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  1. Sam Darnold is the only ray of sunshine on the roster full of turds.
  2. This. Even if he's just mediocre at his job, it will be better than the past few GMs we've had.
  3. Question should be, why is the OP still allowed to start threads.
  4. so take out the qbs - the Jets and Ravens are of equal talent according to you? Correct?
  5. The smell of roasting brussels sprouts make me nauseous and the wife had me taste supposed "best tasting B.Sprouts she ever had" and I still can't stand them.
  6. asparagus and brussels sprouts are vile weeds and should be avoided at all costs.
  7. I got to give it to you, when you take a stance you're pitbull with it.😂
  8. Again, I did not like the Gase hire and I don't think he's done a good job with the Jets but this is what you stated: Nowhere in your statement did you say you were talking about the Jets or Dolphins nor did you state names of anyone who on the record that says they hate/dislike Gase. Also what are suppositions did I make that you disagree with?
  9. Erxleben wasn't just a punter, he was a pretty darn good place kicker as well. And in '82, there was the player strike and very few candidates for MVP with a shortened season.

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