wait to hear Manish's explanation for this one on the next podcast episode with that aforementioned poster.
  4. Which should be evidence enough that simply being associated with someone else who is successful isn't exactly enough to be qualified for a job.
  5. Darnold has actually put stuff in support of BLM on his Instagram story and page. Jamal, for once, is right in his social media use.
  6. Doug Pederson, the only one to experience recent success, called plays. Even Matt Nagy was allowed to call plays. Marty Mornhinwheg too. Reid will cecede control if he feels like you can do it.
  7. Yeah it is. That said, a story like this one: On September 27, 1993, Bieniemy was arrested in Boulder, Colorado for allegedly harassing a parking attendant.[9] According to the police report, "Bieniemy was with five friends in a parking lot when he allegedly approached a lot attendant from behind and grabbed her by the neck. The victim told police the contact was not painful, but it startled her. She said the man also made comments while holding her."[10] As a result of this incident, Bieniemy was banned from the University of Colorado Boulder campus for one year. [11] ...won't go unnoticed, especially in this day and age. Then there's also the assault on a firefighter. It would take less than 5 minutes for one of the beat reporters looking for a hot story to latch on to his controversial past and turn it into an absolute sh*tshow.
  8. Nope. I've been vocal about how I dislike Bieniemy as a candidate. I think he's nothing more than Matt Nagy 2.0 given that he's Andy Reid's version of Dowell Loggains and only designs, never calls, plays. The one time he was given real OC duties at CU, he was absolutely awful and got a horrible reputation amongst his players that screams that he has no idea how to handle that type of power. Lastly, he has a criminal history that would be destroyed in the NY Market. Give me Greg Roman, who, honestly, has a far more impressive resume, has been doing it a lot longer, and doesn't have off-the-field issues.
  9. I can only speak for myself, but, honestly, no. Unless the Safety is averaging 10-12 INTs a year (what I consider to be the equivalent to elite Pass-Rusher sack numbers/turnovers generated) and he covers like a CB, I'm taking the Pass-Rusher every single time.

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