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  1. For me, it was the DEN game last year. Over a minute left in the half with all our time-outs and Bowles lets DEN run the clock down on a FG play and then takes a knee because he didn't think we were going to get anything done and wanted to regroup in the locker room. https://nypost.com/2017/12/11/todd-bowles-weird-explanation-for-not-being-more-aggressive/ That told me everything I needed to know about Todd Bowles as a Head Coach. Other than a brief moment of hope during the DET game this year, nothing has changed.
  2. nycdan

    NFL Transactions

    I find myself rooting for the Giants to lose out and swipe the #1 pick from the Raiders. Because even the Giants getting Herbert would be okay if it meant watching Gruden blow his whole team up for a guy and then despite having all those picks, not being able to get him.
  3. Umm...can we make one exception for Miko Grimes with maybe honorable mention for Leon Washington's wife?
  4. Umm...he may be a better QB than Peterman.
  5. Browns finally jettisoned Hue Jackson. They have talent on that team. If they get a legitimate HC they could be pretty good.
  6. Here's what I love about ESPN trying to do analytics. PHI has 3 of the top-10 DE/OLB and 1 of the top-10 DT in Pass Rush win rate. Sounds great. So why are they dead middle of the league in sacks and QBR against. 24th in the league in passing Y/G allowed, etc. So the question they need to answer is, does that statistic actually mean anything. Since it's ESPN, I'd say there's a 79.4% chance it doesn't.
  7. If the Pats could go back in time 10 years, they would trade the farm for him just to stick him on the bench.
  8. nycdan

    Amari Cooper to the Cowboys.

    I am stunned that Cooper was worth a first to any team, even one with a clearly deteriorating owner. Compare that to a 5th for Hyde? Makes no sense. I'm sure Gruden would LOVE to trade Carr to the Giants as it would take them out of the QB race and they are really OAK's only competition. If he doesn't get the first pick, and the Giants are bidders, he'll have to pay a lot more in trade value to get there than if they aren't. Just like if BUF or ARI were closer to our draft slot, we would probably have had to pay more than we did to get up to #3. If the Giants make that trade, they are even dumber than I currently think they are. And Gruden will come out of this looking pretty smart. Still, as we all know, even four 1st round picks is no guarantee of anything.
  9. That wasn't from coals. That was because someone served broccoli and Crusher, surprisingly, dove in with two forks.
  10. And yet, the overwhelming sentiment seems to be against pulling a Ricky Williams trade for a WR. We tried the approach before but never with a QB good enough to support it. Things are different now.
  11. Funny you should mention the Falcons. They have a really good QB and a great WR. They are 2-4 and their defense absolutely melted in the SB two years ago. Beckham has done nothing for the Giants in terms of post-season appearances. AJ Green is amazing, Bengals useless in postseason. Fitz? 2008 season. Calvin Johnson? Nada. I'm honestly hard-pressed to think of the last time a team with a top-5 WR made any noise. Not trying to be snarky, but I just don't see having a star WR as a necessary element to post-season success. I can't explain why, but I can't ignore the pattern. I think our formula in 2010/11 with a great OLine, and solid, if not star-studded WRs and RBs was the right path if we had a QB of Darnold's talent under center. Add in a little bit of an upgrade at TE and I'm good to go.
  12. I'm no expert but I'm pretty sure there was a lot more fervent praying going on in the stadium yesterday than any church I've been in. Lot more cursing too.
  13. Thanks, Phil for putting together a great gathering. Kudos for actually finding a way to keep food warm with the ridiculous wind going on. It was great to meet a bunch of you for the first time and a few for the second time, particularly those who traveled from far to get there (including one across-the-pond hop). Creepy Lurker isn't actually all that creepy. Crusher really does look like his avatar but wasn't as good a wind-screen as I hoped . And while we are all now sworn to secrecy, it was great to finally meet Kelly and answer the question we've all been asking for over a decade. Can't wait for the next one.

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