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  1. That’s nice and all except that Macc drafted Herndon.
  2. Hopefully. I’ve gotten what I needed to get out of my system. Tomorrow is a new day and a new week. It is what it is. I’m not going to stop rooting for the kid or this team, but he needs to dial back the hero ball. Just take what’s there.
  3. If he breaks from fans booing him, he was never going to succeed.
  4. Maybe don’t call anyone in this fanbase dumb for expressing their dissatisfaction if you’re going to cling to that laughable prediction for 15 more weeks.
  5. Like I said. I saw it live. I watched it unfold in front of me. None of it, and I mean none of it, was encouraging by any stretch of the imagination.
  6. Didn’t you tell us how Zach was going to break all of Herbert’s records like it was nothing?
  7. You can hope he learns and still boo him. If he can’t handle booing, he’ll be out of the NFL as fast as he entered it.
  8. If Zach didn’t want to deal with getting booed, maybe he should have decided to take the check down throws instead of throwing 4 terrible interceptions that, quite literally, cost us the game.
  9. Yes you are lol. I said this coaching staff. As in LaFleur, Saleh, etc.
  10. We called three today. One went for a decent gain, another was an errant pass thrown in the dirt, and the last one was thrown in a way that the receiver had no chance of getting YAC.
  11. I can understand the aggressiveness, believe me I do….but I can’t excuse missed reads. Those make or break careers.
  12. I’ll be off the ledge by Wednesday probably, but man, being there and seeing it all live hurt.
  13. It should have been a first down to the wide open TE in the flat.
  14. If it was bad on TV, I can assure you that it was worse live. After today I worry if we drafted the Josh Rosen of this class.
  15. I bought tickets to my first game in almost nine years. The last two games I witnessed live were Jets-Cardinals 2012 and Jets-Chargers 2012. Today it looked like absolutely nothing changed, so yes, I booed.
  16. I watched Zach Wilson ignore a wide open check down for a first down today to throw his second interception of the game on his second pass attempt. Right now, yes, the Jets would be better off with Jones, who seems to know exactly where to go with the ball.
  17. This coaching staff had absolutely nothing to do with Darnold’s failures. Just like Zach, he owns the blame. The point of trading Darnold, however, was to improve the position, not make it worse.
  18. Game aside, huge shoutout to @Maxman for the invite to his tailgate and the wonderful hospitality you showed Kerri and I. Thank you so much Phil!
  19. I was there live. There were wide receivers open. He never saw them, and when he did, he was extremely late. The long ball early to Moore? That should have been a TD. Moore was wide open right away and Zach completely blew that opportunity for 6. I don’t care that it’s his second game and after what I saw today up close, I especially don’t care what you think of LaFleur. He had to scheme his entire game plan around a QB who, as of today, doesn’t belong on the NFL stage. There were plenty of opportunities and Zach, no one else, didn’t execute.
  20. Yup. I was at this sh*tshow. There were absolutely zero positives from Zach.
  21. We made it!!! Did the satellite lot so we’re definitely gonna stop by, just trying to figure out when shuttle starts!
  22. Emory Jones has missed so many easy throws and reads. My goodness.
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