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  1. Should have sold the farm for Soto because this lineup is DOA unless Judge and Stanton are mashing. 

    When did this organization stop going balls out to win? Rhetorical question, probably when George died.

    It’s highly frustrating being a “contender” but knowing they’re always a step or two behind the really elite teams. 

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  2. 7 minutes ago, Lurker89 said:

    That's  a very nice trade and contending roster

    Congrats! also plenty of time to recoup a 24 1st if you so choose. Keeping your 23 1st is huge with how hyped the 23 class seems to be.

    Yup! I’ve got two firsts next year. I’m so pumped for the season now. 

  3. @Lurker89

    ***warning: excessive pride and rosterbating***

    Somehow I just pulled this off. 

    Give: Brandon Aiyuk, Rashod Bateman, 2023 2nd, 2024 1st

    Receive: Davante Adams, Austin Ekeler

    Had so many proposals rejected the past two months, and this gets offered to me ten minutes into negotiating with my friend. And he’s usually the savviest guy in the league. Here’s my team entering the season, our 12th league year with my college friends. 14 team, .5ppr

    QB: Justin Herbert

    RB: Nick Chubb

    RB: Austin Ekeler

    WR: Davante Adams

    WR: AJ Brown

    TE: Darren Waller

    Flex: Javonte Williams

    Bench: JK Dobbins, Melvin Gordon, Jeff Wilson, James White, Diontae Johnson, Elijah Moore, Corey Davis, Antonio Brown (lol), Albert Okwuegbunam, Foster Moreau, and some other unimportant pieces.

    I’m picking fourth overall this Sunday in the rookie draft. Thinking Garrett Wilson or hopefully a trade back. 


  4. 8 hours ago, slimjasi said:

    Don’t let it bother you. Enjoy the ride.

    If you are right about Wilson, you will get the last laugh in a big way. I agree with you that Wilson has a ton of potential and that folks on here have been oddly harsh on him compared to other young Jets QBs of the past. 

    People are shell shocked after Darnold and the past 11 years of ineptitude. It does make sense that people are harsh. 

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  5. I’m going to echo everyone with the WTF sentiment regarding the Montgomery trade. I really don’t like it. 

    Jack Curry said the Yankees don’t see Montgomery in their rotation at all in the playoffs, so they went for an elite defender. Two problems. The elite defender (in an already overcrowded outfield) is in a walking boot for the foreseeable future, and the rotation has been crumbling. I think Montgomery was a good insurance policy. Shrug. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Just leaving camp.  Observations:

    -Berrios is the slot receiver.  They only ran 2 formations when wilson was in there.  Its davis/moore w/ 2 tight ends or davis/moore w/ berrios in the slot and 1 te.  Any thoughts that berrios is the #4 receiver should be squashed..  

    -wr standouts were moore, wilson and mims.  Moore had a spectacular 1 handed catch.  Wilson is smooth, can get open and has sticky hands.  He is ready to play at the nfl level right now.  Mimsy size is such an advantage and he had multiple nice catches today.

    -Becton came over and hung w the dans a but.  Really nice guy.  The venom towards him should stop.

    -Breece hall had a twisting catch down the field that only a few rbs in the league could make.  He is special.

    Offense won the day!


    Good. About time the offense starts winning. Thanks for the report. 

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