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  1. F*ck man. Please get better; we are thinking of you and @Mogglez
  2. PS17

    OT: JN Group PM

    DLJ for Prez #ImpeachJamal
  3. PS17

    OT: JN Group PM

    I highly recommend the documentary "The 13th" on Netflix. It is also available for free on YouTube. It does an incredible job outlining the structural racism in America and how it's transformed from slavery to Jim Crow to the War on Drugs and mass incarceration. Share it with your family and friends to get the discussion going.
  4. The police is infected with thousands of these white supremacist/Derek Chauvin types. They’re not even hiding it anymore. From a NYC protest last night^
  5. The posters make the website. Semantics.
  6. You know, this is maybe the most important news week in a decade, maybe longer. That this website is incapable of having a respectful, intelligent discourse about anything meaningful is sad.
  7. 2019 Jets offensive line
  8. If you follow history at all, these riots were inevitable. It is time for white people to shut up and listen. For once. I do hope we can have a respectful discussion about this.
  9. If the Jets had a dick, they'd be my uncle.

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