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  1. The 2010 AFCCG against the Steelers shattered me. I was an optimistic 17 year old fan. Haven’t cared half as much since. We also have been a terrible team since.
  2. Chubb is better than Barkley and he went in the 2nd. Drafting RBs early in the first is so foolish in the modern NFL.
  3. He’s also only 48. For whatever reason I assumed he was much older. I think he’s more than ready for a HC gig.
  4. Greg Roman is interesting. He’s always been one of the better offensive minds and has succeeded in multiple organizations - turned around the offenses in SF and Baltimore and did a good job in Buffalo too. I’m on the bandwagon.
  5. MetLife turf leading the Defensive Player of the Year race after two weeks.
  6. I’ve heard the cool kids are calling Claypool “Mapletron”.
  7. This is football porn.
  8. I just bought RedZone 30 minutes ago. $10.99 a month is worth it to not have to watch this team.
  9. Saquon injured his knee and was in a ton of pain. Drew Lock injured. Bosa. Carnage out here.

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