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  1. https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/sports/csn/eagles/Jordan_Matthews_on_Buffalo_baby___lsquo_Nothing_to_do_there__except_each_other_-493771791.html This board can always use a good laugh so I share. More brutally honest quotes from players like this please! The circus has definitely moved up north, although it may have also opened an annex in Pittsburgh.
  2. nycdan

    Antonio Brown MIA?

    Very possible. And if Juju keeps racking up completions and yards, it should take pressure off of AB and get him more targets. But it doesn't sound like AB is thinking clearly right now.
  3. nycdan

    Antonio Brown MIA?

    I think he just needs more than Juju. The problem for AB is that if Ben can make Juju look as good as he has, it starts to raise questions about whether AB is really an all-time great or if maybe it was more Ben then people realized. In any case, it doesn't feel super team-friendly to me. Checking the play-by-play of Sunday's game, on the PIT's last drive (on which they scored on Ben running it in), JJSS was targeted 5 times and AB once. I think that is what put the bee in his bonnet.
  4. nycdan

    Antonio Brown MIA?

    Well he certainly won't hand over his bong
  5. nycdan

    Antonio Brown MIA?

    Josh Gordon says "hold my beer"
  6. I always found it a little odd that in the current mindset of invest everything in the Edge, people forget what the strength of the greatest NFL defense to ever roam the field was. The first two names that jump out when talking about the vaunted Steel Curtain defense are Joe Greene and Jack Lambert. DT and MLB. For me, Blount (CB) comes next but Donnie Shell (S) is high up there. Yes, they had some great names on the outside (Ham, Greenwood) which just made it more ridiculous, but their strength did seem to be up the middle like Brooks is saying. Different time. Different game, but interesting to me.
  7. nycdan

    Mandela effect?

    Maybe in the parallel universe YOU came from...
  8. nycdan

    Mandela effect?

    You could have said the same about the Browns, given they were playing the Bengals 2x, Jets, Bills and Dolphins. Yet they pulled it off with a roster that was no worse than the Jets, other than the fact that McCown played way above his historical mean.
  9. Ed Reed was a Jet for about 15 minutes as well.
  10. Thanks. I would expect Darnold to try to pry the Safety help off his side for just that reason. He pulled it off on the Anderson TD last week so you can expect Bates will be trying to get that going again. McCain 1-on-1 with Pryor is a matchup that would seem to be highly exploitable if they can pull it off. I'm especially curious to see if Minkah is in that situation and if, being a rookie, he is more susceptible to that. They list him as the backup. Did he get a lot of snaps last week?
  11. Hey man, welcome back. Fair point on Darnold. Nobody knows what to expect in game 2 but those edge rushers are definitely a valid concern. Question for you. Does Bobby McCain handle taller WRs well or do they give him Safety help on most snaps? He's giving up 6" or so to any of Anderson, Enunwa or Pryor so I'm curious how they tend to play that.
  12. Speaking of which, we'll be seeing Laremy Tunsil Sunday.
  13. nycdan

    Another Darnold stat

    Well...it IS called the RED zone. It was practically named after him.
  14. nycdan

    Practice Updates

    Someone got a great picture of a mirthful Bowles laughing out loud:
  15. Wives can be so weird about stuff like that LOL. Maybe bribery with a few extra feedings / diaper changes would earn you a pass? Or tell her it's okay, but if you can't go to the game, we are all coming over to watch with you. That ought to get it done.

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