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  1. Who are the top 15 long snappers of all time?
  2. Hey guys. Are we gonna run this league back? I’d like to consider adding two more to make it a 12 man league. If we do proceed, Sunday 8/28 seems like the best draft day option. All of the preseason games will be complete and the following Sunday is Labor Day. I’m cool with ESPN or Yahoo if people want to switch. Sleeper is also a good platform; I have been using it in my dynasty league for a couple years now. Other proposals that I mentioned at the conclusion of last year: •go back to starting 1QB •keep .5 PPR •weeks 1-14 regular season. Weeks 15-17 playoffs. I like top 4 only make the playoffs if it’s a 10 man league, but I know that might not be popular. If it’s a 12 man league I’m cool with the top 6 making it with the 1 and 2 seeds getting first round byes. •can’t remember what the buy in was ($50?), but I’m always in favor of paying more - maybe $75 or $100. But once again, only if people are comfortable with it. I can be a degenerate. Let me know what you all think, and add any ideas you might have. Hope you’re all enjoying summer. @BornJetsFan1983 @heymangold @Paradis @JTJet @Jet_Engine1 @Jetsfan80 @32EBoozer @kdels62 @ElBarrioJets
  3. Yooooo, just bought Oofos sandals and I feel like my feet are on clouds. I’ve been dealing with bad Plantar Fasciitis for the past year+ and it feels kind of hopeless. Don’t work in restaurants, kids.
  4. I was 8 and the judgment side of my brain was undeveloped.
  5. Houston still owns us. Cashman needs to make serious moves at the deadline. Also, why in the **** is Joey Gallo still on a professional baseball team? And ******* starting almost every day? **** these idiots.
  6. No brainer if he wants it. But I can’t see them ditching Saleh if the team makes strides this year. Also, is this list based on reality or is it clickbait from Cody Benjamin (who?)
  7. Gronkowski with his blocking chops was a more complete tight end, but Kelce will go down as the best ever. I don’t think his dominance gets talked about enough. He puts up WR1 numbers every year and is never hurt.
  8. Jamal Adams. He’s the only player I have viscerally hated in my Jets-rooting life. Phony ass bitch.
  9. Comment from Zach‘s highly annoying mother
  10. Let’s go Orioles! This division is wild.
  11. Thanks for that update
  12. He’s bigger, faster and a better deep threat. They’re both great at contested catches but I’d give the edge to Chase because of his size and we’ve seen him do it in the SEC and the NFL. Chase was also the alpha on teams with Justin Jefferson and Tee Higgins. And he has a better QB. I’m very excited for Wilson and I hope he has 1000 yards this year but I’d be surprised if he is that productive as a rookie.
  13. Chase was the best WR prospect since Julio. It’s pie in the sky to expect Wilson to replicate a historically good rookie season with a lesser QB.
  14. It’s essentially pro football.
  15. Wtf these conferences are drunk. College football is going to sh*t.
  16. Tinnitus sucks. I have a mild case, which is probably due to blasting headphones every day on the subway from age 10-25. So unfortunately I’ve had to mostly give up headphones. My first bout of covid gave me bad tinnitus for a day or two, but that faded away quickly, thank god.
  17. Hey buddy, feel better. I had Covid in December 2020 pre-vaccination and it was brutal for a few days. Had it again two weeks ago and once again it wiped me out. I didn’t get any booster shots because I am 28 and healthy and had already been exposed to the virus. Thinking that if I’d been boosted, my symptoms probably would have been mild - at least that’s what I’ve heard from others who’ve had it recently. Oh well.
  18. PS17


    I despise him, but he is brilliant. Houston will be a really tough out in October, as always.
  19. When Chapman first went on the IL and it was clear Holmes was the alpha in the bullpen, didn’t Boone say that Chapman would remain the closer and Holmes would be used in the most high leverage situations? Maybe I’m remembering wrong, and clearly Holmes has established himself as best reliever in the league since. Say the Yankees are up 2-1 over Boston in the 8th with Devers, Martinez, and Bogaerts coming to the plate. Do you bring in Holmes there or save him for the 9th?
  20. Elite Pro Athlete Attempts to Maximize Earnings…..more at 11
  21. This is too funny not to share.
  22. He’s a mental case. His body language is horrible and it’s obvious his confidence is shot. I don’t dislike the guy but he needs to be somewhere else. For his sake and the Yankees.
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