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  1. Few more declined invitations and Zach may be going to his first Pro Bowl.
  2. Well let's play the last name game then, Pat. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-57589822
  3. At no point in this rambling, incoherent article was it even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award them no points, and may God have mercy on their soul.
  4. the writer makes a lot of bold claims as if they are fact. He writes off keeping Quincy Williams as a lost cause. Interestingly, both brothers are up for renegotiation this year and despite what a few reality-challenged people here think, Quinnen is staying. Quincy posted this last month: Not to say either brother is going to give a discount...they both deserve the bag. But I don't have a sense of Quincy's value. Is he a $5M/year guy? $8M/year? He was a solid part of this defense and unlike the unit as a whole, he played hard right up until the last game, finishing up with 10 tackles, 3 TFL, 1 Sack and 1 QB Hit against Miami. Can they replace him with someone equal or better? Maybe. But will it save them money? Yeah, if JJ2 could do it, then sure, but then we need to acquire another DE. All things being equal, I'd love to see Quincy back, and I think the Jets would too.
  5. Generally true. And then there's AP laughing all the way to 2k yards to give us hope.
  6. On this note, I have NO sympathy for LeBron, ever, but did you guys see the non-call on him two nights ago on a layup to win the game at the end of regulation? Pretty awful officiating. It ain't just the NFL:
  7. Gotta make room for Jason Taylor there somehow, no?
  8. On that grounding call, it was tricky because, IIRC, there was a defender between the QB and the Perine, and the ball bounced a few yards in front of the defender. It didn't seem like a pass to me and certainly not one a QB would ever legitimately try to throw, hence why I think he intentionally bounced it. Absolutely a judgment call and I can understand CIN fans being frustrated, but I don't think it was awful by any stretch. I even think it was correct and almost certain that Burrow wasn't trying to actually pass to the receiver.
  9. I like KC. Andy Reid is a coach I can respect. Closest thing to Parcells I think the league has now. And Mahomes? He's the guy who could erase TB12 from all of the record books and GOAT discussions so I'm his biggest fan until the Jets develop someone that can compete.
  10. If the Saints-Rams game from a few years ago didn't break the league, nothing will. No call I have ever seen or heard of before or since, was as awful as that one. It's as if the ref simply said "anything short of murder with a machete is going to slide for the Rams on this drive". The game was literally stolen from the Saints on that one non-call. So when I see any team other than the Jets (or Saints, or anyone playing the Patriots) whining about bad calls, I just can't get too worked up. While there were a few that were debatable, I don't know that any of them were actually completely wrong like the one mentioned above was. For those who don't like to watch video....THIS was a non-call:
  11. I know it's horribly wrong, but I really want to ban people for talking about trading QW. He's not going anywhere and suggesting it is Billy Madison worthy. Just....stop.
  12. One thing that will be worth following is whether we see Elijah Moore return to relevance and even high-level production under Hackett? I can't figure out how he went from promising rookie to forgotten man in one season. I don't know if it was all on MLF, but it seemed to be since none of the QBs were throwing to him until the end of the season. If he turns back into what we thought he could be next year, then switching OCs will have at least that one additional benefit.
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