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  1. He dropped the mic when it was handed to him
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again: There's far too many teams that need O-line help. If you're going after OL free agents it will cost you plenty. Joe D. needs to draft really well at that position.
  3. There's NFL winnable and then there's Jets winnable. Not happening.
  4. This is why the Jets need to draft OL - there's going to be such a run on FA OL that the Jets will be struggling to find competent help there. Salaries for FA OL will be through the roof.
  5. Ya have to have a trade partner and the Jets usually don't. It's not happening.
  6. If you haven't listened to the Jay Glazer tape, you should. It's pretty damning
  7. Watched SB III as a 7 year old kid, decided the Jets were my team. So yes, I am a band wagoneer. Always look forward to the season and getting my nuts kicked in by the Green and White.
  8. Sam Darnold is the only ray of sunshine on the roster full of turds.
  9. This. Even if he's just mediocre at his job, it will be better than the past few GMs we've had.
  10. Question should be, why is the OP still allowed to start threads.
  11. so take out the qbs - the Jets and Ravens are of equal talent according to you? Correct?
  12. The smell of roasting brussels sprouts make me nauseous and the wife had me taste supposed "best tasting B.Sprouts she ever had" and I still can't stand them.
  13. Thus quoth the Raven(s), "nevermore Sam Darnold"

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