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  1. We have seen teams tank before but IMO what MIA is doing is beyond that. It goes against the spirit of all games being at least competitive yet there's really nothing the league can do about it. I feel bad for the players left on that team who won't be able to abandon ship.
  2. We've seen what this defense looks like with and without Mosley. We need him healthy.
  3. nycdan

    Good Read

    I'm considering this for Post of the Week.
  4. Would it require us to hire a board-certified proctologist?
  5. If Maye stays healthy, it will look decent. Patrick Mahomes and Dalvin Cook (who many were calling for at the time) would have been a nice outcome too.
  6. I do not want to make light of the accusations. That is off limits. But I can't be the only one who immediately thought of this when I read that garbage above.
  7. So we all knew the defense was going to carry the team today, right? right?
  8. Top 15 for one year back in 2015. He's a good WR but his numbers since 2015 have been below average. Packers do have a good D, but CHI punted so many times last night that their Punter just filed for overtime. Gotta pin a lot of that on Trubisky.
  9. I heard he's celebrating with a trip to the cryotherapy center.
  10. I got goosebumps reading this. And I love the unintentional nod to Bart Scott.
  11. Well at least one player on the Bears earned his paycheck last night.
  12. I guess I must have missed something. Does anyone have a quote of what Mayock supposedly said that set Brown off? From the interviews I've seen on nfl.com, AB was screaming at Mayock at practice about the fines and Mayock was *not* shouting back as much. He may have said something that made it worse, but I haven't seen a quote on that. It's just as possible that AB was completely off his rocker over the fines and there was nothing Mayock could have said or not said that was going to result in a different outcome. Right now there is a lot of assumption out there that Mayock failed to properly placate a hystrionic diva (as if that's even a thing). I'm not sure that's a fair narrative yet. What I've seen on it so far: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-now/0ap3000001051116/Rapoport-What-happened-in-A-B-s-screaming-match-with-Mayock
  13. I think you may be slightly mis-remembering McMahon's passing contribution. He was 20th in the league in passing yards and 18th in TDs in '85. In the 3 playoff games he threw a total of 3 TDs but scored 3 more rushing. The defense also scored 3 TDs in that span. Which was more points than they gave up. I had to look it up to be sure, but they shut out the Giants and Rams before giving up 7 garbage time points to go with an early FG to the Pats in a 46-10 blowout. So in 3 games the defense outscored the opposing offense by 21-10, and if you add the one punt return for a TD, well...then it gets even more lopsided. Payton and McMahon were fine, but that year was all about the defense. This year's Bears team will live or die by their defense as well only it isn't nearly as good as that '85 one. And clearly their offense isn't either.
  14. Bears...limited passer with some scrambling potential...ferocious defense. Hmm....I think this is a remake of a movie I saw about 33 years ago.
  15. Well when you put it like that... That's an Idzik/Maccagnan-level blunder.
  16. Parcells would have probably said things in a stronger way than Mayock did. Yes, he had the resume to get away with it, but using Bill as an example, there's nothing that Mayock did that was out of line. Example - Parcells quote:
  17. So because AB is a highly talented emotional infant, the rest of the team, league, and basically world is supposed to handle him differently than anyone else? I'm disappointed to see Michael Thomas weighing in with an opinion on Mayock while completely ignoring the larger issue of AB's behavior. It's just more enabling that will fuel his dysfunction. Mayock could have done things better but he was not, and is not the root problem here. To point the finger primarily at him feels very problematic to me. I'd hope our players would stay out of it completely on social media and let the Raiders sort their crap out on their own.
  18. This was worked out months ago. PIT wouldn't trade him to NE. So they needed a middleman to be the patsy. NE saves the picks, gets AB on a one-year deal, and Peter King knobslobbers about how masterfully BB played the league. The only fly in the ointment is if Gruden can claw back the signing bonus because keeping it is a requirement for AB to do the one-year prove-it deal with NE.
  19. You want to step outside? Yeah, I'm talking to you, Var!

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