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  1. I saw PatsFanTX in the thread before I noticed how necro it was. I had a moment...
  2. There can be only one true Janet Weiss:
  3. The 'knock' on Barry was always that he would gain a yard, lose a yard, then gain 20 yards for a great net average. The problem was if you absolutely needed 2 yards on 3rd down, he wasn't necessarily the best option. In truth, I'm not sure if that's really the case, but it is how I recall it. Here's one stat that sort of sums this up, using Thurman Thomas a a comp. On 1st and 10 plays, Thomas had 46 1st downs on 530 attempts (8.7%). Barry had 141 1st downs on 880 attempts (16%) On 3rd/4th and short plays, Thomas converted 46/77 (59.8%). Sanders converted 36/69 (52.2%). He was certainly one of the absolute most exciting guys to watch for sure.
  4. This whole thread can be summed up with a 4-minute clip from The Princess Bride.
  5. Next CBA they should work out a formula for offsets too. Then agents will have to hold out over what brand of hot dogs are available in the film room.
  6. And then this happened: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/vikings-rb-roc-thomas-suspended-three-games-for-felony-drug-arrest/ar-AAEq4os?ocid=spartanntp That's about a third of a pound. Slightly over the 'personal use' boundary for most people. 3 games. Go figure.
  7. Who doesn't love Spider-Pig? Once again, the Simpsons predicting the future like a boss:
  8. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/steelers-james-conner-says-a-doctor-told-him-he-had-only-one-week-to-live-if-cancer-went-undiagnosed/ You want a guy in the NFL you can root for. Here's one. I actually didn't know this about Conner.
  9. I remember when I used to get excited about the season in July. Right up until 1999. That one broke me and I've never been right since.
  10. Guys, you mock, but this is where sports is headed. Analytics has a role in every sport. It may not show visible results for a few years while they figure out how to use the data they have at their fingertips, but if you aren't trying, you're dying.
  11. If they just called her 008, this whole thread wouldn't have been born. They made the 'next Luke Skywalker' a woman and no one cared because Luke was still Luke (even if he doesn't speak much). But gender-flip reboots are universally awful. Can anyone name one that wasn't?
  12. In the annals of Jets GM firings, I still think this takes first place:
  13. Snacks weighs 350 lbs. The Lions play the Cardinals this season. If Snacks falls on Murray, the question is, will Murray pop like a zit? In any case, the Cards OL is pretty much as bad as it gets in the NFL. No matter how fast Murray is, he's going to get hit and hit hard. Maybe he can take the beating. But a scrambling QB and a bad OL is pretty much a recipe for a backup QB starting at some point in the season. if he survives and turns in an OROY type of season, I will be very surprised.

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