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  1. Fair point. I'd offer up that they're both morons. Talented morons.
  2. It's not quite a fair comp as Sharpe barely played his first two seasons. I don't recall why but if you take his first 3 full seasons, you get: 2,635 yards on 221 catches and 17 TDs. Also keep in mind he was a TE in an era when TEs didn't really compete with WRs the way they do now. In fact, he led all TEs in 1992 in yards and again in 1993 when he was 10th in the NFL. Sharpe's career wasn't quite long enough to put him on par with Gates, Gonzalez and some others in terms of overall stats, but he was pretty much the top TE in the game for a number of seasons. Metcalf is one of the be
  3. Wow. Metcalf is a good, young player, and yes....Shannon Sharpe has a big mouth and can be rather annoying...but talking shit about this is just making DK look like a complete tool.
  4. I would give up abstinence.
  5. Don't they need to replace Barkley first? LOL
  6. Aaron Rodgers has a passer rating of 107.7 with 6,208 yards, 57 touchdowns and 10 interceptions in 26 games versus the Bears in his career.
  7. I lot of people are very salty about Rodgers. I think if you cash the checks your mouth is writing, and you aren't singling out people or groups in a non-PC way, I'm all for it. And one thing you can say about Rodgers is he cashes the checks.
  8. I would settle for something to the tune of "we are going to shake things up and go out and try to move the ball in the 1st quarter."
  9. Can we talk about the Steelers' long snapper for a moment? No...probably not.
  10. Geno doing Geno things. Sacked for -13 yards. I think that's the second time he's taken a monster loss on a sack tonight.
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