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  1. PS17

    Mini Camp Thread

    Looking good joe.
  2. @MAGAsportsnews, great account really. The best.
  3. Anyone following this guy? He’s shattering all of the records. Three highest single day winnings in show history, all above $100k. https://es.pn/2VQC8QZ
  4. PS17

    Live vs TV

    TV. I spent five hours and multiple hundred dollars getting to and from the Meadowlands this past year to watch the Jets wilt against the sh*ttastic Dolphins in a large scale air conditioner looking stadium surrounded by the vermin of North Jersey.
  5. Kraft wishes he could finish in 60 seconds. At 77 you're lucky if you can climax at all.
  6. PS17

    NFL Schedule Released Tomorrow April 17th

    This is a very forgiving schedule. If we don’t make the playoffs this year it will be a big disappointment. The end of Mac, hopefully.
  7. PS17


    The offseason thread we all needed.
  8. What’s your son’s opinion on the new logo?
  9. Would love this signing. Cannon and McGuire are not NFL RBs.
  10. PS17

    What is your local NFL team?

    That's one of the more awful mascots I've seen.
  11. PS17

    What is your local NFL team?

    Unfortunately the Jets. Born, raised, and stuck with them.
  12. Miami has a way better claim to being TE U.

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