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  1. PS17

    Josh Norman on Darnold

    Darnold is starting week one. Bridgewater should be playing the 2nd half. Darnold should be playing with the 1s.
  2. I think Darnold will be fine this year. Even if the line is below average, he’s the kind of quarterback that will still play well. He has some of that Russell Wilson playground style when things start to break down. We saw it at USC time and time again. @HelenOfTroy, how would you rate USC’s protection of Darnold the past two years?
  3. My college buddies and I are having our eighth annual dynasty rookie draft this Sunday. My best friend made a big trade for the second overall pick (for Guice) mere hours before he got hurt. Brutal. Now I have to decide whether I’d pick him if he falls to me at 4.
  4. Love Guice. Such a shame. Unfortunately it looks like he’s made of glass.
  5. If CowboyBill is referring to a top 10-drafted QB's inability to hit wide open check downs in training camp, then yes, his receivers have never seen anything like it.
  6. PS17

    We doing a JetNation fantasy football league?

    If there's room I'm in. Prefer ESPN, then Yahoo. We should do a SuperFlex league. That spices things up nicely.
  7. PS17

    Happy Birthday Lith

    Great poster, happy birthday.
  8. What on earth could the hold up be? The money is slotted according to pick and everyone else has signed.
  9. Brooklyn born and raised, still living here. One rule regarding Brooklynese: drop Rs when they’re there and add them when they’re not, almost always when a word ends in -a. Popcorn becomes popcawn. Soda becomes soder. My government teacher in high school literally used to say Barack Obamer. Smart guy, too.
  10. If posters didn't quote the OP, how would we know what they are responding to?
  11. lmao This is some grade-A awful trolling.
  12. I feel like any average back would have looked like a Pro Bowler behind the 2008-2009 NYJ offensive line, easily the best in the league at the time. Jones was decent, nothing more.