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  1. To this I would counter: Jared Goff sucked balls last season. If they wrote him off based on 2016, they would have missed what he's doing this season. Sometimes young QBs need a year to suck. Peyton did.
  2. BUF seems to have no issue benching Taylor. And they're 5-4.
  3. Meanwhile, in Buffallo, the Bills, who have a better record and a real shot at the playoffs, bench Taylor (who is better than McCown) for their rookie who was drafted in the 5th round. Why, they were asked? Because, and I quote, "Ultimately, the sense was that Taylor is not the franchise quarterback of the future". No matter how Peterman works out, that right there is a front office that is doing everything they can to prepare their team to win a SB, if not this year, then soon. The Giants are talking about making a change. Multiple other teams are trying out younger guys to see what they can do. KC is the sole exception but they are solidly in the playoff hunt so I can't blame them. And then there are the Jets doubling down on McCown when everyone around them seems to be figuring out how to play this game for the long term. BUF was concerned that Taylor wasn't executing well in the 1st quarter and right after the half. McCown seems to have this problem, only in the slightly more critical 4th quarter, but that's okay with the Jets. Oh and did I mention that Cannizarro just put himself in the Dan Leberfeld hall of stupid.
  4. Depends on who it is. If SF is keeping Jimmy G, they can trade the pick. CLE absolutely should pick one but has sown repeatedly that they can make the dumb choice. IND would have to have a read on if Luck is coming back. If so, they really would do better grabbing Barkely or McGlinchey and building the offense around him finally. Giants could go QB but could go Key or McGlinchey just as readily. It wouldn't shock me if one of the top 2 picks got traded this year.
  5. Who gets extended first?

    Your kung fu is strong.
  6. If neither one is allowed to take a snap once the playoffs are out of the question ahead of McCown then there is no way Bowles should be back next year. Fixed. This isn't about whether Petty can 'take a snap'. This is about whether Bowles will back down from his arrogance and accept the reality of the Jets at this point.
  7. Who gets extended first?

    Meanwhile, Petty leads the Browns to a 10-6 record. And the Jets extend Macc and Bowles for yet another three years.
  8. Somehow Watson, Kizer, Brisset, Trubisky, Cody Kessler, Nathan Peterman, Brett Hundley, Kevin Hogan and Tom Savage have all found at least an opportunity to take a snap behind center this season. Meanwhile on the Jets, the coach only has eyes for his 38 year-old vet who is just good enough to not get blown out too often but falls apart in the 4th quarter in almost every game he plays. No matter how bad you think Petty might be, he likely can't be worse than watching paint dry which is what we get with McCown and might just surprise a few folks and be decent. Everyone who has written him off seems to be very good at ignoring the fact that he played exceedingly well this preseason despite getting buried behind Hack by Bowles. His injury (another lame excuse) is long healed. Almost any other team would have gotten him on the field by now. Heck, we will probably see Davis Webb on the field for the Giants this season. Seriuosly...if you are actually supporting the continued presence of McCown at this point, you have to ask yourself if sniffing glue is really for you.
  9. We still have that feeling. Only today it takes 3 drives to run twelve plays.
  10. McCown just became the guy we all knew he was and would be again. Seriously, he looks like Hackenberg out there.
  11. Nice read. But one obvious mistake. Where was Josh McCown?
  12. Six QBs currently have some kind of 1st-round potential. Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Mayfield, Rudolph, Jackson. You also hear names like Falk and Finley who could be legitimate 2nd rounders that can sneak up. I'm sure by time the draft rolls around it will be less, but there will be choices of reasonable slot value all through the first round, particularly if you are willing to move up or down a little. Keep in mind many are juniors and not all will come out. Assuming we are drafting around 15, the extra 2nd round pick should be able to move us up from 5-8 slots depending on lots of things. Both 2nd rounders could get us as high as 5. Next year's first is another chip we should be willing to play. The answer is, we will definitely be able to get a guy. Maybe not anyone who goes in the 1st 2-3 slots but almost anyone outside of that. As someone said earlier, none of these guys are looking like what we hoped for (Andrew Luck potential) so I won't lament missing on one in particular (at least not as things stand right now) and will be excited for whoever we do get. Earlier in the season, I was all in for Josh Rosen. Now, I just don't even know who I would take first.