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  1. 1 hour ago, The Voice of Reason said:


    Nobody is saying don't draft and fix OL... So this point that you are making is moot... We ALL AGREE the OL needs to be drafted (Multiple) AND in FA.... But you don't fixate at one position in the first 2 rounds of a draft... Especially the first round... by the time the Jets pick 3-4 of the best OL in the draft will be gone... and than there is a big drop off to the next few that are project OL... Project OL should Never be drafted at 11... the failure rate is just too high... 

    Look, I am going to trust JD to get it right, as for right now.... But passing on one of the best 2 WRs to come out in years because you are hardset on drafted 1 position is how you fail. Jets have far too many needs... If Wirfs, Wills, and AT are gone you either look to trade down with a team wanting to draft Lamb or Jeudy or a QB or you draft Lamb or Jeudy. 

    Number 1, There is no guarantee of the option of trading back in the draft, particularly for this organization. Last time it happened was w/ Parcells.

    Second, There are very few legitimate options for O-line help in free agency - we're not the only ones with a need there. 

    Third, can you tell me with a great amount of certainty that either Lamb or Jeudy are truly can't miss prospects?  

    Fourth, I thought this upcoming draft was deep in WR talent?  We can't find something in the 2nd or 3rd round that's better than an injured Enuwa or Vyncint Smith?

    I get it, we haven't seen much talent at WR recently, but good god do we need O-line help.

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