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  1. When BB talks about the history of Pro Football, he's very knowledgeable and a good listen.
  2. Favorite - going 6-2 the finally 8 games Negative - going into the 2020 off season with the same positional needs as we had the year before.
  3. Don't pin your hopes on trading down for additional picks. It just doesn't happen for the Jets.
  4. I'm gonna just leave this right here: https://www.10tv.com/article/petition-make-bengalsbrowns-fans-condition-medical-marijuana-submitted-ohio-medical-board
  5. (cough, cough)Dan Snyder-is-insane(cough, cough)
  6. I still don't get the love fest for Josh McDaniels.
  7. Try this - the people on the forum usually nail these types of questions https://www.reddit.com/r/whatisthisthing

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