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  1. It's not shocking. Officiating seems to have gotten worse every year. What's more troubling is that it seems the same teams get the good calls every year. When a coach doesn't perform, he gets fired. When a player doesn't perform, he gets cut. When an NFL official doesn't perform, not only do you have the NFL breaking their backs to make sure that nobody criticizes the sacred cows known as the NFL officials, but you have too many fans that seem to take the attitude of "Never use the officials as an excuse" or "If you were really good, you would have won in spite of the officiating".
  2. What a drama queen baby. This is the same guy that refused to go to the white house twice (not for political reasons, but because he felt the president should want to visit them even when they don't win the super bowl )
  3. He and Jenny Vrentas have been a nice change. They both give well thought out analysis and you actually can learn something you may not have known by reading their articles.
  4. Oh it's that same douche. Well no wonder he assumed they made the right call without even looking at it . Sports writers should never try to be comedians as they are rarely good at it.
  5. On another note, interpret this how you will, but I think Rex is basically all but saying that Revis needs to tough it out and that the must be 100% rhetoric is getting old: http://twitter.com/TheJetsStream Rex on Revis sitting with Bye in Wk 7? "If he's healthy, we want to play Darrelle...It's not vacation time. It's time to beat somebody" #nfl http://twitter.com/JennyVrentas Rex: "Is he going to be better 3 wks from now, if we don't play him? That's still to be determined." #nyj
  6. Personally I'm surprised as many people are on Revis for trash talking as they are. I'm pretty angry at Revis myself, but it has nothing to do with him trashing Moss. It has to do with the training camp holdout that basically contributed to the hamstring pull that has lasted all season. I'd be pissed even if he was a mute under those circumstances. I just hope that whatever rest he needs (be it Denver and the bye or beyond that) will help the injury heal and he can get back to being the elite cornerback we came to know. He was not a one year wonder. He was good in 2007 even as a rookie, great in 2008, and unbelievable in 2009. I would gladly take even the 2008 level in the second half.
  7. Miami. Two reasons: 1) New England has home games in Dec/Jan against both the Jets and Miami. Miami on the other hand has to travel to both places in the late season. Based on that, you'd have to think New England has the edge in terms of advantage, so I'd rather them having to play catchup as much as possible. 2) Look at the next four games for both teams after the bye (both coming up after the game). New England hosts Baltimore, is at San Diego, hosts Minnesota, and is at Cleveland. Can't see them going less than 2-2. Whereas Miami is at Green Bay, hosts Pittsburgh, is at Cincinnati, and at Baltimore. They could steal one, but they won't be favored to win any of those games.
  8. It's nice to see the haters called out, but I disagree with this statement: But for the Jets, so often the forgotten team even in their own city, to receive so much attention, let alone vitriol, is a new phenomenon. Maybe receiving attention is a new phenomenon and maybe the hate has become more vocal, but in the twenty years since I've followed football closely (and growing up in a Jets family 11 years before that), I can tell you that the Jets hate has always been there. It didn't matter if the coach was Rex Ryan, Herman Edwards, Bill Parcells, or whoever (just so people can stop using the Rex Ryan talks too much excuse). Maybe its because certain parts of the national media hated New York and certain parts of the local media hated the team that wasn't the beloved, precious, "classy" Giants. Or maybe it is pure scapegoating. The hate has always been there. The difference is that instead of the hate being in the form of laughter and disdain, the hate is now in the forms of a "who do they think they are" attitude.
  9. I know Ronnie Brown got a DUI in the offseason. I'm sure the Dolphins have already suspended him for a game this year. It's only the evil Jets that would dare play a guy who did this.
  10. After reading some of Ray Lewis's comments (here and elsewhere), I've come to a few conclusions: 1) What he says about Sanchez reeks of mind games. Bart Scott once said that his goal with trash talking was to get the other guy so focused and angry on him that it threw him off his game. To me, this is what Ray Lewis is doing with Sanchez. Luckily for us, there is nothing that Lewis has said that Bart Scott has not already said in practice. Sanchez may not succeed Monday, but it won't be because of Lewis's words. 2) When you hear Ray Lewis take issue with Ryan's comments about play calling from Hard Knocks (the tap out comment), it reeks of being a cry baby. For somebody who dishes it out, he sure doesn't seem able to take it (and ftr, it wasn't even a bad comment, just pointing out how hard calling the plays can be). 3) During last year's preseason game, Ray Lewis refused to shake Rex Ryan's hand at the end of the game. At the time, I couldn't help but think that it was bitterness for choosing Scott over Lewis when free agency started, and that bitterness still seems to be there. Kind of pathetic.
  11. Great news if true, but I have a hard time believing it.
  12. I have no problem with skepticism as long as its based on something. Questioning whether Sanchez will step up is obviously the biggest key to the season and is a legit question mark on whether the Jets are contenders or are overhyped pretenders. What I can't stand is when people predict failure and throw out the "same old Jets" chant with almost no analysis whatsoever other than "well they're the Jets, they'll blow it". Get enough of that crap from opposing fans (and sorry, the Jets hate did not just begin this year).
  13. I think trying to go to his hometown and trying to find information from friends/acquaintances (or even find Revis himself) was okay. I think trying to get quotes from his grandmother was a douche move on Cimini's part.
  14. 11:59 on Monday needs to be the Revis deadline. Pull all offers for the year unless he reports by then. Otherwise, ris If you want to prevent any

  15. I don't know if Sanchez is gay, but this is disturbing news: http://twitter.com/TheJetsStream WFAN radio reported that #Jets Mark Sanchez attended a Justin Bieber concert last night. #nyj #nfl I guess its better than having a quarterback that models himself after Bieber, but Yikes!!!!
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