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  1. Elite Pro Athlete Attempts to Maximize Earnings…..more at 11
  2. This is too funny not to share.
  3. He’s a mental case. His body language is horrible and it’s obvious his confidence is shot. I don’t dislike the guy but he needs to be somewhere else. For his sake and the Yankees.
  4. Awesome comeback. Gallo making two outs in the same inning
  5. Guys I don’t want to see have meaningful postseason at bats: Gallo Donaldson Higashioka
  6. Conversely, if she’s a 2, and a Jets fan, does she then become an 8?
  7. Peak offseason thread. Well played, @Maxman
  8. Nah bro you gotta have Sauce in there for cover 1.
  9. Those Falcons throwbacks are beautiful. They should ditch their current arena league threads and go back to the 80s ones full-time. Most uniforms from the 80s and 90s are significantly better than what we’ve seen teams introduce over the past decade.
  10. Speak for everyone else. I’m a solid 9.
  11. You’re so one note. Switch it up a little bit.
  12. Or, a first year HC and OC learned on the job and started to turn things around. Not everything has to be so black and white.
  13. Makes sense that the learning curve was extremely steep and Zach was trying to do too much; his work ethic was working against him. He really did settle in in the latter half of the year. If he can hit the layups he was hitting throwing to Berrios, Yeboah, and Keelan Cole, then he will look a whole lot better with Moore, Davis, Wilson, Conklin, Uzomah.
  14. Team going nowhere. Somebody help me.
  15. I thought they’d be a third place team before the season. Oops!
  16. Essentially a four hour puff piece. The draft night war room stuff was cool. Everything else was forgettable. And while I’m on my curmudgeon rant, can we please retire All Gas No Brake (cringe)
  17. Homeboy really said pro athletes should eat at Red Lobster
  18. There goes that greedy man
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