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  1. Who's setting this 8 win mandate? Is it the Johnson's? What's the source?
  2. You know what's going to stop all that? Not going a decade between playoff appearances for one thing.
  3. Because the last big pandemic was in 1918. Don't think the Canton Bulldogs could do it any better.
  4. DWC has spammed numerous Jet fan boards, here's his modus operandi: 1 - joins board, starts flaming with posts longer than anything Tolstoy might come up with if he was Jets fan. 2 - is asked politely to tone down the posts, ignores advice. 3 - gets into arguments, goes out in a blaze of non glory 4 - wash, rinse, repeat.
  5. Really excited to see what this kid can do. Really hope Wilson is the real deal.
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