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  1. You have to admire Jerry's loyalty to Garrett but this dude should have been fired 3 years ago.
  2. Still holding out hope for Rosen But for the Jets, I truly thought Devin Smith would be a game changer for us. Dude was so excellent for OSU that I could have sworn he was a can't miss.
  3. Knifes Out was pretty dang good. 2+ hours flew by. Whole cast was good.
  4. Is Daniel Snyder still the owner of the 'skins? Cuz if he is, ir won't matter who the coach(es) are.
  5. I really hope its Gase running the burner account - I'd have more respect for him then
  6. fyi, we do have beaches in Nebraska, they're just on lakes and rivers.
  7. Not upset in the least bit, I just think your post is wrong. He's just not going to get that type of cash
  8. GM isn't the issue, the past 3 drafts for the 'boys have been pretty good
  9. well WR maybe a premium position but Robbie isn't a premium WR.
  10. very cool. Not SAR I cool, but still cool.
  11. Why would anyone bother to interview him after he ghosted the Colts?
  12. Joey D really needs to have a great offseason. This team is still a long ways away from competing for anything relevant.

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