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  1. At least he didn't fall asleep masturbating in a Target parking lot.
  2. I think Rex would do really well in Dallas. A whole lot better than Jason Garrett.
  3. He'd be polishing someone's "Golden Dome"
  4. Sorry but you're really reaching for that troll cup aren't you?
  5. I'll start a gofundme for bail money if you promise to wear a gopro for the game.
  6. I'm pretty sure you married waaay out of your league.
  7. You want to prop that up with some details/facts?
  8. Can we bash any banned poster? If so I nominate Tex.
  9. Edoga and Shell have shown nothing to point to that we can count on them to provide adequate protection going forward. Now it might be a necessity to keep them just out of need for warm bodies to plug into the lineup. BUT..... We need to come up with at minimum 3 adequate replacements for the OL otherwise it's another replay of this season. Now whether that will come from the draft or free agency is up to Joey D.
  10. Mods, please change title of thread to "Jets OL cannot deal with Stout Pass Rush/Defense" Thanks!
  11. If they go into next season with just those two options, Joe Douglas has not done his job.
  12. Not going to happen. Too many injuries and too many players already checked out for the season.
  13. Any time Bob Davis, Al Woodall or Brooks Bollinger took the field it was pretty bad.

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