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  1. but the issue was, we saw that more than once.
  2. None of those wrs were beyond the 1st down marker...wtf?
  3. Duh, mostly Canucks playing...nicest people on the planet.
  4. We got there despite Schotty/Sanchez not because of them.
  5. peebag

    What would surprise you more?

    Bob Feller, John Wayne. Edit: I forgot, little known fact, Adolph Hitler was an Iowagen.
  6. Beware the empty backfield sets on 3rd and short.
  7. I have a fever...and the only prescription? Safeties!
  8. peebag

    Previewing the Jets O L

    It can't be worse than last year, can it?
  9. Beware the shrubs.....lurkers delight!
  10. KRL - finger lickin' good!
  11. peebag

    Lebron rumors

    Any "best of" list that doesn't have Wilt either one or two is not worthy..... https://www.foxsports.com/nba/gallery/wilt-chamberlain-top-5-incredible-stats-022812
  12. Hi Devastated, I'm Peebag!
  13. Yes - Mods - you might want to sticky this thread