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  1. he should have stuck to sniffing glue and whacking it in Target parking lots.
  2. The big kicker here is that Watson controls where he goes. If there's a hold up over draft picks, Deshaun can put pressure on both sides..
  3. I've rated this thread 5 stars. Just for the poster.
  4. Also, Perkins led them to their first playoff win since 1956
  5. This trade doesn't affect Darnold's situation at all.
  6. psychotic episode - she did have a history of mental health issues.
  7. They ran with Kordell Stewart for how long? Yea, your synopsis is wrong.
  8. Neither have I, however I've lost what little I had with the Jets over his tenure.
  9. So, I watch quite a few foreign series on Netflix. Been watching this one recently: two words: Nazi UFOs.
  10. Not only was Big Ben mad about it, so was Myles Garrett
  11. Next up, crazy teenaged hormonal acne. @joewilly12
  12. Are most of you under the age of thirty? These are the Jets. Abandon hope all ye enter here......
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