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  1. This argument is beyond stupid. Montana is 4-0 in Super Bowls. He also was 0-3, one and done in three straight playoffs from 1985-87. I’ll take Brady making it to the Super Bowl and losing, having won 2+ prior games, over Montana flaming out in the opening round. 6-3 >>>> 4-0 with multiple early round exits
  2. Tony Kornheiser had the best solution to this. Washington keeps the Redskins name but changes the logo to a red potato. Everyone wins.
  3. The stadium is a soulless dump and impossible to reach for New Yorkers that don’t live on the west side of Manhattan. I am not spending my money on live games anymore because the game day experience sucks, the team usually sucks, and the commute, whether by public transit or car, is horrendous. I hope I see a NY stadium in my lifetime.
  4. Davis legitimately has the worst haircut/style I’ve ever seen.
  5. What was the original thread title? I’m curious now.
  6. Turns out it wasn’t a mistake, just bad luck. Hitting the first daily double very early and then not getting a crack at the second two. Too bad he couldn’t break Ken’s record. I think James is the Jeopardy GOAT regardless. Curious to see what he does with the rest of his life.
  7. It’s funny, I follow the /r/nyjets page on Reddit and it’s the total opposite. The majority of posters are young, happy go lucky, optimistic Jets fans. Here it’s the total opposite. I enjoy this forum way more, darksider that I am.
  8. The sheer amount of time down the drain discussing this dreadful franchise with mostly unintelligent anonymous strangers, perhaps.
  9. Eddie Jackson is a special player. Best safety in the league, by a decent margin I’d say.
  10. I could see any of Crowder, Anderson, Enunwa leading the team in receiving yards with Bell and Herndon being long shots. This is the first season in a while where I’m not worried about the skill position players.
  11. They have OJ Howard and Cameron Brate. The chance Leggett beats either one of them for a roster spot is less than 1%.
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