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  1. I’m considering a hiatus from this forum, but not the Jets. The whining and complaining about Zach Wilson and Justin Fields has made having the 2nd overall pick in a very strong QB class an absolutely miserable experience. The New York Jets subreddit is a less toxic cesspool right now, and that is saying something.
  2. 40 minutes later: I’m not saying anything is locked in (although everything I have heard is it’s going to be Wilson and I am sure the team knows who they are picking by now) but LaCanfora is the last person, and I mean LAST, I’m listening to because there is A LOT more where that came from. Especially when you read the article and see that it’s just an executive speculating. (I have now, officially, jinxed things by posting this, so those holding out hope for Fields? You’re welcome.)
  3. Pretty sure FG was always in favor of drafting a QB if he were running the ship, particularly Wilson.
  4. Kurt Warner just ranked the QBs: 1. Trevor Lawrence 2. Zach Wilson 3. Mac Jones 4. Justin Fields 5. Trey Lance
  5. Which would be a monumentally stupid idea because then JD could have kept his mouth shut and worked out a trade so SF could move one spot up. It doesn’t make sense. That wouldn’t be a dream, it would mean our GM is a total dunce.
  6. I’m pretty sure that’s supposed to be a joke. I don’t think the Jets are putting out a team poster with the slogan “We’re not pathetic”.
  7. Adding on to this, it’s been heavily reported that 49ers want Wilson. They just don’t believe (or already know) that he won’t be there.
  8. The small school QB with an injury history?
  9. Absolutely nothing there says he has a source that the Jets are taking Fields.
  10. Yes, drafting a 3 star recruit is a waste of time. Who wants a 3 star QB like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield, Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Justin Herbert, Dak Prescott, or Russell Wilson? We should only draft 5 stars like Christian Hackenberg.
  11. The username stealing troll doesn’t like Zach Wilson because he is concerned with him POTENTIALLY getting injured at the next level and the level of competition he played against in college. He then goes on to say that he loves and would like to trade for Jimmy G; a QB who has a severe injury history IN the NFL, who played lesser competition than Wilson in college. You actually can’t make this sh*t up.
  12. Literally my first time doing this.
  13. If, say, Patrick Surtain is somehow there at 23, you sprint to the podium. This is a very deep OL draft. There is a good chance that a great player slips to 34. I have no problem going CB at 23. I’d understand it. CC: @Jetsfan80 because I meant to quote you as well.
  14. He has 3 primary defenses and each one has a massive flaw/flaws: 1. “Out of 40 women, 18 said I didn’t do anything.” - We now know at least one of those women stopped working with him because she knew of his reputation and said “I hope no one comes to ask me any questions.” in a text conversation with another massage therapist, who was ALSO aware of Deshaun’s growing reputation. 2. “COVID is why I was looking for massage therapists on Instagram.” - We now know that at least one incident occurred in 2019, well before COVID. We also know that not everyone he contacted was a licensed
  15. The whole COVID-19 excuse fell apart after the SI story broke. There are messages and proof that he requested that woman through Instagram...in 2019. Rusty’s presser was an absolute nightmare for Deshaun and I now have zero doubt that he actually did the awful things he’s being accused of.
  16. I’m pretty convinced the pick is going to be Wilson, but if at any point Douglas decides that he is going to go Fields instead, it would be a mistake of ridiculous proportions to not call SF and trade down the one spot.
  17. Eh. Not the best, but not the worst choice. He knows the Shanny system very well.
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