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  1. Yo seriously @Maxman, as long as other fans are allowed to pull this sh*t week in and week out I'm not posting here anymore. There are 2 Bills fans and 1 Giants fan currently egging on this thread and not one mod has done anything about it. This has gone on for weeks now and the mods IN the thread let it go on. Peace out for now. If this continues? Peace out for a long time.
  2. This so, like, makes Gregg Williams "ackshully good" now. Thnx.
  4. How many usernames are you going to getting banned under before you go away for good.
  5. Mogglez

    Let's go Yankees

    I literally just said "there's no way they walk off Chapman" and "He's going to pitch around Altuve". I'm actually starting to fear how much of a jinx I am.
  6. I really like watching Eason play ball.
  7. His motivation is his problem. He'll be the backup or earn his starting job back after resting it for a few weeks. Either way, if I'm the Jets, I'm not going to pay him to get surgery that isn't necessary so he can go into FA next year. The end game is that he's available should he need to come in. Otherwise, let him rot on the bench and rack up the fines. He can play and, again, he's being paid 11 million to do so.
  8. He didn't get the injury from playing here. That's the issue. It's a pre-existing condition and the surgery isn't necessary.
  9. It's two totally different situations. First of all, Luck retired. Secondly, if the Jets want to play him at some point later in the year, well that's exactly what he's being paid 11 million dollars to do. Play. This is an injury he could have had surgery on LAST YEAR and he passed on it. Now he knows that he's going to be hitting FA and wants to have surgery. Sorry. That's not how it works. If the surgery isn't necessary, and it isn't, he doesn't get to ride an injury from last year to a cool 11 million because he's pissed he got benched.
  10. Sounds like KO knows he's been replaced by Lewis and wants to get healthy for 2020 and Free Agency because he knows that he won't be here. Quite frankly, that's not cool, especially if the injury is pre-existing and playable. He's being paid 11 million to be available this year.
  11. Nah, his play on Sunday did that. That just leaves you to look like a gigantic a$$hole who had to make a joke in a thread about a cancer survivor.
  12. Because if there's one thing I know for a fact, it's that coaches are always 100% honest with the media.

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