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  1. I don't see it with Fromm at all. Watched him several times since 2017 and have always been underwhelmed. Granted I'm a very casual college fan. Can anyone ( @Lith ?) explain the hype?
  2. Totally agree. If he can't be touched in practice he shouldn't be practicing. This team is going nowhere fast and trifling with Darnold's health/career/life to get him back a week early is malpractice.
  3. You could auto-reply this to every single Joe W. Namath post and it’ll always be applicable.
  4. Piece of sh*t DB. Should be ejected.
  5. Mahomes is by far the best player in the NFL, let alone QB.
  6. Thread of the Year potential. I had my photo up for ten minutes after a drunken 3 AM post and then I reevaluated my need for validation from meathead, now semi-anonymous Jet fans online. And alas, the photo came down.
  7. God hates Jets fans. what the ****
  8. He's a stud. Since day one of preseason it's been clear.
  9. Close to a decade of incompetent management and drafting and we're at rock bottom.
  10. Factoring only his on-field football career, nine years is plenty long enough, especially when you consider Brown’s 2013-2018 seasons are probably the best six year stretch a WR has ever had. I’m not gonna speculate about how his antics drop his candidacy.

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