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  1. Thank god. 20 is such a better number.
  2. Elite bullpen, mediocre closer. Sick of Chapman. He cannot be closer in October (or now?)
  3. Voted Jefferson and Reagor. Ruggs was looking like a promising player so I’m not going to declare him biggest bust. Reagor is as bad as Mims and he was taken with a first rounder, and one pick ahead of Jefferson.
  4. Running backs taken in round 2 in recent years: Derrick Henry, Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb, Jonathan Taylor, JK Dobbins, D’Andre Swift, Javonte Williams. Round 2 is the sweet spot for a top end RB and we’ve got one with Breece. I’ve been waiting for this for years.
  5. Who is her successor on GMFB?
  6. Browns week two is a nice break. Half of the “brutal” teams we are talking about will come back to earth this year. And half of the teams we think will stink will perform better. It’s the nature of the league. Let’s not cower.
  7. I thought Amazon would get a premium schedule. Jets-Jags reeks of 2013 NFL Network’s TNF lineup.
  8. Saleh’s game plan will be to put laxative in Lamar’s Gatorade.
  9. Unfortunately the Wayne Valley girls flag football team had a players only meeting and decided that the Braxton Berrios type of player will no longer be on the team.
  10. Ravens are talented, well coached. Will be a great measuring stick week one. Our run defense better be ready. I can see Jackson, Dobbins, Edwards averaging 200 rushing yards per game pretty easily. Put Sauce on Bateman and double Andrews all day.
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