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  1. No, it's not flawed thinking - look at the past playoff history of the Texans with Watson and the talent level they had; did they make a conference championship? And given what talent is currently on the Jets, do you think that bringing in Watson that we could build a team to even contend for the playoffs before his contract explodes? These are legitimate questions.
  2. Deshaun Watson is a good qb. There's no question on that. The question is whether trading the available resources that we have on hand (draft picks, available salary cap, etc.) to receive his services would elevate this team to a championship caliber any sooner than building this team up using said resources is what I have concerns about.
  3. So bringing in Watson, we'll need to upgrade the WR core so he'll have the weapons necessary to win?
  4. We have all the talent at WR right now. It's the QB that makes the difference. Or so I am told by all the Sam haters out there.
  5. hmmmm....global pandemic, a president and postmaster general trying to scuttle the service......... yea, don't know why business is lousy.
  6. You need to look into this thing called Mar-he-juana, works wonders for sleepy time.

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