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  1. Correction: Sam and Mark's Smoothie Bar.
  2. I think it's laughable that SOS is relevant when comparing multiple 1-15 teams. If anything, you should just compare the records of the team(s) they each beat. Such a stupid tie-breaker...
  3. I would add Neville Hewitt to the list of 'see more of'. He looked pretty damned good in the 1st half yesterday. Finished with 13 tackles. And he put one hit on a Bill that I can still feel the vibrations from.
  4. In the first half when he rolled left, he looked good, made like 10 of 11 completions and didn't get hit. What changed?
  5. Not 'great' but so much better after he escaped from Gase's system. It's a single data point, but very compelling.
  6. I submit to you People's evidence 'A': That's my reasonable doubt.
  7. I'll admit it. Today was the day that nearly broke my hope that Darnold could be our Franchise QB. My hope went up during the first half but plummeted during the 2nd half. I was hoping he'd stand up and show us he could be that guy so we might have options if we get the #1 pick and wouldn't be crushed if we didn't. Because the thought of missing in TL and watching Sam become Sanchez is terrifying. But here's where I came out on it. I don't know if Sam is the guy, but with this coaching staff in place, we can not find out anything more about him. He can't succeed in this putrid offensive scheme. Not sure how many QBs can. Obviously Tannehill thrived once he escaped from it so that's at least one argument that this is the case. But if we bring in a coach, interim of course, but a coach who can put Sam and the OL and WRs in a position to be even marginally better, then we can evaluate him more thoroughly and if he shows he is what we thought he was, then he could be our guy, or at least have more trade value if we move him. Right now, we learn nothing and the only benefit I see to Gase staying on is saving the Johnson's some coin. Yeah, we could argue that Gase gives the tank the most chance to succeed but I don't think that's what's going on. I think the Johnson's just don't see that they are wasting this season of evaluating not just Darnold, but all the young talent on the roster to see what we have going forward. Instead we are watching an incompetent coach play vets to try to save some shred of dignity and it's just sad and damaging to the long term prospects of this team. There. That's my rant for the day.
  8. Mahomes feels like he's having an off year but he's still pretty much at the top in every stat and yet people are starting to forget about him because he's not completely dominating. 15 TDs and 1 INT going into this week. It's not even human what he's doing. At some point he's going to fire up the bat-engines and it'll be game over for everyone not named Russ Wilson, who might have a shot to keep pace. Brady is amazing, and he has a great team around him but I'd be really surprised if he kept pace with Mahomes and Wilson all season.
  9. Could you just, for a moment, imagine if HOU ends up with the #1 pick...the Trevor Lawrence pick...and already traded it out to MIA along with more stuff for Laramy Tunsil? I mean...come on. really? MIA would be the team talking about either trading it for 100 picks or flipping Tua and drafting Lawrence and then they'd be killing the AFCE for the next 10 years. My worst nightmare.
  10. It's a fitting name. After all, he's always hanging out with a bunch of nuts here.
  11. The good news is you don't have to worry about HOU trading their pick to NE. The bad news is they already traded it to MIA.
  12. The Jaguars are stacked with picks. Two 1st and Two 2nds. They have the Rams' 1st and the Vikings' 2nd (which will be a high pick in the round). While I still feel you draft Lawrence if you have the #1 and you don't look back, but what would JAX be willing to give up for that pick. Assuming they are drafting in the top 3, you could be looking at 2021: 2 1st, 2 2nd and 2022: 1 1st and 1 3rd. Something insane like that. We would have 3 picks in each of the 1st 3 rounds in 2021 and 3 1st rounders in 2022. A top 3 pick and then four picks in about a 10-pick range at the bottom of the 1st into the early 2nd. I STILL think you draft Lawrence (and offer them Darnold in trade) but it would be interesting to see how high they go with all that ammo.
  13. I swear I'm gonna start hiding threads that talk about trading away any good player we have. We have enough draft picks and cap room to do anything we want next off-season. What we don't have is good players. Really. Just. Stop.
  14. Answers here: https://overthecap.com/salary-cap-space/ Click on the 2021 tab.

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