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  1. I've noticed that a number of folks who like Mayfield the most also dislike Rosen the most. I think because Rosen represents the most likely threat to us taking Mayfield, it distorts their objectivity. Rosen is a supremely talented college QB who is, IMO, every bit as likely as any of the others, if not more, to succeed and thrive in the NFL. But the true irony is a Mayfield fan taking potshots at Rosen's character. It's a huge blind spot I can't fathom.
  2. Anyone else like all 4?

    The first time Allen drops back and unleashes a 60-yard rainbow you are going to scream like a bitch the whole time it's in the air. Whether it gets caught and by whom is a whole other question but it will be a damned exciting 4 seconds.
  3. Anyone else like all 4?

    The last two QBs who met that criteria were a 38-year old Favre and a 38-year old McCown. Coincidence or pattern? You decide...
  4. Connecting the Draft Dots

    I suggested half-jokingly last week that we should watch Macc during the 1st two picks. If someone trades up above us to draft Mayfield, you may see him pump his fist with pure joy at having pulled off the greatest con in NFL draft history. I would be okay with Mayfield, but for my money, I'd rather see us go with any of the other guys first so I'd be more than happy to see Mayfield go ahead of us. And enough about this 'Mayfield is the people's choice' crap. The people's choice is a winning QB. Period. Maybe that's Mayfield, and maybe it's not, but "moxie" feels like Intangibles 2.0. Hard pass if that's at all part of your argument.
  5. Second overall pick is...

    Selfishly, I want them to take a QB to lessen the chance one of them drops to another AFC East team. No way Barkley drops that far but Rosen, Allen or Mayfield might if two of them get past us. As for who they will actually take, I have no clue.
  6. Best Place to Sit in MetLife

    I don't know but some weeks this might be the best seat:
  7. Rosen Fans

    But many of those same people will instantly compare Mayfield to Brees as if it's so obvious they're annoyed to even have to waste the time to type it.
  8. Don't forget to offer them 2 JAG defensive players and a backup QB. Skrine, Petty and Lee should get it done.
  9. No team is drafting a guy to keep him away from another team. I don't even think in-division rivals would consider that. You could trade the pick to another team that would take the guy in question, but you don't draft a player you don't want/need for that. Gettleman's one and only job is to make his team the best it can be. I'm pretty confident that keeping a specific player away from an AFC team at the cost of his own team's development is not on his to-do list.
  10. I think if you're a Mayflower, your worst scenario is Allen and Barkley at 1/2. Because that means the Jets might take Darnold over your guy, which is worse than if he's already gone (except it's probably better but you won't be able to accept that for a year or two).
  11. Watch this. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-network-total-access/0ap3000000927196/Soul-Science-How-fast-can-Josh-Allen-throw
  12. Schedule release tmrw

    I'd like to see us playing some Big-12 teams early on. I hear they don't play much defense.
  13. Watch for someone to trade up to 2 to take Mayfield, followed by Macc pumping his fist while walking the Josh Rosen card up to the podium because he pulled off the greatest con-job in NFL draft history.
  14. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    I meant "sex with Margo" or "sex with Baker". I still think it would be close.