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  1. On a more serious note, congrats to one of the truly elite posters on JN. Knowledgeable, level-headed, kind. A rare trifecta.
  2. Have you found a nice harness for the mod initiation party, @Lith?
  3. Ask Joe Rogan, foremost expert on coronavirus and health advisor to Aaron Rodgers
  4. “Hey, get a candid, totally not staged photo of me stepping out of my Rolls Royce”
  5. USC bought two houses for him in addition to 11m a year? Holy sh*t
  6. These team defensive celebrations after every turnover are so ****ing stupid
  7. That is one of the more hideous wins you could have. The team is unwatchable, and a sloppy win over the worst team in football doesn’t change that.
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