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  1. Dont get me wrong, im a fan lol. Just making the observation.
  2. The line has been better. The scheme, skill position players, QB play and playcalling have not been better.
  3. I'll take a walk down the street thanks to a great tip from a friend 😉.
  4. I'm not at Buffalo Wild Wings because I'm a happy person friendo :(.... At least I managed to pre-order the new Xbox this week. That's the extent of my happiness when it comes to my side passions. Oh, and I had to wait outside in 40 degree weather from 4 AM - 11 AM to make that a reality. What is wrong with me?
  5. Currently at Buffalo Wild Wings, watching this game, and trying to reconcile whether or not I could live with 0-16 if it promised us this:
  6. Yo, I'm being dead serious when I say this: We may not win a single game this year.
  7. It's almost like having a Safety has absolutely no bearing on wins and losses, thus making them expendable luxuries. Color me shocked.
  8. Yes Jamal Adams is 2-0 because his defense has given up 800+ yards, not because of Russell Wilson. Astute observation.
  9. I'd rather take a nail gun to my bare, open, beating heart, than listen to anything Joe Beningo says.
  10. Imagine thinking that a run stuffing Safety (that you'll have to pay 18-20 million) wins you games in 2020 and expecting anybody to take you seriously. Could never be me.
  11. They gave up over 400 yards of offense, and him getting beat was literally the reason why New England hung around.
  12. We aren't. The Bills fans on "The Stadium Wall" are the most insecure fans I have ever encountered in my life.
  13. Blitz good. Then he gets cooked again. This is Jamal in a nutshell. Liability in coverage, absolutely phenomenal run stuffer and blitzer. Again, I'll take the 2 #1s.
  14. I've watched him make a couple of run stops and get cooked in coverage by Edelman and a fullback. I'll take the draft picks.
  15. There is absolutely nothing more f*cking pathetic than signing up to a rival fans forum to troll. Re-evaluate your life and it's priorities.
  16. Yes. Especially if you want to truly do everything in your power to evaluate Sam. Jim Bob Cooter can't be worse than Gase at calling plays. Give Greg the HC position, let Jim operate the offense that he believes would suit Sam, and see if there is any improvement. Also, it's abundantly clear the players aren't buying in anymore. That, in itself, should be the kiss of death.
  17. The guy is an absolute weasel, but Josh McDaniels is a great play-caller.

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