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  1. Time will tell if the trade was good. The picks (or what we trade for them) need to pan out first.
  2. How anyone can say that CB is not a need on this team is beyond me.
  3. I don't think Mark was making those plays as much as his supporting cast was. My point, put Mark on the team that Sam was playing with and you get pretty much the same car wreck.
  4. You shut your whore mouth.
  5. Ok, now compare Sam's support cast to Mark Sanchez's supporting cast.
  6. You forgot the rest: The problem is there are not a lot of big moments because they’re not very good, so that’s not fair to Sam to make that judgment. It’s maybe not the best time for them to part ways and then go with somebody else.
  7. Tranny fever....catch it!
  8. Ok. What would you give up to get him?
  9. RIP fellow Jet fan. BTW, the Jets will kill all of us at some point.
  10. "Ok Trevor, on this 3rd down play all the WRs will run patterns short of the 1st down marker" "uh Coach, why can't they all run patterns past the 1st down marker?"
  11. If you don't like SAR, put him on ignore. It's that simple.
  12. Bingo. Why would we take on an aging QB in the middle of a major rebuild? Makes absolutely no sense.
  13. oh and... snitches get stiches
  14. not to worry, they can always ride the...
  15. Uh, he's only been in the league for 3 years.
  16. Mike White making things with light! What a sight making things with Mike White!
  17. yea, cuz we're soooooooooooooooo much better off at 2-14
  18. Also add to the fact that his contract explodes after this year and it's a tricky cap situation moving forward.
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