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  1. Wow; it really does know everything. Even our deepest darkest secrets, right @T0mShane?
  2. I have zero problems with trading Moore. I do have problems with trading Moore AND a 3rd for only a 2nd round pick.
  3. FWIW, the last proposal I heard and posted here about a month or so ago, was a 2nd this year, a conditional 3rd that can go as high as a first based on postseason results, and Corey Davis. What you’re saying about the money being the hang up lines up with everything I have been hearing since, and is why I have been steadfast in my belief that this gets done with the Jets eating more cash than they anticipated, or changing those conditional parameters to be performance based, so there is a better chance of the pick becoming a first round pick.
  4. He’s completely right. Holding onto Rodgers that long would, effectively, kill their cap for the next 2 years. This isn’t really up for debate.
  5. Zero doubt in my mind Connor is lurking here
  6. Fan vibes bro. The best negotiation leverage of all time.
  7. The team doesn’t need to improve from a team that went 8-9 with a HOF QB in order to develop Jordan Love. Totally. Also, you ignored the part where I mention how they wouldn’t be able to afford to retain Love if he plays well. They, literally, cannot afford the cap hit. This isn’t an opinion piece.
  8. Since Packers fans didn’t want to listen to Jason from OTC, maybe now it will be driven home that this taking longer actually benefits the Jets more than anyone.
  9. I, literally, cannot stop laughing at this reply, and I have no idea why.
  10. Yes, I’m sure Green Bay is chomping at the bit to sabotage the development of the team, along with the development of the QB they’re dumping Aaron Rodgers for, who they spent a first round pick on. You do realize they need to make a decision on Jordan love right? This isn’t a scenario where they get to let him play 3-5 years before doing so.
  11. Nothing right now. At a certain point? The ability to have cap space over the next two years.
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