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  1. Factoring only his on-field football career, nine years is plenty long enough, especially when you consider Brown’s 2013-2018 seasons are probably the best six year stretch a WR has ever had. I’m not gonna speculate about how his antics drop his candidacy.
  2. Rosen sucks. And Murray doesn’t. Good call tho.
  3. Remember when Ed Hochuli told Cam Newton a few years ago “you’re not old enough to get that call”?
  4. Bell has been spectacular, yet is only averaging 3.4 yards per carry. Shows how bad the rest of the offense is; he’s been a one man team.
  5. I couldn’t care less but it’s quite stupid on the Browns’ part. QBs are dropping like flies and Mayfield took a nasty sack on that meaningless third down.
  6. McCarthy even wanted us. But we outdumb ourselves as usual.
  7. Would love that but it’s never gonna happen.
  8. Why on god’s green earth would Riley leave cushy OU for this sh*tshow
  9. We’re so bad that Darnold being sidelined has somehow become a positive.
  10. Every time I think “that’s the dumbest thread I’ve seen on this forum”, someone proves me wrong.

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