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  1. Happy Thanksgiving JetNation.com

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone - hopefully everyone can celebrate surrounded w/ family and loved ones.
  2. Word Association

  3. Movies We've Seen Thread

    This. But as with BvS, I've read that a lot of scenes were deleted. I can't wait for the director's cut of the flick.
  4. Word Association

  5. It's like ranking your favorite cold sores.
  6. Too bad Halloween's over. We could make a really good horror flick with that cast of characters.
  7. Post Of The Year Candidates For 2017

    Spambots don't get it right all the time.
  8. You mean dis Possession?
  9. You're Canadian? That may explain a lot....
  10. Bowles After the Bye

    I think Bowles is back next year regardless of the won/loss record. But he'll be held to a higher standard for the team's performance and will be fired for not making the playoffs. New coach in 2019.
  11. If you call his playing time in 2016 adequate enough to judge his merits to play the position a faint glimmer then yea.
  12. The running backs and ILBs talent level are average at best. All the strength training in the world isn't going to help that.
  13. Fitz 2-0 as starter

    SIGN THIS BEAST, Tampa Bay.
  14. Wrong. I want Petty to start playing to see if he's grown any. Hack is done.
  15. Baker Mayfield

    can we pick Hackenberg twice?
  16. Baker Mayfield

    poor man's Rich Gannon without the size.
  17. At least it sounded the end of the noodle arm era. AND IT WAS AN OFFENSIVE DRAFT PICK!
  18. I almost threw my cell phone through my tv. Wish I did because all my buddies started calling and laughing at the pick.
  19. It doesn't matter where the Jets pick, so many holes to fill that next season will mirror this one. 2019 - that's our window fellow babies!
  20. and it didn't hurt that the owner was an ex-college teammate who was willing to give him time.
  21. Not unless you're the New York f*ckin' Jets.
  22. This is why removing lead from drinking water is important.
  23. Breer On Josh Allen

    Saw him play in person last year. Not impressed.
  24. That's not all, we don't have a decent RB, we don't have a true #1 WR and to be frank the LBs are somewhat lacking. We're not even close to being competitive for a championship for another 2 to 3 years if we're lucky.