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  1. My .02 I think the point (whether it was the prior poster's intent or not) should be that none of us 'know' anything. We all have opinions based on what we have seen, what we have read, and our instincts and biases. Some have very strong opinions. Some are more informed than others but there is no magic 8-ball that anyone has that tells them with certainty who will boom and who will bust. Either we allow for the possibility that our strong opinions could be wrong or we don't. Like I said in a previous post, when half of us think Cousins will be great and half think he will be ordinary, chances are pretty good that half of us are going to be right. I love it when people make a point and back it up with reasons why, even if it just to say it's based on a gut feeling. I don't respect the 'xxx is 100% going to suck' or 'xxx is the best yyy in the draft and anyone who disagrees is blind' kind of post. I am not saying you, specifically, do that but this time of year, there is more than enough of that going around on all team forums.
  2. Saw this tidbit on MMQB: https://www.si.com/nfl/2018/02/15/indianapolis-colts-chris-ballard-frank-reich-coach-gm-mmqb Makes sense. With McCarron just winning his grievance, it has to feel like a good play for Cousins.
  3. 2018 Offseason Plan and Draft...because I'm bored

    You are looking for a reason to distrust a pick from Penn State and you have to go all the way back to Blair Thomas?!
  4. They started with 3. What they missed: 1) hiring Todd Bowles and 2) Extending Todd Bowles.
  5. Allen Robinson

    Can he make the switch to DB?
  6. Can we lure Barry Sanders back into action? How about Deion Sanders?
  7. Say the Brown's sign Cousins

    This is where someone brings up how much fun it was to win all those games with Josh McCown last season. Oh...I guess that would be me...
  8. It's pretty obscure on the Jets.
  9. Daniel Jeremiah's Top 50

    Everything I have read has named him as an ILB who is projected to be able to play outside. I haven't seen him play so I don't know enough to question that but is he truly an OLB or are you assuming he can be? Because if he's an ILB, I don't want him at 6. And if he's an experiment, I'm concerned. But if he's a true edge prospect, then I'm good. I'll look at him more as we get closer to the draft I'm sure.
  10. Well according to cbssports, Rudolph is the best QB in the class so we'll probably just take him and claim he was on top of our board the whole time.
  11. I came to my senses. Nothing to see here.
  12. Daniel Jeremiah's Top 50

    Exactly. How many years can we keep drafting non-premium positions at the top of the draft? Once in a while, when someone drops to you, sure. Leonard Williams is a good example. But year after year of taking Safeties, Defensive Tackles and Inside Linebackers in the first round? Doesn't seem to be working out too well so far so maybe we change it up a bit?
  13. Josh Allen

    I've met Malcolm (used to work with his publisher). Blink is a brilliant book and yes, definitely appropriate to this discussion. I work in data/analytics and strategy so I completely get your point there and I don't think we are disagreeing that much. I accept that there are a few amateurs who invest themselves in research and have a lot to add to the debate. Just as most analysts probably don't do nearly as much of the hard work as they should. But I also think amateurs have a tendency to think they are smarter than they really are because they selectively filter (subconsciously) what they compare themselves to. Do any of us go back and look at every pick and prediction we made 2 years later? Maybe a few, but probably not many. Agreed there are a few teams out there that my goldfish would do better at drafting then. In every sport. That is an interesting study in itself why some organizations are so horrible through a succession of GMs and scouting departments.
  14. Josh Allen

    When you have dozens or hundreds of people guessing but claiming to be certain, some of them will turn out to be right and their random success will convince them they are smarter than everyone else. That's what's really happening. Let me give you an example. Old stock scammers used to send out letters to 20,000 people, half of which were told a particular stock would go up and the other half were told it would go down. For half of them, the letter was right. Then they split the group again and did the same thing with a different stock. Now you have 5,000 people who saw this company make two correct predictions. Finally a third time and now you have 2,500 people who, if they aren't onto the scam, think this company is brilliant. Then comes the pitch. Let us invest for you. This is what happens here. Some people scream that Deshaun Watson will bust. Others scream he will be a superstar. Everyone is sure. The ones who guess wrong never mention it again but the ones who guess right shout it to the heavens saying the KNEW it. Nobody knows anything. We all just make guesses based on any number of factors. I'm tired of people being sure about this stuff. Say it's your strong opinion and celebrate your wins. But don't tell me that fans 'know better' than anyone else. Yeah, some of the so-called professionals are complete idiots, and few of them actually know that much more than any of us, but it's mostly the numbers game that makes forum users look so smart.