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  1. Joey D really needs to have a great offseason. This team is still a long ways away from competing for anything relevant.
  2. All I know is that I would have drafted him before Baker.
  3. I've made a donation to the Human Fund on behalf of JN.
  4. Does anyone how many positions of need this team has???? You dont create another by trading LB away
  5. How did this team look without Darnold in the lineup? ' nuff said.
  6. The Jets are in the midst of a 9 year drought for playoff appearances - until they actually do something noteworthy of a positive angle such as "winning", this type of reporting will continue. Al freaking Davis said it best, "Just win baby"
  7. They have to change the culture associated with the Jets - winning games is one part of that and this will help in the next season
  8. I said before this season began that this was a 6-8 win team. And considering the way the season started, it's remarkable that they have 6 wins.
  9. Cowboys will win the NFC East, and one playoff game and JJ will keep him another year - I'd love me some Wade
  10. He dropped the mic when it was handed to him

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