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  1. So in the midst of an 0-16 season (hopefully) we are reminiscing about past failures? Just trying to keep up here
  2. Unfortunately, Manish is also DNP - Non-Injury Related.
  3. Even if there was an award for just the best rookie WR, it would obviously go to Claypool in the AFC (Jefferson in the NFC). Mims has great promise but don't be silly. In fact, Jefferson would have a shot at OROY if it wasn't a mortal lock to go to Herbert because...well...QB.
  4. Welcome back, Rex! (Actually, I guess Rex is a self-absorbed player's coach so not the exact opposite
  5. It's kind of like arguing about which one of Leonardo DiCaprio's exes you would rather spend a weekend with. There really isn't a 'wrong' answer.
  6. What would Mahomes do to SEA's defense this year? 50 pts? 60? It would be fun to watch him scorch Adams.
  7. I think I prefer Robinson or even Godwin over JJSS but it's not by a wide margin.
  8. I would have put Wilson 3rd above everyone else but was thinking of how he played earlier in the season when he was tossing picks around in an uncharacteristically high fashion. But a second look shows me he's got that under control so you are right. He's definitely third. My point is, there is such a huge difference between those guys and the rest that it's a bit weird to make an unordered list of 5. Yes, Ben is having a great season and is top-5 right now. But those first two guys are not human. 30 TDs / 2 INTs with 3,500 yards in 11 games? 33 TDs / 4 INTs with 3,100 yards in 11 games? Take your pick.
  9. NFL can definitely make that happen but it does have near-catastrophic consequences for many teams. I could see a scenario where they negotiate a flat or only slightly lower cap in 2021 in exchange for an agreement to keep it at that level for the next few years even as revenue returns to pre-Covid rates until they earn back the losses. Basically they would be fronting a loan to the NFLPA now and taking it back when revenue was restored. NFLPA will howl about it but in the end, they probably have no real choice.
  10. The other guy on the Saints I like a lot is Ramczyk. Plug him in at RT and our line gets substantially better, allowing us to focus exclusively on IOL in the draft.
  11. I am not sure whether Brady is more concerned about winning games or passing Brees on the all time passing yards list. I wonder if Arians is having the same concern.
  12. It doesn't show in the numbers, but I think Gore deserves a lot of credit for doing what he is doing considering he gets no help from the rest of the offense. They guy puts his head down and plows. Play after play.

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