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  1. Then you never saw Joe 'Turkey' Jones do the same to Terry Bradshaw- thought he killed Bradshaw
  2. Nice crystal ball dude. Is it green colored?
  3. sorry, I was agreeing with your argument
  4. 2-14? Missing out on a generational talent for 2 meaningless wins? Hello.
  5. Did Crusher's cholesterol finally gain consciousness and is now posting on the forum?
  6. I really, really, REALLY hope Mims steps it up this year. I believe it would really give the offense a fighting chance this year.
  7. Yea, but we're talking Jets history. That's a losing proposition.
  8. c'mon fish, we all knew it - we just didn't say it out loud.
  9. yo shut up, we're winning the off season!
  10. because there is absolutely no experience on the team at the QB position. And this guy really doesn't inspire much hope either
  11. Can we just sign Matt Moore then at half-time of home games, have pre-selected season ticket holders come down from the stands and kick him in the 'nads?
  12. head trauma is not a laughing matter.
  13. howlin' 'bout the front rent
  14. Where did you get the username?
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