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  1. 30 days until Bobby Bonilla day!
  2. I'm leaning that way at this point as well. Darnold is particularly effective on rollouts to his right. He throws well on the move and he can scramble. Now he was forced to do that with Shell and Edoga in front of him last year. I have seen what Becton does to LBs who try to come up on him. They usually get tossed off the field or down to the turf. Sometimes twice on the same play. Moving the pocket to the right with Becton as the anchor could be an interesting tactic and could yield some significant dividends.
  3. Fant is the only thing right now keeping Edoga from being a must-start at RT. He may or may not turn out to be a good Tackle, but we desperately needed competition and there wasn't much out there. If he's better than Shell, then it's a decent move. Not sure if he's a better choice than bringing Beachum back, but he's younger so there's probably a bit more upside. I can't kill the move given how things looked at the time.
  4. Not when it's Tank for Trevor time. This year they will be giving their opponents video footage of THEIR practices. Accidentally...on purpose.
  5. Giant Zoom sessions. Put the fans up in small squares on the jumbotrons. Pipe in the noise.
  6. I would be very surprised if any team was in a rush to trade high picks for any player right now and then pony up a huge contract, at a time when the salary cap is very possibly going to plummet next year, forcing many teams to have to release good players because they can't pay them all under the 2021 cap. I just don't see BAL as making that kind of silly decision. The issue right now, is nobody is getting signed for big, long-term money. Not Dak, not Jamal. Nobody. And Jamal is pissed because now he's stuck waiting. That isn't the Jets' fault, but apparently they are the bad guys to him. It's a shame. Regardless, I seriously can't see a trade happening without a massive contract, and I just can't see that happening at all right now.
  7. True fact: Our new uniforms look 67.2% better in the opponent's end zone than at mid-field. And the contrast when they are on top of the opposing QBs uniform provides a 94.1% boost to likeability. It's really all situational.
  8. It's basically nothing more than a training camp invite but it locks him into showing up. The Jets spent more than that on some of Rex Ryan's dinners so no biggie on their end. I would imagine if nobody else offers you even that, you take it so you know you're at least a name on the radar when you show up for whatever that's worth.
  9. Can he play Safety? Asking for a friend...
  10. QBs I would want over Dak for the next 2 years (leaving out Brees and Brady because over 40 doesn't really apply here): The definites: Mahomes Wilson Rodgers The probables: Watson L. Jackson Guys I consider in the same tier as Prescott: Cousins Wentz Tannehill (hard to believe but his numbers last year warrant it) Garopollo So I have him as not a top-5, but probably a top-10. So is that the guy you pay top-QB money to? How's it working out for MIN so far? To me, Prescott is Cousins. An accurate passer who shines in low-pressure moments and folds when the heat turns up. You pay that guy $25MM and always try to develop his replacement. Meanwhile, you think Tannehill's #s were good last year in TEN? Put him in DAL and I bet he'd do everything Dak does. Rodgers would be a favorite to win the NFC and probably a SB. For a non-football comp, Dak is the Larry Walker of the NFL. Good player in exactly the right place to get the most out of his talents. Either Jerry realizes this or he doesn't. I guess we'll find out.
  11. The Jets have had two black HCs in the last 20 years so while you could argue the Gase hiring on its own merits, that is not the hire to wave the finger at. It's unfortunate that those two HCs were just an unsuccessful as everyone else we've hired and fired in that time. And FWIW, Herm got a second chance in KC. And Marvin Lewis got 20 years of second chances in CIN. The numbers aren't great, but it's not like it used to be. The problem may be more about coaching trees. Everyone wants the next Belichick or the next Reid. That's how you get the Giants hiring a WR coach to be their HC. That should work well. But back to the issue, right now, that leaves Bienemy as the only minority coordinator on those two teams. The solution has to bubble up from the lower ranks. When there are more coordinators of color, there will eventually be more head coaches of color. The NFL just changed the Rooney rule to include coordinator interviews so maybe that will move things along.
  12. Thus putting Fitz back in as starter. Gee, that would be something we've never seen before.
  13. Um.....no. Firing Pete Carroll to bring in Rich Kotite pretty much has that trophy locked up.
  14. Trumaine Johnson robbed Woody Johnson blind for two years. Didn't even need a gun.
  15. I'd be shocked if any team ponies up a long-term deal right now. The cap is set to decrease substantially next season so anyone on teams will probably have to cut some very good players under previous contracts when we get there. It would be foolish to add to that problem now, which is why all the 1-year deals. That way they can hopefully resign them once the 2021 cap is better understood but before they hit FA. It's a really shyte year to be a FA in any sport with a Salary cap.
  16. I'm sure the Patriots will offer to find venues for the Bills and Jets to practice in.
  17. I never heard that quote but I love it. I have been promoting Earl as the #2 all-timer for years here and get a lot of push-back from Barry and Walter fans. To me it's not even a question. I feel more than a little vindicated by that quote.
  18. I will never forget that play. One of my all-time favorite moments.
  19. And Devin Smith. He was a legend.
  20. Okay, what incredible drugs are you on that you put Hines Ward as one of the two greatest Steelers ever? I'm not even convinced you can realistically put Bradshaw there. Joe Greene. Full Stop. No debate allowed. Then probably Lambert and Blount but you can quibble there. Then you can start talking about everyone else, and I'm not sure I didn't just insult Rod Woodson and Franco Harris among several others.
  21. Only if he promises to get fat and surly before pre-season starts.
  22. Actually, I think I can. But I also think he can undo it so it would just be a symbolic gesture.

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