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  1. Sam will get the win against Lamar Narrator: "He didn't."
  2. Darnold needs a teacher who actually knows the fundamentals of the QB position. Like Shanahan, Reid, Harbaugh. Gase is a glorified playcaller living off of Peyton Manning. He is clueless when it comes to the basics and development. Darnold is extremely talented but he is raw and Gase hasn't done a thing to help him.
  3. No coach. No line. No skill players. No pass rush. This team is a chore to watch and it's been that way for 10 years.
  4. The front office wanted to select Rhule’s assistants instead of letting him bring in his own men #JetUp
  5. Mosley missed three total games in his five year career before joining the Jets. He made the Pro Bowl four out of those five years. Signs with Jets, promptly misses 14 games. This team is absolutely cursed. In addition to having braindead ownership.

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