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  1. Number 1, There is no guarantee of the option of trading back in the draft, particularly for this organization. Last time it happened was w/ Parcells. Second, There are very few legitimate options for O-line help in free agency - we're not the only ones with a need there. Third, can you tell me with a great amount of certainty that either Lamb or Jeudy are truly can't miss prospects? Fourth, I thought this upcoming draft was deep in WR talent? We can't find something in the 2nd or 3rd round that's better than an injured Enuwa or Vyncint Smith? I get it, we haven't seen much talent at WR recently, but good god do we need O-line help.
  2. Unfortunately, both O-line and WR corp are horrific. F**k you Mike Macags
  3. Go back and watch a few games from this past season. There are key moments where if Sam had an extra 1/2 ->1 second of time to throw, he would have had monster games. I'd love me some more weaponz but get me some protection.
  4. uh, "New York, New York"? It's twice the New York.
  5. Pssst.....guess what? The other positions haven't been that great either.
  6. still got to fill that qb position first.
  7. I believe if you just have the jumbo-tron camera pointed on SAR's seats the entire game, it covers all the bases
  8. Great hire - hated him as a HC but boy, he can turn around an O-Line.
  9. Saw 1917 and Parasite this weekend - both really good movies - you can't go wrong on these two
  10. Namath <Insert future Super Bowl winning QB here> too old.
  11. The coyote remained standing, so therefore you're wrong.
  12. Yes and then that mean coach went to Cleveland and did more mean things.
  13. "small town Iowa taverns" is code for "special ed classes" GBR

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