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  1. Schedule release tmrw

    I doubt it. Usually there is a blockbuster 4 PM national game, and these matchups are all terrible. Also there should be two MNF games.
  2. Poll Darnold vs Mayfield

    Darnold screams bust to me, especially on the Jets or Browns. He’s third on my list behind Rosen and Mayfield. I think Darnold would be successful (or have the best chance of it) with the Giants, where he could sit for a year or two and learn behind competent coaching and a HOFer in Eli.
  3. The 2018 Draft and the mental health of Jets fans?

    I used to let the Jets ruin my mental health when I was in high school. Thankfully those days are long over, and I'm mostly numb to how inept the organization is. Fully expecting Josh Allen at 3. When your expectations are zero, there's nowhere to go but up.
  4. Baker Mayfield/Steve Mariucci white board session.

    I’ve been a Rosen guy all along. But my opinion of Mayfield has done nothing but go up every month since September. He is an impressive prospect and I’d be very happy with either him or Rosen. Darnold doesn’t really do much for me, and Josh Allen is my worst nightmare. I just hope Maccagnan thinks the same way, though I’m not holding my breath.
  5. Rosen Mayfield Darnold Jackson Lauletta
  6. Three times for emphasis! Thanks Chrome.
  7. Dilfer on Rosen

    It’s drip.
  8. Dilfer on Rosen

    Because Mayfield has "swag."
  9. If they pick Mayfield over Rosen, everyone should be fired. But this is just clueless beat writers trying to stir the pot du jour.
  10. Dilfer on Rosen

    Watch every throw of his from the USC game this past year. The first couple throws have me f*cking drooling. If he weren't injury prone he'd be the slam dunk no.1 pick IMO.
  11. Darnold or Rosen

    There is also a zero percent chance of this happening.
  12. Darnold or Rosen

    Broadway Jew