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  1. Getting Mangold made it so we didn't really miss Mawae as much as we otherwise would have. Like Rodgers replacing Favre. You don't know how lucky you were until you end up with Wesley Johnson and scratch your head.
  2. He becomes pretty good value for a team with one of the last two picks in the 2nd round. Even if you think he's a bum, do you really want to see him catching passes from Brady next year?
  3. In the first three weeks after Sam got back into the starting lineup, Robby put up the following stat lines. Yep...looks like a bum to me. Date Week Opp Result Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD Ctch% Y/Tgt 12/9/2018 14 BUF W 27-23 7 4 76 19 1 57.10% 10.86 12/15/2018 15 HOU L 22-29 11 7 96 13.71 1 63.60% 8.73 12/23/2018 16 GNB L 38-44 13 9 140 15.56 1 69.20% 10.77
  4. The proper way to hold in the NFL so no flag is thrown. Step 1) Put on a Patriots uniform Step 2) Hold
  5. Khalil Mack was a better pass rusher than anyone in this year's draft class. Didn't stop Gruden from trading him. You're not wrong, but it doesn't have to make sense when you're talking about Gruden.
  6. nycdan

    Robby Anderson

    If there is anyone out there who is against resigning Robby Anderson but in favor of bringing Kareem Hunt in next season, please raise your hand
  7. You're using that certainty that only madmen have which allows for no possibility of being wrong. I'll bow out of this discussion until the draft.
  8. You could, if you squint a little, use the same logic on why it would make no sense to trade up for Watson or Mahomes because of all the great talent coming out the following year. I don't know why teams do what they do. But they almost always seem to do it.
  9. The comp I use for Haskins I Trubisky. One full season as starter. Haskins had much better stats than Trubisky. I was surprised Trubisky went as high as he did (and that CHI actually moved up a slot to lock it in) but he was considered the 'best' QB (tough call in retrospect) in that class and CHI absolutely needed to draft a QB. NYG, JAX and MIA (and probably WAS) should all be locked in on QB. Foles is a wild card that could take one off the board. But if you don't move up for Haskins and miss out, you are looking at Murray, who is not going to get any taller by April, or a bunch of guys who aren't nearly as well-regarded as even Watson and Mahomes were in 2016 when CHI moved up for Trubisky. Recapping - I don't know squat but history suggests to me that someone is going to move up for Haskins as things stand right now, and our pick should be on the table. Only question is, will ARI or SF want to play as well.
  10. Looking back at trade-ups for QBs in recent drafts reminded me that it was BUF who traded out of the 10-slot with KC so the Chief's could take Mahomes. As tough as it has been to be a Jets fan the past few...well decades...think about how that must feel up in Buffalo and will continue to for...well the next two decades.
  11. Look back at history. Teams always need to trade up because other teams will jump them otherwise. Why do you assume nobody else would trade up ahead of 6? Goff, Wentz, Watson, Mahomes, Trubisky...the list goes on. CHI trade up from 3 to 2 to get Trubisky. Not because the 49ers were a threat to take him but because they were a threat to trade the pick to another team that wanted him. This isn't rocket science. QBs in the top-10 are almost always the subject of a trade-up unless, like in the case of Winston/Matiota, the teams there stay put and draft them at the very top, or they are so overdrafted that it was safe to stay put (i.e. Jake Locker at 8, Christian Ponder at 8).
  12. Actually it wasn't nearly enough. The calculation of value of a 2020 2nd rounder was off. PK set it at 500 which is the equivalent of the 8th pick of the round this year. It should be roughly the average of the 3rd round this year, which is 190. So the value of the trade back to us is 2,210. While that matches our value almost perfectly, it is light if there is any sense of competition to move up for a QB. We gave up 2,730 pts to move up to 3 last year (an extra current 2nd rounder and we were at 6, not 7). I think 2,500 is probably the reasonable floor. So with this year's 2nd and next year's second, I would expect JAX to probably add something else. At the very, very least, we will get those two 2nds and probably a bit more.
  13. That's better than our former S&C coach who tripped a Dolphin player during a live play.

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