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  1. I'd take a gay top 5 QB any day. I mean, on my team. Not... well, you know.
  2. Forget Foles. He would be awful here. We need competent offensive coaching, a good offensive line, and skill players in addition to a QB.
  3. This is why you don't go for two in the first quarter. Pederson has been 99% brilliant this postseason but that could be a killer.
  4. nothing. I get more indifferent the older I get and the lower this organization sinks.
  5. Poll: Cousins vs. First Round QB

    I am on board with signing Cousins. Would be equally happy if we got Mayfield at 6. That said, I think we'll have to move up to 3, 4, or 5 to select him. Good thing we beat the Jags and Chiefs.
  6. Poll: Cousins vs. First Round QB

    You've come around on Cousins? I thought I recalled you not wanting him.
  7. That was an egregious PI call. No other team in the league gets that.
  8. Hopefully Robby solicits your expertise, Saul.
  9. Any interest in Jarvis Landry?

    Can't wait for Jarvis and Robby to hit the club together.
  10. Us millennials have shortened the phrase to just "nut".
  11. Yup. Robby's black, Hogan's white. That solves it.
  12. That's the line they tell us. They're really off our board because they have talent and play on offense. We don't want playmakers here.