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    Mini Camp Thread

    I'm not worried. I doubt he's fully ready for football activity yet anyway. Last thing we need is a blown hammy or something.
  2. There isn't single universe where that would be a good idea.
  3. This should be good. Tell me one good reason why you think that trading Lee is dumb. He has two players who are better ahead of him on the depth chart, can't rush the passer, and has no future here. Oh, and he's been suspended in the past. Why is trading a player like that "dumb"?
  4. Mogglez


  5. Watson holds the ball for an exorbitant amount of time though. Even Texans fans admit that he has to learn how to just toss it away. A ton of sacks were on him, even though this is an issue with a number of young QBs.
  6. Marcus Maybe appears to have changed his number back to 20. GET THOSE BELL #26 ORDERS IN FOLKS.
  7. The Mets on the shoulders and they have beautiful uniforms. Knicks on the pants. The Dodgers definitely sell hats with the logo on it, same with the Nets.
  8. The autographs were limited to the first 150-200 that showed up. That's probably why.
  9. Mega hot take, new helmet is my favorite. The colors make it look at least a little exciting.
  10. Sam out here with a motha f*ckin' pound cake.
  11. I love em. I'm younger so kill me for that, but I genuinely love this as do my younger friends who pay as much attention to this sh*t as I do. It's fresh, modern, still simple (looking at you Tampa and Cleveland), and, overall, good looking.
  12. Probably the stream fng it up
  13. Helmet looks A TON better now that we have better images.
  14. Now would be a good time to let you know that I will be represented by Jimmy Sexton going forward.
  15. Its a weird thing to be proud of, but here I am.
  16. This picture makes them look straight 🔥.
  17. That was big strong Asian men from West Palm hahahahahaha

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