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  1. Nothing here, but the trip-gate stuff might have legs (see what I did there!). Lots of speculation that BB submitted tape of what he considers tripping by the Cowboys before the game. The refs then call two tripping penalties on the Cowboys, both of which the league subsequently admitted were bad calls and both of which directly impacted the score of what turned out to be a close game. What I'd like to know is did BB send the tape directly to the game officials? And how much cash was included in the package? Because that is the kind of stuff that people should be fired over but the league just keeps on keeping on with this. You would think the NFCCG would have been embarrassing enough for them to get their officiating house in order, but apparently not. This year has been even worse than last year.
  2. They try to account for as many variables as they can. I believe they watch every play and score it based on what the player did, what his teammates did to help or not help, what the opponent did, and what the play call was. So if your WR drops an easy pass, the QB doesn't get dinged for it the same way he would if it was a Luke Falk special. Conversely, if the RB matador's you right into the QB, you don't get the same DVOA juice you would get if you put a sick spin-move on him and earned your way to the QB. Stuff like that. It's probably got a lot of opportunity to criticize because there is subjective mixed in with the objective, but on a broad scope over a season, it's probably decent at valuing players. However, you are grading players based on the system they were in, the team they were on, the coach they had calling plays, the teams they played, the weather for each play, and his injuries or lack thereof. That's a lot of variables that aren't the same from year to year, so a great player last year on the DVAR metric might be very average this year. But on the whole, the top-20 players are probably going to perform better than the next 20 players. Take it for what it is. It's a tool (yes, created by tools). Useful, but you can't use it to replace your own judgment and knowledge of the team and system you are trying to find players for.
  3. I keep the dates and times on a wall.
  4. You say that now. But you'll get your wish. And then you'll be like...
  5. I'm not going to let even a glimmer of hope enter my thoughts for now. If we're 7-7 and there's still a shot, I will ponder. Until then, nope. Not gonna do it.
  6. Yeah but who's going to keep Siam Darnold on his feet?
  7. Some Jet fans are so used to the draft being the only good part of the season that they see a good player who isn't the best at his position (and it has to be a position of importance) and all they can think about is how much draft capital they would be worth. It's almost like the post-season wasn't really important.
  8. It's blurry but right before the catch, could the Raiders DB have taken a worse angle to the receiver? Total whiff.
  9. Are the former Glennon fans finally on the Sam train?
  10. Robby, DT and Crowder, along with Griffen, are a solid, if unspectacular group of receivers. But taking them as a group, they give Sam a lot of options and they are getting it done. How much do you think Derek Carr wishes he was throwing to those guys today?
  11. That was such a ballsy play all around. Loved it.
  12. This game was over by 3pm. And not the way you'd usually expect it to be.

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