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  1. Put it another way. If we were sitting on #15, 16 and 19, would you trade two of them to move up to #4 for Thibs?
  2. Oddly enough, the closest trade to this I can remember is Sanchez. We traded #17, our 2nd rounder, and 3 scrubs to move up to #5. That was an enormous trade for us in terms of value at the time. Most of the other trade-ups involved going to top-2 (e.g. RGIII or Goff/Wentz) and carried much larger price tags. Maybe the next closest was the Rosen trade when ARI traded #15, a 3rd and 5th rounders for #10. Not a huge price tag until you consider what they ultimately got. Finally, there's Julio. ATL had a much lower pick, trading #27, their 2nd and 4th rounders, and next year's 1
  3. Rodgers or Russ Wilson in a trade. Maybe they bring in Dalton, Tyrod Taylor, Winston, or Cam Newton to hold the fort for a year. Maybe a trade for Minshew? It feels like they have to do something. I can't see them trotting out Rudolph or Haskins next season and none of the draft prospects would likely be ready to start on Day 1. This team is still playoff-worthy, but they need a veteran QB.
  4. Did JetsFanShawn do a takeover of hmhertz's account?
  5. You partially answered your own question. DEN would probably have to include Sutton in any deal for Rodgers (saves them $8.4M in cap while Jeudy would cost them). Also, they are sitting on $40M of cap room before even making cuts, trades, or restructuring. Still a lot of complexity to this still, but it does track.
  6. I look at that every time I run a mock. First of all, I think it much more likely we'd be lucky to get #16 and #19 from them if any trade were to happen. And the only way it makes any sense for them is if Thibs falls and they loved him. Would I make that trade in that case? Yes, absolutely. At #10, #16 and #19, we could fill in three needs very easily and even go a little off-script at #10 (say if Hamilton falls). 16 and 19 are the sweet spot for WR, LB, tier-2 Edge and maybe a CB who drops. Depends on what we do at #10. But a draft of Burks, Jermaine Johnson, and Devin
  7. I don't blame the players. I just hate the end of the path it leads to. There are reasons why it's harder to do in the NFL, but I imagine those might erode over time and as the new CBA gets negotiated. I really would hate to see that kind of star player movement in the NFL every year though. I think it really hurts the sport. Unless Mahomes and TJ Watt decided to meet up on the Jets. Then I'm okay with it.
  8. ...and the NFL begins turning into the NBA before our very eyes.
  9. Thanks. I'll get right on that.
  10. I can not fathom any team paying three 1st round picks plus more for Watson as things stand. Unless the NFL definitively clears him, that seems like a pipe dream for HOU. Maybe a high first or equivalent in picks/players. Beyond that, the risk seems way too high. Nobody wants to be the GM who trades for a player who gets suspended before he even takes a snap. But then again, nobody wants to be the GM who trades two 1st rounders for a Safety and yet...there you go.
  11. When the coach yells Mo'Fatt I think at least two players are going to answer.
  12. Even better than that, they will always be mediocre. Being mediocre is worse than sucking in the NFL.
  13. I think where we disagree is you appear to be equating 'draft capital' with the number of picks. You are generally suggesting that two lower picks is more valuable than a higher pick. I see value as the overall benefit you provide to your team regardless of how many players are involved. Admittedly the most extreme example - KC traded two 1sts and a 3rd to move up in 2017 for Mahomes. Three picks for one. Nobody in KC feels it was a bad use of draft capital. I put up the AVT trade as a lesser example. Trading back, in a vacuum, doesn't help. Look at Miami last year. They got cute
  14. I usually am perfectly fine with dropping a 7th (if we had one) on a kicker since I rarely expect it to yield any value at any other position. But it seems like a complete crapshoot as many of the better college kickers don't translate well to the NFL and more than a few of the best NFL kickers were UDFA.
  15. Actually, they got an additional late 3rd rounder for sliding back 11 spots in the 2nd. They then flipped the 3rd rounder (101) for two 4ths and a 6th. At the time, every single one of us was screaming against the trade down with Mims still on the board, and then shortly after, thrilled with the trade down when we still got Mims. Joke was on us but all in all, the trade - in retrospect - was a solid one. Most of JDs trades have turned out to be that. As for 1st round picks, we traded up last year and landed a fantastic player at a position of great need. We could debate the value o
  16. He'll fit right in with New Orleans
  17. Yes. In fact, his contract was structured to be traded this offseason because of a $15M roster bonus due March 18. They almost HAVE to trade him before then unless they find some way to restructure him yet again, but I can't see how that happens.
  18. Both QBs played amazing. Nothing wrong with feeling bad for Allen in that context. But here's a fun fact I didn't know until I looked: Mahomes outrushed Allen by 1 yard. 69 vs. 68. He also got 1 TD rushing (Allen didn't need to because Davis was apparently wearing camoflauge on his uniform). So while everyone is lamenting Allen's misfortune, it's okay to acknowledge that Mahomes matched him in every measurable way that game. Wiley comes across like a tool. His bitter tears will be the flavor of the day until someone else steps up and says something even dumber.
  19. Unless they are Revis or Sanders. Those guys are the only CBs of the last 20 years that I think could have stopped those passes on the men they were covering. But even then, it wouldn't have helped with Kelce.
  20. That he was I also like this one:
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