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  1. Was just watching the Aaron Rodgers/Pardon My Take interview. They asked him about best defensive coaches he’s gone against. He instantly said Todd Bowles.
  2. I feel the same. Cautiously optimistic. Becton kinda felt never in the cards; having him stay healthy would have been a cherry on top.
  3. Epic bust. I wanted Wirfs. Too bad.
  4. Davis needs 1970s Oakland Raiders stickum, and even then I’m not confident.
  5. I was in high school during the Favre year and the first two Rex years. I devoured every single Jets article in the Times, Post, and NYDN every week. Same; I’m not as engaged anymore.
  6. Really? The vibe sucks. Every thread devolves into juvenile pissing contests. Though I do think if the team starts winning it will improve.
  7. Becton’s injury timeframe needs to be translated to dog years.
  8. It’s a bit alarming how few real, game speed, 11 on 11 reps this first team offense is getting. This is one of the youngest offenses in football and as such, it needs way more practice.
  9. I love this. Little kids (and grown men) view these athletes like gods. For them to take two minutes to create an experience like this is priceless. Love to see it. Joe Douglas is bringing in high character guys.
  10. Your rebuild is off to a great start. I like building up the WRs and TEs; those positions are the core of a successful dynasty team since RB shelf life is significantly shorter. Today is draft day for me. @Lurker89
  11. Should have sold the farm for Soto because this lineup is DOA unless Judge and Stanton are mashing. When did this organization stop going balls out to win? Rhetorical question, probably when George died. It’s highly frustrating being a “contender” but knowing they’re always a step or two behind the really elite teams.
  12. This team stinks.
  13. He’s adorable.
  14. Yup! I’ve got two firsts next year. I’m so pumped for the season now.
  15. Cole fleeced the front office. He’s been a number 2-3 starter since being caught with Spidertack. Figures the one time since Sabathia they pay up for an ace he’s a fraud.
  16. @Lurker89 ***warning: excessive pride and rosterbating*** Somehow I just pulled this off. Give: Brandon Aiyuk, Rashod Bateman, 2023 2nd, 2024 1st Receive: Davante Adams, Austin Ekeler Had so many proposals rejected the past two months, and this gets offered to me ten minutes into negotiating with my friend. And he’s usually the savviest guy in the league. Here’s my team entering the season, our 12th league year with my college friends. 14 team, .5ppr QB: Justin Herbert RB: Nick Chubb RB: Austin Ekeler WR: Davante Adams WR: AJ Brown TE: Darren Waller Flex: Javonte Williams Bench: JK Dobbins, Melvin Gordon, Jeff Wilson, James White, Diontae Johnson, Elijah Moore, Corey Davis, Antonio Brown (lol), Albert Okwuegbunam, Foster Moreau, and some other unimportant pieces. I’m picking fourth overall this Sunday in the rookie draft. Thinking Garrett Wilson or hopefully a trade back.
  17. Is it bad that I would have understood this gif reference when I was 14
  18. People are shell shocked after Darnold and the past 11 years of ineptitude. It does make sense that people are harsh.
  19. He’s a little sh*t and he has a crooked face.
  20. I named my cat Revis in 2009. 0/10 would not recommend
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