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  1. I respect your input but if this is true, it still makes no sense (unless they are going to see another player). The draft is all about game theory, and if there is 0% chance you are going to draft a guy, it makes no sense to waste time and resources going to see him. These guys shouldn't have a day to waste in this manner if they are certain about their pick. Everything Douglas has said until now has said his phone is open at all times. Maybe all they are doing is telegraphing that they would entertain a call for #2, but if they are doing that much, then they would logically be open to a
  2. If you posit that the top five QBs will go earlier, then you can make a list of those blue chip guys, some of whom will have to fall into the 11-16 range. Pitts, Sewell, Slater, Chase, Smith, Waddle, Parsons, Surtain and Horn already put you at 14. AVT and Darrishaw would still be there in that case at 15/16. That tier probably does dry up as you get closer to 20 when you get into the thick pile of Edge/CB/WR talent that feels like it flows over into the top of round 2. I do think there are good arguments for trading either up or down from #23 depending on how the first 12-15 picks
  3. But when you factor in team strength, opponent strength, weather, and the price of pork bellies on each game day, it's clear that Wilson is 57.2% better than Fields in every category. Oh and did I forget to mention his explosion index? After factoring in Saturday night diet, that's a huge plus for Wilson as well. His dad said so. Don't get me wrong. I don't dislike Wilson as a prospect, but some of the rhetoric here defending him and bashing Fields is so completely off the rails...
  4. Particularly with our Guards. Playing with bruised ribs is almost a mandated requirement for anyone we draft.
  5. You are reading it right. But the parts where Fields is better are carefully planted hoaxes. Only the parts where Wilson is better can be believed.
  6. I'm not completely opposed to going Edge at #23 but the one thing giving me pause is the unusual abundance of prospects this year. In no particular order, there are probably 8-10 guys who could go by the mid-2nd round. Paye, Rousseau, Phillips, Ojulari, Oweh, Basham, maybe Ossai, Jones, Tryon. I have no idea how the Jets would tier and rank these guys, but some of them will certainly be available at #34 and some maybe deeper in round 2 where we could jump up from #66 to get one. OL is deep as well though so I think there will be talent available at #34 and #66 as well. It's just t
  7. If Joe was 100% locked in on Wilson, what earthly reason could they have for going to see Fields? Maybe he's 98% locked in. And that's fine if that's what he chooses to do. But if he knows SF is going Jones or Lance, and he thinks he can swing a deal with ATL, that's about the only play that I think makes sense. We can't not land a QB. Dropping past #4 puts that at serious risk. But if we can get something like #4, #35 and a 2022 1st, and still come away with Fields, that's interesting. Would ATL do it? I have no earthly idea, but the glorious scenario where so many peop
  8. I feel like this is the right place for one of the greatest 'talks' on the subject.
  9. Maybe it's not so bad. If Deshaun had just used a magazine and some lube he would be a lot better off.
  10. Bad news - J&J vaccine can cause clotting in .00001% of recipients Good news - if you take the Jets branded version, your chances of catching anything drop to nearly 0%.
  11. Well he reportedly took *two* girls to his prom. But if he's a Mormon, that might work out just fine. And if he marries them both, he kind of wins the WAG trophy.
  12. Don't think of it as a Giants SB Banner...think of it as a celebration of Patriot Failure. Then it is completely at home in a Jets man-cave.
  13. Depends on how you interpret it. Not really a big deal but here is some context for the debate: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_historically_significant_college_football_games 1875 Tufts vs. Harvard football game Harvard Tufts https://ase.tufts.edu/athletics/old/menFootball/press/2004-2005/firstgamebuzz.html#:~:text=Tufts University has officially claimed,with that conclusion in 1986.
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