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  1. A JN mod bending? Say it ain’t so.
  2. Rodgers had a weird motion at Cal. Now he has the most compact, quick release in the league. Hoping Bates can work on that a bit.
  3. PS17

    Official WORLD CUP 2018

    I was at a bar for the match, but Fox's coverage and commentators (maybe except for the Peru-Denmark game) have been brutal so far. I miss ESPN. They did a beautiful job in 2010 and 2014.
  4. PS17

    Official WORLD CUP 2018

    Ronaldo reminds me of LeBron in so many ways. Physical freak who is just on a different athletic planet from his peers. Unbelievable conditioning, showing no signs of remotely slowing down as he goes further into his thirties. Both egocentric prima donnas obsessed with being the best. Drag their subpar supporting casts to heights that they otherwise wouldn’t sniff.
  5. PS17

    Official WORLD CUP 2018

    Brutal couple of games this morning. I woke up to watch Uruguay-Egypt and went back to bed at halftime; what a snooze. I really wanted to see Salah. Shame that he was on the bench. Portugal - Spain off to a great start. Spain clearly the better team in the first half but down 2-1. Let's see if they can tiki taka their way into two goals in the second half. Ronaldo crafty as ever. He looks fantastic; too bad the rest of the Portugal forwards look like sh*t.
  6. PS17

    Bates On Darnold

    I’m not holding my breath. But this is the best chance we’ve had in decades.
  7. PS17

    Yankees - 2018 and beyond

    I still have nightmares over Chien Ming Wang in 2008. My brother and I were in Houston to see the Yankees that weekend. We went to the Friday and Saturday games. On Sunday we were in the hotel and my brother was showering; he heard me scream out “F*CK” when he twisted his knee rounding third. And that was the end of him.
  8. PS17

    Bourdain, R.I.P.

    As a young guy from NYC in the food industry with a strong interest in travel, this one hits hard. He was a role model for me. His sense of adventure, his wit, his storytelling and eloquence, his open mind. Of all the famous people in the city, Bourdain was always the guy I had hoped to serve one day more than anyone else. This is the first celebrity death that has moved me to tears. Rest in Peace, Tony. I hope the demons are quiet now.
  9. PS17

    Lebron is decent

    Methinks that last night’s game was the chance for Cleveland to change the dynamic of the series. LeBron is not gonna play like that again and Durant is not gonna miss 60% of his shots again. I think.
  10. PS17

    Lebron is decent

    How come the block/charge is reviewable and other fouls are not? Just very fishy.
  11. PS17

    Lebron is decent

    If the Warriors played the Patriots, I’d root for the Patriots.
  12. PS17

    Lebron is decent

    Golden State is the most unlikeable team in pro sports. And LeBron would have better luck with an AAU team than this current cast of bozos.
  13. What were the changes? I don't have a sweet tooth but I probably could cut out the tons of carbs and sodium I eat.
  14. This 80s logo at least has an actual Jet. I agree with you. The team should go back to a lighter shade of green and build off of the 80s logo.
  15. PS17

    Big Sexy - Fountain of Youth

    The double chin growing subtly every year is mesmerizing.