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  1. Zion is the most beautiful place I’ve been to in America. So while this post is tongue in cheek, it’s not far off.
  2. Great post. A breath of fresh air amidst the repetitive QB threads.
  3. I’ll back you on this. Pita chips + spicy hummus is an A-level snack.
  4. Can we all admit that we have zero clue who will be better between Wilson and Fields? They’re both very talented but flawed prospects. I’ll be happy with either. The insane tribalism between the two camps has become a bit much.
  5. GreekJet supporting cookiemonsta is the joining of forces this message board needed.
  6. James is my favorite Jeopardy contestant in history but he would be a dreadful host.
  7. I think he has a good voice. The issue is he has this laid back California vibe and can be a bit monotonous. He needs a little more energy and game show host charisma. To his credit, he’s improved with each show this week; I think he’s doing a great job. He has good pacing, a quick wit, and is great with the contestants. I think Ken Jennings was also really good, but I don’t like his high pitched voice.
  8. The defense of Deshaun Watson was a nice touch.
  9. As sexy as Chase and Pitts are, the NFL is littered with great pass catchers from round two onward. Off the top of my head: Adams, Hill, AJ Brown, Metcalf, Thomas, Diggs, Godwin, ARob, Kelce, Kittle, Waller. Best OL at 23 and Terrace Marshall Jr. at 34 has been my dream all offseason.
  10. I would hate it. This team has holes at every position on the field. Douglas has been accumulating picks for this exact reason. We don’t have the luxury of trading quantity for quality.
  11. Or, the Jamal post just reveals how fake a lot of these “goodbye, thanks for everything” posts are.
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