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  1. And if they switch the DL around, JFM is no slouch athletically.
  2. I believe Cager's main issue was his hands. If he's turned that around and can catch the ball, he might have a nice role in the red zone. You can't teach 6'5" 220 lbs.
  3. Don't need size when you have the kind of separation we just saw on the 80-yard play. Ball was underthrown and he still had 5 yards of spacing on the catch.
  4. I remember some grumbling about Vera Tucker's seemingly less than enthusiastic reaction to being drafted by the Jets back on draft night. Well I'd say he's come around a bit since then...
  5. Colts signed Brett Hundley. That can't be their only move at QB, can it?
  6. Seriously. Telling Becton he can't use his mass and power against Lawson is like telling Godzilla he can't use his breath weapon against Kong. I expect when the pads go on, Lawson will find out how Apollo Creed felt when Rocky switched to his left hand
  7. I don't think Moore needs a path to get snaps. I think everyone else does. From the little we've seen, he is the best WR on the team, rookie or not. And since Saleh has said he will play the young guys, I expect Moore to be in a lot.
  8. Can any of them kick a FG?
  9. Aren't you forgetting someone? I would be shocked if Moore wasn't starting most of the snaps even early on.
  10. I choose to take away from this day that Lawson is going to be a f-king terror to opposing QBs this year.
  11. How about this for a random suggestion? Keep this thread limited to posts about what's going on today in training camp. Take the rest somewhere else.
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