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  1. Yea, but we're talking Jets history. That's a losing proposition.
  2. c'mon fish, we all knew it - we just didn't say it out loud.
  3. yo shut up, we're winning the off season!
  4. because there is absolutely no experience on the team at the QB position. And this guy really doesn't inspire much hope either
  5. Can we just sign Matt Moore then at half-time of home games, have pre-selected season ticket holders come down from the stands and kick him in the 'nads?
  6. head trauma is not a laughing matter.
  7. Where did you get the username?
  8. Is that before or after he cures cancer and reverses climate change?
  9. God and Trevor Lawrence? It's just not fair.
  10. question is, what is the number Arch Manning gets when we take him #1 overall in few years?
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