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  1. PS17

    Santonio Holmes is a Buckeye. You're not allowed to like him.

  2. PS17

    lol. Who won? I gave up on my fantasy team two weeks ago.

  3. You should start the game threads again.

  4. Congrats on the sweep. Two really entertaining games.

  5. PS17

    Hey Otter. Are you gonna start all the Playoffs series threads?

  6. Haha, I did the same thing!

  7. PS17

    No. It was like a mob scene and they only were with the fans for like 7 minutes. Oh well.

  8. PS17

    When are the Yahoo Fantasy Drafts for the Leagues we signed up for in June?

  9. PS17

    Dude how was Bruno?

  10. Ok. Thanks for clearing that up!

  11. Are you banned?

  12. Hahaha! I hope you're ready for the Monday Night Beatdown! It will be like the Boston Massacre, except in Miami. :-P

  13. Dude. I am so ****ing pumped for football season.

  14. PS17

    Did I personally attack you? :lol: I think I should be banned.

  15. I got your little rep message. Yes, that's exactly who I think it is. LOL!!!!!

  16. You too. Thanks as always, Borgo.

  17. PS17

    Thx bro.

  18. Dude, my cat just died. :( I thought of you lol.

  19. PS17

    I didn't make mine. Someone from thephins.com made it for me. Sorry, DLJ. :(

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