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  1. nycdan

    Your 2018-2019 Knicks thread

    I've said for years that the Johnsons and Wilpons should thank the universe every day for Dolan's existence.
  2. nycdan

    Your 2018-2019 Knicks thread

    It really isn't much of a prize to tank anymore. Sucks that after years of not being this way, they changed it last year and now the Knicks finally figure out how to tank properly.
  3. nycdan

    Your 2018-2019 Knicks thread

    Slight change of subject here, but after years of watching the Knicks draft one flawed PG after another, and then watching Ja Morant go off yesterday, I am thinking I won't be utterly crushed if we get the #2 pick instead of #1.
  4. nycdan

    Villain's Post-Combine 2019 Mock Draft w/trades Rds 1-3

    First of all, if we trade down to the bottom half of the round, we end up with a LOT more than 2 2nd round picks. But for the sake of argument, I'll assume the other picks are in 2020. Regarding your picks, I believe we should be able to get Jenkins or McCoy in the early 2nd round and I'm not sure how much better Bradbury is than those guys. Depending on where those 2nd round picks where, I might prefer to get the C and WR in the 2nd and use the late 1st on the best player at any of several positions of need rather than target just one. I'd include pass rusher, OT or CB if a good one slips, maybe WR or TE as well. Some names I could see in the 17-22 range include Brian Burns, Byron Murphy, Marquise Brown, TJ Hockenson or Dalton Risner. Some mocks even have guys like Ferrell, Fant or Cody Ford slipping there. So many variables that it's hard to play it out specifically.
  5. Make this trade. Get WAS's 2020 1st. WAS then goes 2-14 and we have 1st pick in 2020 draft which we trade for another haul with a sucky team including the 2021 1st rounder. Rinse...Repeat. Why is this so hard, people?
  6. Wilson just saw Trout's new contract so he's switching to baseball.
  7. It only make any sense at all if SEA knows they don't want to pay him or any QB $35MM/year. I don't know why that would be an issue with today's salary cap, but it's all I've got.
  8. nycdan

    A J Green

    I'm hoping that wherever it is, A.J. Brown ends up on the same team as A.J. Green. Somehow that feels right.
  9. This is nothing but a rumor so far but it's getting a lot of airtime. SEA seeming to not want to pay Wilson market value next year (probably close to $35MM/year) and his value would be sky high right now. I think him hanging out with the Yankees this week probably helped spin them up a bit but with NYG claiming to not like the QBs this year, what would a trade look like? I assume it would have to start with the #6, and either #17 or next year's first, plus probably this year's 2nd. While it feels unlikely, we've seen some mind-boggling trades already. If (big if) SEA was high on Haskins, they could really spin things around, getting him on a rookie deal and putting the $30+MM to work on other positions to start rebuilding the team that has really fallen off from it's peak. It doesn't appear they have a realistic shot of winning this year or next, so if Wilson is a goner anyway, they could start rebuilding right now. Bold, but possible. On the Giants side, since they would presumably be willing to pay Wilson Rodgers money, it solves their QB problem in an instant. They still have a lot of work to do on the roster, but that would be the most important step. I'm presuming they could salvage either #17 or their 2nd round pick this year but this trade would make the OBJ trade make more sense. Top QB, Top RB...good TE. They could work with that. The biggest blocker IMO is Eli. They have made it clear they are loyal to a fault so how do they bring Wilson in now without cutting Eli loose? Even if everything else could be worked out, that could be the thing that makes this a non-starter. Barring that, though, it actually could make sense for both teams given their respective situations. Certainly would make things fun in NY.
  10. 11 feels far, but the haul would be mighty. Looking at who might be there: Assume the following 6 are definitely gone: Bosa, QW, Allen, Murray, Haskins, Devin White. Assume 2 or maybe 3 of the following 4 will probably be gone: Oliver, Ferrell, Sweat, Gary. That's 8 or 9. I didn't include the OTs because while one of Taylor and Jonah should be gone, maybe both, it's hard to know which. I think 1 could make it to 11. Then there's Greedy. Could be gone, might slide. Worst case, you'd have guys like Byron Murphy, Brian Burns, one of the DL mentioned above, Metcalf, Hockenson and Dillard. Honestly, you could go to 15 and you'd still have a few of those guys on the board. But I don't know how the Jets rank them on their board and where THEY feel the dropoffs are. But if CIN was offering (and I do NOT think this will happen) their #11, #42 and next year's 1st, I would strongly consider it. The value is a little light, but close to chart value and the opportunity to add the two picks would be attractive. Plus I think they will stink this year so next year's 1st should be a nice one.
  11. And he still hasn't called? What a maroon!
  12. The sound is part of the magic. The Phil Simms just says "whoa!". Then stunned silence. Note that Jenkins used his left hand to gob-smack that guy. And another fun part is the RB(?) who somehow fails to notice the freight train barreling directly towards his QB. [edit] found this: https://fifthdown.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/10/08/kris-jenkins-vs-chris-myers-the-knockdown-revisited/
  13. Should be fun when Minka Fitzpatrick now shares a locker room with the guy who was the reason his trademark application got denied. Fitzmagic everywhere.
  14. How does that guy not go into proctology?

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