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  1. Get the QB. Then get the WR. Profit. And that was with the worst OL play I have ever seen in a playoff game.
  2. Funny timing given that DAL is currently the butt of most of the NFL jokes right now. They had a great season, but their inability to win playoff games is becoming quite the meme. I guess deflection is one way to deal with it.
  3. Well that's clever! I did not know that. Wish I could figure out a way to do that
  4. Oddly enough, I don't think that's true. NJ top income tax bracket is 10.75% MIN top income tax bracket is 9.85% And they only pay home taxes on half the games so the difference is even less than that. Whatever Cousins' reasoning was, I don't think it had much to do with state income taxes. Now Florida on the other hand...
  5. If Ekwonu could become a mirror-image of AVT at RG, that might be enough of a reason to draft him. It's a lot of investment in the OL, but if it means we finally have it right, I could dig it. Still need Edge, WR and TE very badly, but at least we have the picks to potentially nab them.
  6. Is there any evidence of past Senior Bowl coaching staffs drafting a player they coached earlier than they were projected? I wonder if there's any ultimate payoff to the inside looks they get at this point.
  7. We're not using our full cap every year. If we are going to 'overpay' someone, this feels like a time to do it. Top TE money right now is in the $14M/year range, which is a far lower bet than overpaying to bring in a top WR (Adams would probably cost $27M/year or more).
  8. All the talk about finding better weapons for this offense. No way we'll get Davante Godwin coming off an injury. Robinson coming off a shite year. What about Patterson? He had an absolute breakout season with ATL and is young enough to do it again a few more times. I'm not sure *what* he is right now, but he *is* flexible and I can't imagine LaFleur wouldn't find creative ways to use him. Frankly, I had no idea he was a FA until now. Curious why he isn't generating much buzz.
  9. https://jetsxfactor.com/2022/01/20/ny-jets-free-agent-tight-end-dalton-schultz/
  10. Funny thing is....you were actually one of the voices saying that sh*t about Jamal. The internet *never* forgets
  11. nycdan

    Kiper Chat

    Is McBride a much better pick than Wydermeyer for us?
  12. I just don't know if anyone not named Dean or Lloyd will be an improvement enough to warrant the pick versus the TEs likely to be available who will almost certainly be starters. But I do see your point. Have we given up on Nasirildeen and Sherwood as ever being productive? I certainly haven't heard their names in a long time and Sherwood hit IR mid-season.
  13. SDSU has a DE named Elijah Wilson. I think we almost HAVE to sign him as an UDFA.
  14. Pretty much agree with one counterpoint. Given our drastic pit of absolute emptiness at TE, I think going TE at one of the 2nd round picks is pretty compelling. We can certainly land one of the top 2-3 guys there while in round 3, we are probably picking from the next group down (and we might need 2). If Dean or Lloyd somehow drop to #35 then I'm all for it, but beyond those two, I'm not sure LB in the 2nd round excites me as much as TE.
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