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  1. Maybe not the greatest HC ever, but I hated that they dumped him for Rich Kotite at the time, and certainly more as the years went on.
  2. I see this a lot. Critical of drafting a Guard at 14, but totally okay with drafting a RT instead of a LT at 11 the year before when we needed a LT very much.
  3. https://operations.nfl.com/gameday/nfl-schedule/creating-the-nfl-schedule/ Here’s a breakdown of how each team’s opponents are set: Six games against divisional opponents — two games per team, one at home and one on the road. Four games against teams from a division within its conference — two games at home and two on the road. Four games against teams from a division in the other conference— two games at home and two on the road. Two games against teams from the two remaining divisions in its own conference — one game at home and one on the road. Matchups are based on division ranking from the previous season. The new 17th game is an additional game against a non-conference opponent from a division that the team is not scheduled to play. Matchups are based on division ranking from the previous season. Our record only impacts 3 opponents. So we play the 4th place finisher from the AFCW (LV) and AFCS (JAX). We also play a game against the fourth place team from the NFCW this year (SEA). That's the only way our schedule differs from BUF, MIA and NE.
  4. So who is our "cover the TE" guy? We used to have Antonio Allen who always seemed to shut down the best opposing TE. Do we have that guy on this team? Joyner and Whitehead are small. Davis is 6'1" but...well...he's Davis. Maybe one of the tweener LBs?
  5. I think I'd like to see the first 3 and last 3 games of the season be intra-division. I hate when we play NE twice in the first 6 weeks and don't play MIA until week 13 or something like that. There's no reason for it other than the league overthinking things. Everyone watches the games. Make the schedule make sense.
  6. Worst in 2019. 4th Worst in 2020. 5th Worst in 2021. We're getting there slowly
  7. Just wait. After laying down a smokescreen all pre-season, Week 1 will arrive and we will release the Kraken Mims goes 7-118 with 1 TD.
  8. Jets had the fourth most man-games-missed by starters due to injury last season. There is definitely correlation between that metric and success. "At the bottom of the injury list was Detroit, which lost 134 games by starters. Second worst was Baltimore (125), followed by the New York Giants (115), the New York Jets (113) and the Washington Football Team (111)." 113 games missed by starters equates to an average of 6.65 starters out per game. BUF, by comparison had a number of 36, which is just over 2 starters out per game. That's a problem.
  9. Generally a good tactic. DAL did it perfectly back in the 80s, drafting Irvin, then following up with Aikman and finally Smith. They also drafted two of their starting OLine plus Moose the same year as Aikman. It obviously worked out well. In fact, I think they are a very interesting comp. When you look at it, the Jets tried to do the same. OL and WR. Then, when they were in a rare position to draft a QB, they did, and they should have, plus another OL. Followed that up with another WR, RB, and TE. You can't always wait for the right time. If they had waited another year, they would have been looking at a much lesser class. It actually feels very similar to the model, although the team was less stocked when they started, and they had massive injury problems last year. In 1989, Aikman's rookie year, DAL went 1-15. The following year, with Smith, they went 7-9. The third year, they went 11-5. Interestingly enough, Aikman was pretty bad all three of his first seasons. It wasn't until 1992 that he started to put up numbers. In all honesty, he was the most mediocre HoF QB ever. Look at his career stats. Yet that team won double digit games for five straight years. I want to see Zach do much better than Aikman obviously, but he doesn't need to be Aaron Rodgers for the Jets to be successful.
  10. Yes, it was an awful game by any measure. But some context from PFF who normally does not blow rainbow smoke up the Jet's backsides: https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-week-18-game-recap-buffalo-bills-27-new-york-jets-10 ============== Quarterback It was an unceremonious end to a disappointing season for Wilson Sunday, as the former second-overall pick completed just seven passes for 87 yards and a touchdown on 20 attempts and 30 dropbacks. The ex-BYU quarterback was sacked eight times and suffered from four dropped passes, bringing his adjusted completion percentage up to a respectable 68.8%. Wilson did lead the team rushing, tallying 24 yards on two scrambles. Running Backs As alluded to above, the Jets run game couldn’t get off the ground. Michael Carter led the way in snaps (24) and carries (nine), but he gained just 19 yards, including 24 after contact with three forced missed tackles. Tevin Coleman and Ty Johnson combined for six carries and 5 rushing yards. Wide Receivers/Tight Ends With Wilson completing just seven passes, no one in the Jets receiving game stood out. Wide receiver Jeff Smith led the unit in snaps with 26, but he had just one catch for 2 yards. The most productive wideout was Keelan Cole, as the former Jaguar tallied three receptions on three targets for 54 yards and a touchdown on his way to an 80.1 receiving grade. Offensive Line New York’s offensive line looked like it was on roller skates for most of the afternoon, credited with four sacks allowed. Tackle Morgan Moses especially struggled, being beaten by his defender five times and allowing two sacks en route to a unit-worst 36 pass-protection grade. ============= My point is, I believe you can partially offset that game as an indicator that the progress Wilson made at the end of last season wasn't real. No Berrios. No Corey Davis. Crappy OLine play. 4 dropped passes out of 20 attempts. Sacked 8 times. That's a lot for a rookie. All it means to me is we don't know either way what to expect this year, but nobody on either side of this debate should be feeling any level of certainty.
  11. The odds (ouctome:bet ratio) is how Vegas adjusts things while leaving the line unchanged. In fact, it probably helps them draw more money in than is warranted because some less experienced bettors don't understand that as well, thinking they bet $100 to win $100. Once the number reaches the level it's at now for the Jets (around -145 on most sites) that indicates the O/U line may be close to moving up to 6. I'm not sure if the odds reset back to 100 at that point or not. I'm no expert on this, but the interesting question is, would you rather bet 5.5 at -145 or 6 at 100? I'm not sure myself but would love some thoughts from anyone on this.
  12. There are seven major 'unknowns' heading into this season. Zach, Mekhi, Mims, Lawson, Gardner, Garret, and JJ2. (I actually don't consider Breece Hall to be much of a risk to not be successful as long as the OLine holds up). The range of success we have as a team can pretty much be expected to correlate to this list's success. Zach is obviously the most critical by a wide margin. After that, if at least four of the remaining six perform to or above expectations (which may be admittedly lofty), we should be playing for .500 or better. Every year teams surprisingly progress and/or regress. At least 2-3 10-win teams from last year will be .500 or below, and vice versa. Making prognosticators look like idiots is one of the great joys of sports.
  13. Actually, no. I don't know who built that chart, but it's terribly conceived. Look at the Pats for example. Here are their four non-Sunday afternoon games (taken from cbssports.com so if it's wrong, blame them). " The Pats play Thanksgiving at the Vikings then again the following Thursday (Bills) and the following Monday night (Cardinals) and then on a Sunday night (Raiders). " What's uniquely interesting is that they play two consecutive Thursdays. That gives them a HUGE advantage versus the Bills in that they play a Thursday night game on 7 days rest while the Bills are on 4 days rest. I don't know that has ever happened before. They then get an extra 3 days of rest again compared to ARI on the following Monday night. In fact, the only single day of disadvantage they have compared to their opponents is the game following the Monday night game. So by any simple measure, they have a +6 for competitive advantage in days of rest versus opponents, not counting any bye weeks that factor in, which could account for the change. Personally, I don't consider more than 7 days of rest a serious advantage, and maybe the opposite, but I think the Monday and Thursday games are very significant. One could look at that Bills game and think that there was some chicanery used to get them that advantage as there is absolutely no reason for a team to play consecutive Thursdays. The NFL must have felt a little bad, so they then turned around and gave us the Bills following that Thursday night game so they get the extra 3 days of rest versus us. Make of it what you will.
  14. The Raven's supposed schedule does the same thing. All four AFCE opponents in weeks 1-4. That is weird but maybe something the NFL is into as an experiment. In any case, that schedule is not balanced over the season. really front-loaded with harder opponents. Not a fan of that.
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