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  1. He wanted Tevin Coleman badly, and the rest of the Bell money to be spent on Morse/Paradis. Maccagnan wanted Bell at all costs.
  2. I can agree there. The question to ask Bienemy would be whether or not he wants to be a CEO or genius playcaller. Pederson delegates, Nagy does not. I think that's where you can point out the critical differences in their success so far.
  3. Agreed, but when paying attention to it I just think it's also important to focus on the Nagys, Shurmers, and Childress guys too, especially because they come from a side of the ball that Reid doesn't really relinquish control to.
  4. From all the articles I've read about him, dating back to last year, he is responsible for play design, run game coordination, and gameplans, but not gameday playcalling. That's Reid's job i.e. Loggains, Nagy, and John DeFillipo. Could he be a great candidate? Yeah. Do I think it's worth the risk, considering, in this hypothetical, Darnold would be in a critical time in his development? I don't know.
  5. Honestly, I'm not a big believer in hiring from trees in general. Just hire the best guy, regardless of where he came from. Getting infatuated with hiring from trees is dangerous, especially when your talking about coaches that don't hold any real responsibilities because the guy they're under won't relinquish that control. A year later with defenses adjusting to his offense and Nagy is under fire for being a horrendous play caller. That would scare me if I were to look at Bienemy as a candidate.
  6. I mean I was a Bienemy guy last year, but I'd be lying to myself if I said that promoting a guy who has the same responsibilities as Dowell Loggains to Head Coach, from a tree that has far more fools gold on it than success, doesn't scare the sh*t outta me.
  7. Leslie Fraizer Todd Bowles Spags Shurmer Nagy Childress Yeah. I'll pass.
  8. Include Todd Bowles in this list and those numbers are far less inspiring. He was one of Reid's DCs in Philly.
  9. I played ball with Anthony Firsker's (Titans TE) brother so I'm all aboard the Titans bus rn.
  10. Full podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/barstool-sports/laces-out Highlights from Mangold via Reddit: • The O Line made him and Brick do the annual rookie dinner in Bermuda because they knew they had to take advantage of having two first round picks that got big signing bonuses. • Favre liked it here, but he was never all in because he wanted to be on an NFC North team so he could get back at Green Bay • He liked the team moving from Hofstra to Florham Park because it was more convenient logistics wise, but he thinks the team should do more LI outreach like one week of training camp there or a full fledged fan fest in the spring. • He and Colon hate James Dolan for ruining the Manhattan stadium, feeling it was perfect for all the fans and everyone could’ve just switched from tailgating to hanging out at bars before the game. • Rex Ryan’s system was great for a veteran team where the players could police themselves, but when they started rebuilding with younger guys who didn’t have that discipline it went to hell • He didn’t mind the Revis holdout because it allowed him and some others to get better contracts • Tebow wasn’t liked in the locker room. Everyone thought that the team should’ve focused on getting Mark actual weapons and better QB coaching • He feels the team should’ve resigned Edwards and let Holmes walk because Edwards had a better rapport with Mark. • Bowles was a bit of a letdown because he was hyped as a Parcells disciple, but did nothing to mimic his discipline • He’s bitter towards Maccagnan not because he cut him, but because he did it while he was on vacation in Disney World
  11. The Browns loved 7-8-1 so much that they gave Freddie Kitchens a HC job and the fanbase creamed themselves.
  12. That sack might've been worse than the one on 3rd down. Now Houston is in FG range.
  13. Amazing what has happened to this Texans defense over the last few years. I remember when they were one of the best defenses in the league. No pass rush, bad tackling, and they can't cover for sh*t either.
  14. If he goes and comes back with a 10mil per year, I could see a reunion, but that's also unlikely. As for the deadline, they just didn't have any buyers worth selling him too. Watch the Eagles in particular when FA hits. They've been linked to him a few times.

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