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  1. Same. Which makes me wonder why, in a season where we had nearly unlimited cap room, there wasn't even a rumor we were pursuing Andrew Norwell in FA. There may be an argument that Long was as good as the other Centers available for our needs but Norwell would have been an enormous upgrade to the entire OL. The only argument that makes sense to me is they really think Winters will be a different player after healing from hi injury last season but I think Norwell is better than either of our guys by a wide margin. Feels like an opportunity missed. We'll have to wait and hope that a few of the quality OL who are UFA next year make it to Free Agency. All the cap in the world won't matter if nobody worthwhile is available.
  2. nycdan

    Lebron rumors

    Any article listing 5 incredible stats about Wilt without mentioning the number 20,000 is not worthy.
  3. nycdan

    July Madness sign up

    So 9 Safeties and 2 3-4 DEs. Got it.
  4. Also, we know it's going to be a rough season at times. I have a solution. The Dolphins have a fringe RB named Buddy Howell. We need to get him so we can have Crowell, Powell and Howell as our RB unit. This way when we're averaging 2.8 yards per run, the broadcasters will be so distracted by saying their names that they won't focus on the performance. Macc needs to get on this.
  5. Lots of talk about the inexperience of the TE group. Also lots of talk about the fact that we have four solid, if unspectacular WRs (Anderson, Kearse, Pryor, Enunwa) not to mention a few young guys who have potential. Would it be surprising to see Enunwa playing at TE (assuming his injury is healed enough to handle the blocking)?
  6. He raises a good point. We do need sections for "the early years", "why we became Jets fans", and "record of felonies and misdemeanors".
  7. All this article really accomplishes is to give Bowles more cover for another mediocre year. Another round of "Well he didn't have the talent to exceed 8-8 so he actually did a good job coaching the team". We don't have any stars on offense. No Julio Jones or Leonard Fournette or Matt Ryan. Just a lot of lunch-pail guys in skill positions. Not what you want, but on the other hand, they were 24th in the league in offense last year with even worse talent (particularly at C and RB and without Quincy). As with all teams, it's going to come down to QB play. If McCown regresses and neither Teddy or Sam is ready to step up, we could easily finish near the bottom. On the other hand, whatever you think of the roster, this is the only one in the NFL that has 4 WRs who have had a 1,000 yard season at some point. Specious stat maybe, but interesting. Some good QB play and not-horrible OL play could put this team up in the middle of the pack.
  8. Mo Lewis sacking Drew Bledsoe. Worst play of all time.
  9. There was actual video taken and recovered from a Russian spy server that had hacked Phil's webcam.
  10. nycdan

    July Madness sign up

    Stay strong and no way are we starting this without you. However long things take on your end (and hopefully its a fast and perfect outcome) we can wait. Having so far gotten two kids to their teenage years relatively intact, I can only say that their ability to rebound from injuries and illnesses is generally incredible, and we had a few scary moments along the way. Wishing you all the best.
  11. nycdan

    NY JETS Golf ball makes Hole in 1!

    Well someone's gotta do it...
  12. http://www.footballzebras.com/2018/07/06/snowclearing-ban-sneaks-into-the-2018-rulebook/ Patriots...cheating (retroactively) since 1982.
  13. nycdan

    July Madness sign up

    Did you finally settle on Jim Brown or Blair Thomas at the top of the RB list?
  14. nycdan

    July Madness sign up

    I'll do it.