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  1. Breer's Draft Column

    What the Jets should do: QB or LT What I think the Jets will do: The wrong QB What they will actually do: Pass-rusher or Defensive Back
  2. Bowles preferred to trot an injured 38 year-old QB back out, risking his health, than put in his backup for more than the absolutely required number of plays. He preferred to abandon even trying to score points because said starting QB was hurt, rather than put the backup in and let him sling it. There is no possible excuse for this other than a personal agenda that has absolutely nothing to do with winning football games. And I don't believe there is any possible way to rationalize that this man is an effective HC who you want running the team in 2018. Even if you don't like Petty, this is something that no other HC in the league would have justified. Bye Todd. Don't let the doorknob hit ya...
  3. Head Coaching Candidates

    You could take that two ways. The one where he drags the Jets nowhere with him is rather depressing.
  4. Is there anyone here who actually thinks Bowles should come back next year or are we all arguing on the same side of the table? Giving up with over a minute left in the first half warrants instant execution in my book. I don't know if they keep records but I'm pretty sure that is one for the most time left on the clock in the first half with a team not even trying to score while behind. Bottom line is, we have nothing on the line so why not at least take a few shots? I feel like Bowles was more determined to sabotage any chance Petty had of looking good (at that point we didn't know what to expect) than he was interested in maybe mounting a comeback. Hard to believe it of an actual NFL head coach but I can't come up with any other plausible explanation.
  5. Thoughts on Bryce Petty ?

    Minor factor. Anderson dropped a very catchable ball on the first pass when he was back in. ASJ then got mugged on a crosser which didn't count as an incomplete but also wasn't a catch it could have been. After that there were some very bad misses for sure. Some of that could just be communication issues that will hopefully not be there next week assuming Bowles doesn't try to roll an injured McCown back out there. I think next week, despite the very tough opponent, will give us a much better read on Petty. I don't expect a lot against NO, but I expect more accurate passes and hopefully WRs and TEs that hold onto them. Of course, we may start taking a knee with 12 minutes left in the 1st half so who knows...
  6. Bowles gave up at the end of the 2nd quarter. Nothing that happened in the 2nd half surprised me. Running out the clock is just the icing on the cake.
  7. Please...Anderson dropped an easy one. ASJ got mugged early on another. Some good, some bad. In what way is he worse than what we've seen from McCown so far today.
  8. First of all, Hack isn't eligible to come in (unless they put him on the active roster for some reason). Second, give Petty a quarter before you start killing him. Kid has been sitting on ice all season long. Hopefully we have seen the last of McCown for this season and we can get a look at Petty over a longer stretch. If he sucks, then that's that. But at least let's find out.
  9. we are way past the point where anyone believes McCown 'has it' today. Forget about the past 12 games, he is toast. There is ZERO reason to keep him in other than the one where Bowles refuses to back down from the idiotic line he's drawn in the sand. He can't adapt. He can't admit he was wrong. And he can't figure out what even casual fans know about not giving up with a minute on the clock, no matter how bad you think your team is. This should be his last game and if we had almost any other ownership in the league, he'd be gone by 9:30am tomorrow. But the Johnsons will keep on rolling along happily.
  10. I think it's more selfish than that. If Petty goes in and looks good, it makes a complete mockery of every PC Bowles has given since the season started and makes him look like he has no idea what is going on. He can't let anyone second guess his decision to bury Petty at this point. Honestly, I'm flabbergasted he let Petty even throw a pass. I wonder if the call was a run and Petty audibled as a giant F-U to Bowles.
  11. Only if Morton comes out as the interim HC.
  12. Seriuosly? you believe that? Because if that's true, then the HC needs to go. And if that's the level of confidence he has in his chosen QB, then that QB should be gone as well. If you can't score with a minute on the clock, and you truly believe you are more likely to turn it over, then go coach HS football (and not in Texas).
  13. Over 50 seconds left after DEN's 3rd down. He lets it all drain away because he doesn't think his golden boy QB can score with 50 FREAKING SECONDS on the clock. And this is at least the second time this season he's done it. You can debate all the other stuff you want, but this is a glowing neon sign that he cannot be an effective HC in the NFL. He is literally scared to try and score with under a minute on the clock. And if that's what he thinks of McCown....need I say more. Fire Bowles in the locker room now. Morton takes over and puts Petty in. Jets, with nothing to lose, play aggressive football. Or...we can watch McCown dump off short passes for the next 3 1/2 games. Tough choice.
  14. "Hey Petty looks good."

    Can't have Petty look good for too long and make Bowles look like and idiot (like he needs the help).
  15. We play to win the game....roughly 6 of them each season.