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  1. It's July. The f*ck do you expect when they physically can't do anything to show it in the win column and the media needs to write articles?
  2. Hahaha, I almost forgot about this! It's ok, I've eaten enough crow myself to give you some tasty recipes lmfao. Hackenberg alone was enough for Thanksgiving dinner for a family of 5.
  3. He won't be a true coordinator. Gase will still call the plays. Loggains gives off that "John DeFillipo" vibe in the sense that he draws up great plays, is a smart QB coach, but can't run the show on his own. As long as Gase is in charge of play calling on Sundays, Loggains is fine by my book.
  4. I'm not really comparing anything of the sort. I'm really just stating my opinion on the matter, just as everyone else is. Clearly he doesn't care about anyone's opinion (depending on how you define that because he comes off as incredibly thin skinned and not the "chip on the ole' shoulder" player that he thinks he is), but all I'm saying is that, in this instance, he probably should.
  5. My point was more along the lines of "he would tell people to f*ck off" so he should just "f*ck off" when another player wants to improve his situation by leaving. Duke Johnson isn't going to play. Duke Johnson has a limited number of years in the NFL at the most underappreciated position in sports. I don't blame HIM for wanting to leave. This has less to do with money and more to do with opportunity. Just like Baker's TT situation (which I sided with Baker on). He should "f*ck off".
  6. Big time Baker fan (the player, not the person) here. You don't f*ck with other people's money. Pretty damn simple. Also, I wonder what Baker would have said if someone else said the same thing about him and his situation when he wanted to transfer out of Texas Tech? "GeT oN tHe BuS bAkEr" 🤪. All-in-all, he's a good QB. Comes off as a pretty sh*tty human at every turn though. This has absolutely nothing to do with Sam by the way. I have no idea why that narrative is a thing.
  7. You gotta stop with the "world is ending" overreacting homie, it's bad for your health.
  8. Literally the first thing I thought of when we made it official to hire him.
  9. Founder and creator of Barstool Sports. It's tough to actually say if its a joke because of how they operate, but they've broken legitimate NFL news in the past and people didn't believe them (myself included), despite the news being correct. He's also good friends with Douglas and McShay. I actually believe him and McShay go wayyyyy back. Typically Portnoy wouldn't put something out there, only to have egg on his face later, which makes this surprising. Who knows though? It's 2:30AM and I just wanna talk football so I am entertaining this, lmfao.
  10. Well we'll know soon enough lol. I've always liked McShay so I wouldn't actually hate it.
  11. I'm sure this is Dave f*cking around, but that would be pretty wild.
  12. Same. I kinda get off on knowing Manish has been scooped by Jason McIntyre and Tony Pauline though.
  13. Top Golf is expensive as f*ck, but a total blast. Y'all crazy.
  14. I ain't supporting a Scott f*cking Fitterer hire. If they botch this Douglas thing over money it better be Champ Kelly.
  15. For me, it was Hughes until he lost his f*cking marbles crying over Maccagnan being fired because it was clear he lost a valuable source (Heimerdinger was apparently a Chatty Cathy) that helped him bring in those "The Athletic" subscriptions. He honestly threw an even bigger tantrum than Mehta. Can get extremely frustrated by Cimini, but he's probably the best one we have in terms of article quality and sources. To top it off, he doesnt throw a sh*tfit that you'd expect from a 2 year old when the Jets do something that he disagrees with.
  16. Seriously. I want Douglas personally, but Champ would be an EXCELLENT hire.
  17. Right. Not his piss poor drafting and inability to be good at his job.
  18. Major credible sports site. Bleacher Report. Pick one. If Gase came out tomorrow and said that he actually wanted to trade Bell, I'd want him gone. That's not what happened though. What happened is that John Clayton was asked a stupid question and gave a really stupid answer that wasn't sourced or anything. It was his opinion. Then Bleacher Report wrote an article based off of this opinion, and you came running here yelling about "what has Gase done to earn this power, he's done NOTHING", "THIS ORGANIZATION IS CURSED", and other nonsense because you didn't actually read the damn thing and overreacted to a clickbait headline. That's a tantrum.

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