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  1. If I'm Sam, I'm trolling for Covid infected hookers.
  2. The entire draft should have been slanted towards the offensive side of the ball.
  3. Again, it doesn't matter what the fans, media and everyone else feels, the Johnsons are raking in money either/or. Until that changes, nothing will change with this team.
  4. No RBs, No WRs and no ILBs. Yea, this will turn out well.....
  5. Yea...I got the perfect candidate...
  6. If Mann has a career arc similar as Sam Koch (Go Huskers), I'm ok with the pick.
  7. This is the best post by the OP ever.
  8. That's a thing of beauty right there, boy!
  9. I thought we were ready to match but he chose Carolina due to the coach\staff relationship???

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