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  1. They'll win twice as much as last year!
  2. No one over 30 except QB. This is gonna take a few years.
  3. HI ROB! Welcome and beware the Crusher! He'll eat all your snacks!
  4. This thread will be auuuuuuuuuusome in 3 years when we're drafting another qb.
  5. I read this as Rodgers saying: "draft me some weaponz or else"
  6. After the first pick, Joey D needs to be wheelin' and dealin' to get us more picks in the 3rd/4th rounds. The overhaul needs to be completed.
  7. c'mon man... it's the new "error"
  8. yea, it would be more painful than a kick in the nuts.
  9. No. Just no. Congrats on the kid tho...
  10. Here, I'll postulate on what he would say: "I didn't know what the f*ck I was doing but I got a lot of free coffee while working there."
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