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  1. That’s an astute observation
  2. Wentz is horrible. I can’t believe Philly got a 1 for him (it’ll probably be a 2 because he’s made of glass and won’t play 70% of the games).
  3. And that’s not even mentioning Tua who looks quite underwhelming so far.
  4. How did they not draft a RB? Myles Gaskin and Salvon Ahmed… have fun with that
  5. Quenton Nelson out for 5-12 weeks with the same injury Wentz has. Brutal start to camp for the Colts.
  6. DJ Bien-aime the Daily News writer. His tweets are borderline illiterate.
  7. He tweets like a seventh grader. So unprofessional.
  8. I love Becton’s positive energy. He’s always smiling and complimenting.
  9. This is kind of perplexing. He showed an ability to get open last year and make some plays with the worst quarterbacking in football. And that was with zero training camp reps. I don’t recall drops being an issue. I hope this is motivational and he steps up and proves himself. He’s an enigma right now. He has the size and athleticism to be a true X wideout, but it remains to be scene whether he has the drive to put it together.
  10. He finds the hole in the defense.
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