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  1. Maybe we should bring Steve Weatherford back to help the conditioning program out:
  2. When the Panthers' fans realize that they aren't getting Watson or Rodgers before the season starts, prices will start coming down.
  3. Why does the NFL do this idiotic thing where we play one divisional opponent twice before we play either of the other ones even once?
  4. Austin may not be signed right away. Very possible he'd be a Week 2 addition so his salary won't be guaranteed this season.
  5. It's all fun and games until Woody starts thinking how nice it would be to move back to London and take his team with him.
  6. Week 1: DEN @ NYG https://nypost.com/2021/05/11/2021-nfl-schedule-giants-will-open-season-against-broncos/
  7. It seems like our TE depth chart is wide open. I hope this kid turns into one of those "how the hell was he not drafted" stories.
  8. I would rather watch 3 hours of Football Follies and it's not even close. They are jumping the shark hard now.
  9. Same. I changed the title because it was causing me stress every...single...time.
  10. No, Tim, you won't be needing a jersey. It's raining today.
  11. Instead of MC II, can we go with MC Squared?
  12. Moore looks like he cuts like a 500 year-old katana. I'm getting pretty excited to see him lining up on game days.
  13. It's like watching Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner when that cloud of dust kicks up on the cut.
  14. Not sure this needs its own thread so I'm dropping it here. Don't know how legit it is, but it is chuckle-worthy. NFL Insider Shares Bizarre Story Involving Jets’ Evaluation Of Zach Wilson (msn.com)
  15. Can they have a few training camp sessions before we make this decision for them?
  16. All of this is nothing more than a drug-fueled fantasy considering we would have another Free Agency period with one of the highest caps in the league again to work with. True, based on this season, we probably won't sign more than one high-value target, but overall, it will completely impact any draft strategy you might work out this early. Just a taste of who *might* become available (and we haven't even seen them play in 2021 so it's all wildly speculative): Allen Robinson Davante Adams Chris Godwin Calvin Ridley (no way he gets loose) Brandon Scherff
  17. Just an odd little fact. 1968 NFL season leaders in Receiving Yards: Rk Player Tm Age Pos G GS Rec Yds ▼ Y/R TD Lng Y/Tgt R/G Y/G Fmb 1 Roy Jefferson* PIT 25 FL 14 13 58 1074 18.5 11 62 4.1 76.7
  18. Sell it in pairs with the I K Enemkpali cards. "Jaw-dropping prices!"
  19. Bigamy - having one wife too many. or is that monogamy? I get those mixed up.
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