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  1. PS17

    "Happy" Bills

    Their rookie punter just nuked one 82 yards
  2. Fair. Didn’t have fake dick analysis on my JN bingo card but here we are.
  3. I know it’ll never happen. I just want to ******* win. But, first round Jets QB, let the coddling continue as he gets hurt and looks bad yet again.
  4. We coddled the sh*t out of Darnold and Sanchez. Never any true competition. I still want Garoppolo.
  5. You know how this goes. The Jets will be in the top 2 in draft order in early December; in line for CJ Stroud or Bryce Young. And then, winning streak baby! 4-13!!
  6. There is 100% some seriously atrocious karma with this team. I don’t follow the NBA, MLB, and NHL as closely but I struggle to think there’s a more snakebit American franchise than the Jets.
  7. I think the Brett Ratliff - David Clowney connection will shine.
  8. Steelers fans say he was never the same after this hit:
  9. Wasn’t a dig at him. Feel like we’ve heard more about Breece and Elijah who are having good camps. Looking forward to seeing Garrett play live.
  10. “MetLife turf” has been a meme for several seasons now. Change the freaking turf.
  11. I haven’t followed the camp tweets as closely as everyone else, but it seems like Wilson is having a quiet camp. Can anyone who knows more add some insight? Would love to hear more about his performance.
  12. I agree. Saleh is cringe. Hope he gets the Xs and Os and player development right.
  13. They let him know many times in the interview (“Big Cat” is a die hard Bears fan). Was very amusing.
  14. Only thing missing is “I’ll hang up and listen”
  15. Re: Becton. Welp, whatever. Very expected. Better now than week 2. Go sign Brown. This should still be a good offensive line.
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