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  1. What's the time table for Carl Lawson's return if at all?
  2. Got to shake his hand at the UFL Championship game in Omaha. I also hated that he was "forced" to play for the Miami Dolphags.
  3. Yes. Carl Lawson was the missing piece.
  4. If Ben Davidson isn't on the list, it's not gangsta enough.
  5. If you're looking to do it more as a hobby than depending on it as full time employment, great. Otherwise it pays rather crappy. A lot of my close and extended family are EMTs of some type or another.
  6. Don't worry brah, you always have the New York Jets to fall back on!
  7. Wonder what that cost the UT boosters.
  8. yeeks...way too young.
  9. Neither of the backs are going to be fully healthy by the end of a 17 game season. Everyone will get carries and a chance to shine.
  10. peebag


    This just screams conspiracy
  11. I'll take the one about the pants.
  12. After 11 horrible years, I'm not expecting much. Just hope they're fun to watch and the team grows.
  13. I don't think we can fault him for that. Everyone makes mistakes.
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