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  1. How many decent halves did the Jets as a whole have during that time period? I'm guessing not many.
  2. If there was lint in your belly button from the 1980s, yeah you were fat.
  3. Sorry. Been a fan of this team for over 50 years and the crust has hardened. Embrace the suck team and enjoy your fandom.
  4. peebag


    having had 2 brothers serve in Vietnam (one drafted, one enlisted), I just don't have much empathy for Mr. Ali.
  5. So sorry Biggs. What a life he must have led.
  6. Assumption. You know what happens when you assume.
  7. He survived a 2-14 season and now he has another coach he could blame it on.
  8. You remember Marathon bars? Love me some caramel and chocolate in curvy waves!
  9. dude, I'm from Nebraska. we do that sort of fun for sh*ts and giggles.
  10. yea, and in the winter that 20 mile walk up hill in the snow to go school everyday was a killer.
  11. I was upset that we didn't resign Willie.
  12. YOu wouldn't be saying that if you were vaccinated...UNCLEAN!!!!!
  13. Not sure that's being fair to Mims during a pandemic year with no full training camp or preseason games to work with during his rookie season.
  14. Now that the Bears have seen 7 practices of Fields, there is no doubt if the draft was tomorrow and they had the first pick, they would take Fields over lawrence. And it wouldnt be close.
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