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  1. Yeah, you’re right. All of those OJ Simpson trial deets are hearsay. He probz didn’t do it either.
  2. Probably because the totally and definitely not corrupt courts refused to let them use those messages as evidence at the hearings. Then the grand jury didn’t even ask an alarmingly large number of the victims for their own accounts of what happened. In fact, they only needed to hear the account of one single victim to make their decision! So crazy, am-I-right?! There’s nooooooo funny business or bullsh*t going on here, no sir #FreeDeshaun #DeshaunDidntDoIt
  3. Ironic. What did Jussie in during his trial was text messages/communication proving that he was lying and you buy that just fine, but refuse to believe victims who have texts/Instagram messages (that he tried to delete) from Watson apologizing for making them feel uncomfortable. For the record, Watson’s only defense is that his abhorrent actions were consensual (as if he gets to determine that), you do know that right? I’m sure the results of these trials, so far, and your stance, are not related to Watson's power, fame, or ability to throw a football though.
  4. Lmfao, that does nothing but harm your stance.
  5. It’s common practice, so I will safely assume a man accused of over 22 cases of sexual assault spanning the country, from women who have never met one another, are not lying when they have corroborating stories that haven’t changed once over the course of the entire dilemma. You know, kind of like how you’re using the common belief that massage therapists offer sexual favors for money to determine that these woman are lying to extort a rich powerful athlete to push your prerogative. Honestly, at this point, you have to be extremely naive or ignorant to buy into Watson’s innocence. It’s alarming.
  6. Money. Furthermore, 18 of 40 massage therapists saying that he didn’t assault them, doesn’t mean the other 22 (and that’s just the number that we know of) are lying.
  7. That’s kind of hard to do when the courts, who defffffffffintely don’t have a history of letting rich powerful people off easy, presume that a woman crying at the end of a massage, who the defendant admitted to apologizing to for “making you feel uncomfortable”, is not telling the truth.
  8. Absolutely abhorrent. Her claiming that the reason why she cried was that he intentionally touched her with his junk, him simply saying “that’s not true, she just bursted into tears for no reason” while he’s being accused of sexual assault/misconduct by 20+ women, and the courts deciding “yeah, she probably just saw a spider or something, definitely not assaulted or anything” is exactly what is wrong with our justice system.
  9. The account “reporting” this is a clown show of extraordinary proportions so they’re probably wrong, but Watson could get zero games and I would still applaud every single team that passed on him, including the Jets. I mean it when I say that I absolutely hated the Jets for signing Vick. I would have given them up entirely and rooted for the Pats with a smile on my face had they signed Deshaun Watson. The NFL showing that it, once again, doesn’t give a sh*t about sexual assault, women, etc. doesn’t change my stance on that. If this is the “punishment” Goodell thinks will do the trick, he, the Browns, and the league as a whole, deserve all of the backlash they are going to get.
  10. Moore definitely put on some muscle this off-season. My goodness. Zach was obvious, but Elijah looks like a totally different dude.
  11. The 2010 Jets-Pats game and 2011 Jets-Cowboys (especially this one) game were as loud as any game I attended at Giants Stadium. That stadium can rock with the best of them, despite its flaws. We just need to have a team that gets people to come rock it.
  12. Yeah, I think the parking passes are coming at a later date. At the very worst there is a satellite lot you can park at and shuttle to for $40 so you should be good regardless! Enjoy it ‘Fish. I’ll be at the JN meetup but am looking at other games right now. Perhaps I’ll see you there, lol!
  13. I’m not taking any mock draft that has Zach Levis going before Bryce Young seriously (at least not as of today). Especially if that mock draft thinks that there are 6-8 first round QBs next year because boys, I don’t think next years class is as good or deep as some people think it is. If Zach needs replacing, Young is the only one I want (again, as of today.)
  14. Tbh.. this is my greatest fear ... will Saleh trust Zach enough to allow him to become great ... or will he be Dilferized. The system we run is extremely complex and usually takes a full year to master. The best example of the learning curve and jump is Matt Ryan in 2015 (21 TDs-16 INTs). One year later he won MVP, almost doubling his TDs and more than halving his INTs. I’m not saying Zach is going to be an MVP candidate but once this system is mastered it is, without a doubt in my mind, the most QB friendly system you could possibly implement. A lot of Zach’s struggles last year, even with mechanics, were because he was focused on so many other intricacies that he was swimming. There should be marked improvement, especially from a kid as talented as him.
  15. Mike White is another mediocre back-up quality QB who had a flash-in-the good game. Just like Kellen Clemens, Greg McElroy, Geno Smith, Mike Vick, etc, and that’s just the guys I’ve seen on the Jets. He was, and never will be, this potential diamond-in-the-rough that you think he might be/might have been if it wasn’t for the big bad Jets. What you saw in Buffalo is what you see in practice. Sh*t, it’s what you saw in training camp and pre-season. He’s had 4 years to show coaches across 2 teams differently. F the record, if I thought he was more, I’d have ZERO problems letting him steal the job, regardless of any player’s draft status.
  16. I’ll be there; I just got tickets with the lady. I’d definitely be down to come by a tailgate @Maxman!!!
  17. Meanwhile Zach Wilson is dropping dotties, on the move, against a fierce pass rush, throwing with the Wayne Valley High Flag Football wide receivers.
  18. Lmao, I just did that. I got ninja’d by an actual Dolphins fan .
  19. A healthy Favre takes us all the way. No doubt about it.
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