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  1. peebag

    6' 9" 400lb offensive lineman

    I thought you were a Warfish not a Whalefish?
  2. If you're not watching "Catch-22" on Hulu, you are a bolo and a no go.
  3. So the plan of getting a starting center is to "wait and see" what shakes loose after training camp roster cuts? Jebus H. Cripes......
  4. ...said some fan circa 1975....
  5. When was the last time he took a breath?
  6. This thread right here is why Mike Macagananananan was fired.
  7. peebag

    Your vote for the new GM!

    I don't know. Maybe hire consultants to help with the search?
  8. peebag

    John Wick III *** spoilers ***

    hmmm...not as bad as I thought. If I want to see these types of movies, I usually go to the 10am showings, 6 dolla holla!
  9. peebag

    James Holzhauer on Jeopardy

    Most teachers are getting paid about the same as a manager at McDonalds - and people wonder why schools are failing?
  10. peebag

    James Holzhauer on Jeopardy

    ehh....depends on who's typing in the questions.
  11. peebag

    John Wick III *** spoilers ***

    So I'm curious - what amount of coinage are you guys popping out for a movie?
  12. peebag

    Some random thoughts

    None of that is going to happen if Sammy boy is flat on his back in 2.5 seconds.

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