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  1. c'mon now, remember Paxton Lynch?
  2. If that qb is the #2 overall, he has to start. It's expected from a pick that high.
  3. I would tell you my joewillie12 will be fully erect if we pick him up.
  4. He'll be 35 once the Jets are ready to contend.
  5. Type-ity, type, type. Type-ity, type, type.
  6. foxtrot, uniform, bravo, alpha, romeo, echo, delta.
  7. Joe D has to hit on everything (Draft, FA signings) in order for that to happen so my guess is no.
  8. If they pass on OL or WR for a running back, I'm going to punch someone.
  9. Great tight end and great poster! Happy B-Day!
  10. Alfredo and Margherita assured him it was true.
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