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  1. 1 PM Games Thread

    Josh Gordon is something else.
  2. This is a great read on a (highly successful) coach who never punts: https://www.si.com/college-football/2015/09/09/why-college-football-coach-should-adopt-no-punt-always-onside-kick-philosophy Also, I remember when Belichick got destroyed for going for it on 4th and 2 against Indy in 2009. Even in hindsight I think he made the right call. Manning was gonna lead the Colts to a score whether it was from 30 yards out or 70 -- their offense was rolling in the fourth quarter. Telling Tom Brady to pick up two yards is probably an 80% sure bet and the game is over.
  3. Ryan Shazier

    Now Burfict being stretchered off. Jesus.
  4. MNF Steelers-Benglas

    This officiating. Holy $hit.
  5. No way he's suspending him for the Pittsburgh game. The NFL should have done it. One game is very light for the worst cheap shot I've seen in a while.
  6. Gronk was sort of being held by White and alluded to being held all game without anything being called. So he took out his "frustration" by concussing White.
  7. Baker Mayfield

    Statistics show 92.57% of 21 year olds get arrested.
  8. It pains me to see this team continue to flounder in mediocrity and actually reward it. Meanwhile our stadium roommates will get a top two quarterback, their pick of the litter of a new GM and coach, while still maintaining a decently talented roster. How are we this content with being below average?
  9. already two threads made about Anderson and Kearse in the last 24 hours. annoying twat
  10. Baker Mayfield

    I think he'll go in the top ten, and it looks like we'll be outside the top ten.
  11. Bowel Movement

    ...TO GOD'S EARS
  12. Seriously? Seattle has been an elite team for the better part of a decade. The Jets are undisciplined in addition to being terrible. Bowles has no redeeming qualities.
  13. The ball moved slightly in Anderson's hands on his first touchdown and the ruling was upheld. The ball moved slightly in ASJ's touchdown catch and it was overturned. The NFL is clueless.
  14. And Bowles keeps him in the game. lmao