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  1. We've established that . I can't make up my mind if I'd rather see a Jets-Giants Superbowl or a Jets-Cards/Falcons/Redskins type Superbowl. I think the Jets could definitely beat a team like those three I just stated, but the hype and excitement & challenge of an All-NY SB would be absolutely great. Take your pick.
  2. hahahahahaha nice ecurb
  3. I would emphasize it more, but the fonts can't go past size 7 bold
  4. Yes, if you beat us down in the meadowlands and Noodle leads a good game winning drive, feel free.
  6. PS17

    Tom Brady

    HAHAHAHAHAHA sick video that was great
  7. Brad Childress has the IQ of a toenail. He should have been fired way earlier this year.
  8. Am I the only person who feels that the Fins aren't scary at all? I don't think they go better than 9-7 and I think the Jets will easily win Week 17. Therefore, I'm rooting for the Dolphins this week.
  9. I agree they are all idiots with the exception of Mort.
  10. What we should be looking out for is Faneca vs. Haynesworth who scares the sh*t outta me .
  12. The Bengals actually beat the Steelers the year they won SBXL. At Hines Field. Cincy won the division that year. At the end of the game, they showed TJ Houshmanzadeh rubbing the dirt off his cleats with a terrible towel and laughing...we all know how that ended up--->Cincy bounced out of the playoffs in the first round and the Steelers winning the SB.
  13. If, the Jets make it to 12 wins, they will be extremely well prepared for the playoffs.
  14. Wouldn't that be lovely.
  15. I think Brad Smith is amazing. The Jets don't use him nearly as much as they should. When he's in the game, God only knows what he's gonna DO. He's very good at running from under center and he broke a big one vs. the pats in the wildcat formation. Also, line him up at WR and give him little slant routes or give him the ball on reverses or endarounds. Give 16 the ball 5 times and he will have success.
  16. GREAT POST!! Do it again next week.
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